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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 10

Watch Episode 10 here

UPDATED: vietsubs here


A colleague asks Shan Shan what is she going to wear to the company’s annual New Year’s party? Thinking of the party, Shan Shan was excited, her imaginations started to run wild and fantasies about winning the major prize (last year major prize was a car).


 Following closely with the novel Xiao Wei wins “the most beautiful and elegant lady” award and gets an opening dance with the Big Boss.

Yang Qing (Feng Yue’s husband) thanks Shan Shan got donating blood the second time, Shan Shan is confused she didn’t donate to Feng Yue?

Feng Teng says, “If it’s a misunderstanding, then let it be misunderstood.”


Feng Teng offers to send her home. Shan Shan asks why Feng Teng deceived to her, saying Miss Feng went to Europe? Feng Teng replies it’s must have been a misunderstanding, slip of a tongue.

Shan Shan thinks obviously why else Big Boss would deceive her? Could it be he just wanted to have lunch with her? Can’t be…

Feng Teng tells her not to misunderstand tonight’s dance and Shan Shan in return ask, “Then, can I misunderstand you, that you like me?”



Feng Teng ask her two questions

One: “Every day why you do you come to my office?”

Two: “And why do you have lunch with me daily?”

Next day she wakes up and thinks everything that happen last night was a dream, but is later confirmed by an aunty that it’s all real.


Liu Liu and Shuang Yi give her plenty reasons why Feng Teng and her relationship would not work out. They tell her to stop her Cinderella dreams. Feng Teng has stopped asking her to have lunch with him, nor sent any more text messages.

Shuang Yi informs Shan Shan that Du Fan’s apartment roof is leaking water and these few days it’ll be raining, so she was wondering if he can stay over for the time being. Shan Shan breaks the news she has been thinking of moving out.


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