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Mini Recap: Boss & Me (杉杉來了) – Episode 13

Watch Episode 13 here

UPDATED: vietsubs here


Li Shu’s mother ask if there’s something going on with Li Shu and Zheng Qi because the night before Zheng Qi sent her home and her mother from observing can tell there’s more than meets the eyes.


The reason why Liu Liu went to Beijing was to clear up her relationship with You Cheng Hao. But reconsiders because his parents and her mother.

She reasons that she’s adopted, yet her mother raised her, sent her to college and etc. Shan Shan asks her if consider scarifying her marriage in order to repay her mother’s kindness and bringing her up?

Shan Shan asks what does Cheng Hao think of this? Liu Liu replies of course he doesn’t want to settle down, since he has so many girlfriends.

Cheng Hao’s father clearly stated if he doesn’t marry Liu Liu, then he will cut off all his financial aid, so in the end he agreed.

Shan Shan wants to go explain the situation to her aunt, Liu Liu chuckles instead and they will drag out the situation and Cheng Hao will end the engagement.


Feng Teng prepares two boxes of gifts. One box of radish and the other box full of gifts for her family member.

Tong Tong: ipad, Grandfather: Ginseng, Father: Tea from Taiwan, Mother: Yan Wo (Swallow’s nest)


Her father eavesdrops on her conversation with Feng Teng. Feng Teng ask if her family likes the gifts. Shan Shan replies yes and ask how much did it all cost? Feng Teng replies even if she uses her entire lifetime, she can not repay him.


Shan Shan’s parents ask her about the male she was speaking with earlier. Her father say’s a person character/personality is the most important. He needs to sincerely treat you well. It doesn’t matter what gifts he gives. (her father is so cute when he tries to describe the ipad ‘I…I…I…something’). Her mother says when you date a wealthy person, it usually doesn’t end well, take Liu Liu as an example.


Shan Shan finally returns to Shanghai, Shan Shan looks so good with hair down ^^ (I love her winter coat <3). Shan Shan gift Feng Teng a valentine present, Feng Teng tells her he never celebrate valentines day. Feng Teng also informs Shan Shan that Li Shu’s mother has passed away.


Poor Shan Shan =/ I won’t talk about Li Shu here, she annoys me, but I do pity for her loss.


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      1. hehe even I’m not like winter but only winter and autumn I can use long coat haha so it’s ok then 🙂 I’m fans of autumn and winter coat hihi


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