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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 7

Watch Episode 7 here

UPDATED: vietsubs here


Shan Shan decides here onwards, she will focus on her career, she won’t think of anything else. I thought it was quite hilarious how Shan Shan naively think Zheng Qi can’t see her through the glass office windows LOL


Shan Shan declares from today she will stop crushing/admiring Zheng Qi. Zheng Qi laughs and say, “I really like you, but like doesn’t mean love. You understand?”

Shan Shan: “Of course I understand. In fact, these past few days I especially come to understand.”

Zheng Qi: “If you give up a tree, you’ll realise there’s an entire forest.”

(Similar meaning as ‘There are plenty fishes in the sea/ocean.’)


It’s New Years Eve, Shan Shan ends up working overtime until pass 11pm. She takes a break and heads up to the rooftop. Feng Teng also happens to be there and they end up watching the NY fireworks countdown together.

Feng Teng embraces her and say, “Actually for every year’s countdown to the new year, I am here alone watching the fireworks.”

Shan Shan is simple-minded and dense misunderstand his meaning, “I didn’t intent to intrude your personal space. I’ll immediately leave.”

After Shan Shan leaves, Feng Teng says, “In fact, this doesn’t belong just to me any more.”


Just as she’s about to leave, she receives a text message from Feng Teng, “I’ll take you home, meet me at the front entrance.”


Liu Liu and Shuang Yi find Shan Shan acting strange, so they question her. Shan Shan reveals she thinks Big Boss may be courting her. Shuang Yi thinks she’s daydreaming. Shan Shan is unable to read the instructions on the skin care that Feng Teng has gifted her, so she copies down the instructions and ask Linda.


On the way home, she witnesses a marriage proposal, which ends badly. The woman is Feng Teng’s childhood friend, Yuan Li Shu. She secretly likes Feng Teng, while he only thinks/treats like a younger sister.


Because Shan Shan inform Feng Teng she wants to go for her CPA, he prepares a pile of reference books for her.


12 thoughts on “Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 7

      1. Same thing here. I was thinking that they will watch the fireworks during courting stage. ^^ They are so cute together.


      2. I’m loving Zhao Li Ying portrayal of Shan Shan, exactly like how I envisioned her while reading the novel. But I have to say her eyebrow is a tad to dark for my liking.


      3. She’s so cute and that represents Shanshan in itself. If I’m a guy I’d love her adoringly too. How is your health?


      4. Thank you for asking, I’m much better after some much needed rest =D

        Although I have to take care of my son now, I don’t know how he got sick, since I’ve been avoiding everyone by locking myself in my home office… >.>


      5. Oh, it’s not your fault, it’s the virus acting up on itself and the weather betraying everyone. Make him do the same thing you did to recuperate. It’s lovely that you’re well now, I guess the tons of oranges worked.


      6. Sneaking a peak at the drama episodes, since I won’t likely have the time to watch the drama once I lost the motivation like I always do all the time. Once I lost interest, no matter how long I waited, its gonner. But most likely in this scenario, I just can’t wait so I was not able to hold myself from looking through th events. What I want to watch more than anything is Da Mo Yao at the moment. Huhu.


  1. Yeah, it shocked me big time I learned how drama airings work in China, in our country, the drama only gets to be filmed once everything is already set and there is already a time of airing, while DMY finished filming like thousand of years ago and its still yet to be aired, sigh…


    1. Yeap, which is why there’s so many warehouse dramas, sometimes the drama gets broadcast in other countries before it’s even broadcast in the country that produce the drama. =_=


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