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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 12

Watch Episode 12 here

UPDATED: vietsubs here

Favorite Quote of the Episode: “你要让所有人知道, 这个鱼塘被你承包了.”


Feng Teng asks Shan Shan if she knows how to fish? She replies no, so he tells her to go pick radish instead LOL


Feng Teng comes over and ask her is this her result for half a day of picking radish?

Feng Teng: “But didn’t you say you’re not interested in using a long fishing line to bait a fish?”

Shan Shan, “Well, now I am interested.”

Feng Teng, “Then do you want to send a signal to those who are fishing?….. Let others know that this pond has been reserved by you.”


Feng Yue asks Li Shu has she fallen for her brother? Liu Shu replies she hasn’t just fallen for him, she always has liked him.

Shan Shan is so clumsy at dancing that she changes 3 partners hahaha.


Shan Shan makes her love confession to Feng Teng

“I have never been in love, so I don’t know how it should be like— a few days ago when I didn’t see you, I felt very lost. When I saw you outside the police station waiting for me, I felt very embarrassed, but also very glad— I do not know how to dance, but I can learn. I do not have your password, but I can disclose mine. I think… I like you, you look clearly I am who you like?”

Seeing no reply, Shan Shan continues, “Well, Happy Luna New Year” with her arms wide open.

Feng Teng doesn’t reply, instead he passionately kisses her, “Xue Shan Shan, we’ll give it a try.”


This episode is cuteness overload. Shan Shan asks Feng Teng when did he start liking her. Feng Teng replies on New Years Eve when they watched fireworks together.


After giving Shan Shan a red pocket, Feng Teng informs her he’s unable to send her off. His driver sends her off instead and at the airport gives her a new mobile phone. While waiting for her flight, she opens her red pocket to find he has prepared her blood ID card with the tag she has once gifted Feng Yue.


Zheng Qi asks Feng Teng can’t he see Li Shu likes him? Feng Teng tells him to stop joking around, she’s only a younger sister to him. Shan Shan finally home for the New Year. The episode ends with her aunty asking her if she has a boyfriend.

Preview of Episode 13

Li Shu’s mother has passed away.


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