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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 14

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Li Shu is informed that Feng Teng will be having dinner outside tonight. Zheng Qi comes over and take Li Shu out to cheer her up. Li Shu tells Zheng Qi to take her somewhere to drink away her problems.


Li Shu wakes up the next day in Zheng Qi’s bed, unable to remember what occurred the night before. Zheng Qi reassures her that nothing happens, their brothers. She slept on his bed, while he slept on the sofa.


In fact, that’s far from the truth, because we get a flashback on what actually occurred. They have a heart-to-heart talk, Li Shu says she feels like she has no home since her mother has left her. Zheng Qi comforts her by telling her Feng Teng and Feng Yue are also her family. Li Shu says if Feng Teng and Shan Shan gets married, then she will be with Zheng Qi (Yes, go be with Zheng Qi so our OTP can be together). Li Shu also tells Zheng Qi, besides Feng Teng, he also treats her well. They almost end up ‘doing it’ until Li Shu calls out Feng Teng’s name.


Because of the company’s rule of forbidding office love. Feng Teng and Shan Shan no longer have lunch together in the office. Instead, he picks her up in the morning to have breakfast.

It seems that Zheng Qi has fallen for Li Shu. Yes, take her under your wings Zheng Qi, that girl needs to wake up from her fantasy.


Li Shu is trying to find the book that she once gifted Feng Teng during college. Feng Yue returns home with the news of Li Shu’s mother passing.


Shan Shan tells Feng Teng she felt a bit uncomfortable seeing Li Shu walking around his residence in her sleepwear. Feng Teng said that’s entirely normal. She’s finally jealous. Feng Teng reminds her she just need to remember how much he loves her, everything else does not matter.


The episode ends with Feng Teng finally finding the book and the bookmark inside with Li Shu’s love confession.

Episode 15 Preview


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