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Drama Review: Master’s Sun (주군의 태양) [ 2013 ]


Also known as: The Sun of My Master, The Sun of the Lord, Mr. Joo’s Miss Tae

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Horror

Starring: Gong Hyo-jin, So Ji-sub

Country of origin: South Korea

No. of episodes: 17



After finishing “You Who Came From Another Star” I asked my cousin-in-law for a good K-drama recommendation (She’s a Kpop/Kdrama obsess). She recommended me this without telling me it involves supernatural stuff! Omg can I just how much I hate watching anything to do with ghost or supernatural…? The answer is simple, I’m freaked out by those things and I can’t really watch it with my 4-year-old son around. But surprisingly, once I got passed my own demons and soldiered on, it wasn’t actually half as freaky as I thought. (I watched the drama once my son was asleep, he was starting to freak out… When I watched the drama with him around, he would tell me to turn it off. LOL poor kid.)

It was a nice touch to the drama adding the ghost stories. It made the drama interesting and watchable, some were heart breaking while others were purely hilarious. Each ghost story taught our OTP lessons as well as the viewers.

The thing only I would complain is the Hong sister didn’t emphasize enough on how our female heroine develop her abilities of seeing ghosts. A flashback of the incident would have been appreciated… Yes, they did go into how she becomes the way she was in the last two episodes, but I thought it would have been better if they decided to go into more details within this area.

The plot does use some typical elements we see in normal Korean drama’s which I won’t mention and you can find out yourself if you do decide to watch this drama.


Gong Hyo-jin, it’s actually the first time I’ve seen a drama of hers. She may not be the prettiest actress in Korea, but she does grow on you as the drama progresses. She did a superb job in portraying her role. I entirely felt she was the psycho lady who can see ghosts but no one believed her expect our male lead.

Omg I hated some of her drama wardrobe, I don’t know what the production team was thinking.. But after I finished the drama I did come to understand why they dressed her the way they did. She was a person whose life was turned upside down once she woke up from her coma. Anyone with the lack of sleep and a normal life would look like a zombie. I gotta admit her nightgown was super funny with the captain “Jesus Save Me”.


So Ji-sub, it’s also my first time seeing him act in a drama.. I haven’t been in K-drama land in a while hahaha. I searched up some photos of him on Google and I must admit he looks better with some facial hair (I have a thing for men with facial hair >.<) Can I just say how much I love how he delivered his lines? Especially when he says “Get Lost” with his hand gesture hahaha!

I’m not sure if his characters require him to be a stone face since I hardly see give him have any expression besides smiling once here and there. But he is a decent actor and quite charming. I thought it was super cute how the female lead was glued on to the male lead at the start, then the roles reversed.


Favorite Quotes from the Drama

master's sun

Tae Kong Sil: “In order to wake up and face the reality, a person needs to lose something special.”

Tae Kong Sil: “Covering the wounds makes it hurt more.”

Kang Woo: “Don’t battle with your past, but rather expect great things from your future and love your present self.”

Kang Woo: “When you’re not honest with your heart, the pain feel is your answer.”


Favorite OST from the Drama

I really liked the sound track for this drama, some really nice pieces


Favorite OTP scenes from the Drama

ms ms1 ms2 ms3


5 thoughts on “Drama Review: Master’s Sun (주군의 태양) [ 2013 ]

    1. It wasn’t super funny but it was really enjoyable. I love the ghost stories the most ❤ and their amazing OST, I have it on replay while translating “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run’


    1. I really liked it as well, but my son thinks otherwise. He told me no more watching those type of drama when his around… poor kid I think I’ve scard him for life.


  1. Gong Hyo Jin is my absolute favorite Korean actress the first drama I believe I saw her in was It’s okay that’s love. I was newly introduced to kdrama and hooked, so I soon saw this drama right after, I’m a huge chicken I am easlity frightened and the gory details in dramas tend to leave an impression that lasts through the night. But yes I agree once you get past it, this drama is wonderful I’ve actually watched it twice now. I’ve watched most of Hyo Jin Shi’s dramas twice though.

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