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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 9

Watch Episode 9 here

UPDATED: vietsubs here


And the cat is out of the bag, everyone knows the reason why Shan Shan and Big Boss has been so close. It’s because Shan Shan donated blood to Feng Yue. We find out that Feng Yue is pregnant again. Feng Teng is finally caught out on his lies, and Shan Shan starts to question why he continued sending her lunch boxes… is it because he likes her?


Shan Shan hears from her colleagues that Feng Teng has returned from Korea but has gone missing. She ask Li Shu, but Li Shu doesn’t know either. She sends him a text message, yet no reply either. She starts to worry. Shan Shan, are you starting to miss someone?


Shan Shan, you are too cute for words!!


Feng Teng, who has been missing in action, finally reappears. Shan Shan is so happy that she’s in tears. Shan Shan coming on with a fever and sleeping in Feng Teng’s office.


There’s gossip saying Xiao Wei sat in Big Boss car. Shan Shan imagination starts to run wild… do we smell a broken vinegar pot?


We learn the reason why Xiao Wei sit in Feng Teng’s car, Feng Yue had a miscarriage.

“Once there was a pig captured by a wolf.  The wolf tells the pig that he wants to fatten her up so he can eat her later. The little pig wants to resist and is scared, but she cannot fight against the wolf so she can only comply to be fattened up by the wolf.  Time passes and the pig grows fatter and fatter, but the wolf lets her go and catches another pig to eat.  Somehow, the released pig is annoyed.  Tell me, what should the pig do?” 

Disclaimer: This translation is taken from lidge & peanuts novel translation on Fanatical Blog.

Shan Shan tells Shuang Yi the pig and wolf story asking why does the pig feel sad? Shuang Yi replies that’s because the pig has fallen for the wolf.

Just when she thought she won’t have lunch with Feng Teng any more, since Xiao Wei replaced her she gets a call from him, “Xue Shan Shan, you dare to go on strike!”

She asks Feng Teng how does he plan to repay Xiao Wei’s kindness? Feng Teng replies ‘cheque’. Shan Shan asks why he didn’t give her a cheque?

Feng Teng replies doesn’t she know how to use a long fishing line to bait a big fish?

She ends up choking on fish bone

Episode 10 Preview

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