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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 11

Watch Episode 11 here

UPDATED: vietsubs here


After finishing their basketball game, Feng Teng receives a text message from Xiao Wei, the content of the message is unknown.

Zheng Qi asks Li Shu if she likes Feng Teng, why doesn’t she confess to him? Li Shu in return asks ‘does Zheng Qi think if her confession is rejected, Feng Teng and she can still be friends?’


Shan Shan is unable to find an apartment, so for the time she has moved in with Liu Liu temporarily since her boyfriend is away on a business trip in Beijing for 3 months.


In a blink of an eye Lunar New Year eve has arrived, one of her colleagues asks her to deliver a package. The train station is extremely packed with passengers all wanting to travel to and fro for Luna New Year. While the train officers check her luggage, someone steals her handbag.  And she ends up at the police station to file a report.


Following closely with the novel, her mobile phone is stolen too, she ends up calling Ah May for help. Ah May obviously informs Feng Teng.


Feng Teng ask if she has anything to say to him. Shan Shan finally answers Feng Teng two questions, her answer is… Because she’s been mesmerized by his beauty.

Feng Teng ask, “And then?”

Shan Shan replies she rejected him in order to capacitive him. Feng Teng takes her to his family residence to stay for the night. Shan Shan calls her mother to inform her of the situation.


Butler Wang has booked her flight for 10 o’clock tomorrow. Li Shu tells Shan Shan her mobile phone is easy to remember, next time she encounters a problem, she should contact her instead, since they’re both women it’s easier. Someone is surely jealous, doesn’t want Shan Shan near ‘her man’.

It only takes a few seconds to make someone smile.

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