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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》– Episode 8

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UPDATED: vietsubs here


First time seeing Shan Shan with her hair down. Following closely to the novel, the company goes on a trip.


While having a conversation with Feng Yue, Feng Yue asks Shan Shan did Feng Teng allow her to hold his backpack? She is shocked since Feng Teng hate others touching his belongings. Shan Shan regrettably say she forcefully snatch it off him. *three black lines*


She follows Feng Teng and Li Shu, but because she’s unable to catch up with them, she doesn’t know which direction they have decided to take. So instead she decides to take the smaller route and drops her phone in the process. I sense trouble a mile away… Everyone goes looking for her once they discover she’s missing and obviously Big Boss would find her. Her ankle is sprain so Feng Teng carries her *squeals*

Feng Teng: “I’m sorry, I won’t make the same mistake again… I won’t let you suffer alone.” Shan Shan is unable to comprehend the meaning behind his words. But she knows this isn’t something a boss will say to their employees. It’s something a Prince will say to his Princess in a fairytale.


Who thinks this scene reminds them of “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run” when Nuo Nuo sprain her ankle at the restaurant and Xiao Yi takes her to the doctors? The doctor informs them after a week of rest Shan Shan should be okay.

Liu Liu scolds Feng Teng without realising his Shan Shan’s boss. LOL


After returning home from the hospital, Shan Shan receives a text message from Feng Teng informing her, he’s going oversea tomorrow, he tells her to take care of herself. After much deliberation, she comes to one conclusion, ‘Why would Boss like me?’


Since Li Shu promised Feng Teng to take care of Shan Shan while he’s gone. She prepares breakfast for Shan Shan and accompanies her to the doctor check up. She even goes as far as hiring a nurse to take care of Shan Shan.

Shan Shan is that bored at home, she even takes a selfie with the medication patch and sends the picture to Feng Teng.


Attentive or stalker? Feng Teng even knows when Shan Shan is late for her doctor’s appointment. HAHA. And she’s only 5 mins late…


And the episode ends with a new employee in the company, Zhao Xiao Wei. Also a rare AB RH blood type. Who remembers her from the novel?

Episode 9 Preview


6 thoughts on “Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》– Episode 8

    1. Yes super sweet, she just needs to be the women he will spoil endlessly with his love. He doesn’t ask anything else from her.

      I love how he said when it comes to two people in love, family background and education etc… it all doesn’t matter. ❤


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