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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 13.1

shysuteki: Hello fellow readers, please give lemonsalt a warm welcome, she will be collaborating with me on the remaining chapters. Which means the chapter will be a more detailed translation and  flow more. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & lemonsalt

Chapter 13.1 – Cold War

Nuo Nuo was on tenterhooks as she waited for Xiao Big Boss to release his wrath on her. However, over the weekend, there was no communication from him. Nuo Nuo tried to brace herself over again and again, but she did not have the courage to call Xiao Yi. Every night before sleeping, she would comfort herself, tomorrow she will definitely contact him.

The days went by until Wednesday arrived, Xiao Big Boss was still ignoring her. Finally, the small white rabbit finally found it unbearable, and her imagination started to run wild

Could it be…… Xiao Big Boss was really angry and heartbroken? So he was really going to give her up?

Or…… He felt he had lost face (lost his pride) because she refused to get married, therefore, he was waiting for her to apologize to him?

Perhaps, that day she was really too bold, if she personally goes to coax him ——

No, absolutely not!!

Nuo Nuo gritted her teeth, there was nothing wrong with what she did, it was Xiao Big Boss, instigated by his big male ego. Who took matters into his own hands. If in such a situation, she takes the initiative to apologize, then after, Xiao Big Boss would defy every law and regulation [1]! The small white rabbit thought hard, she can’t take the initiative to find Xiao Yi, and she can’t wait for him to contact her either. After much hesitation, she decided to test the waters first by finding Lin MM.

The small white rabbit took advantage of the noon-time lunch break, pretended to pull aside Lin MM. After much deliberation, she politely asked, “Recently, has work kept you all busy?”

When Lin MM heard this, in spite of herself, started to laugh. Holding her chin and looking up, “Recently Hua Hua and I are doing fine, we’re not too busy.”

The small white rabbit made a disappointed “Oh” sound, and persisted, “Uh …… What about the others besides you and Hua Hua?

Lin MM obviously knew who Nuo Nuo was asking about, but pretended to be bewildered and asked, “What? Nuo Nuo, you asked ‘you all’, isn’t that Hua Hua and me? Who else can there be?”


Lin MM and Nuo Nuo interacted with each other frequently, in addition to being comrades-in-arms in serving Xiao Big Boss lunch, so they’re actually quite close. Seeing Nuo Nuo with a troubled expression, Lin MM winked and playfully poked her shoulder as she said, “Well, I won’t make fun of you anymore, I know you want to ask about Xiao Zong, but before I answer you, you first must tell me one thing.”

Nuo Nuo blinked, “What?”

“Did you quarrel with Xiao Zong?”

“Uh……” Nuo Nuo was silent as she gazed at the blue sky, what happened that day, could it qualify as a quarrel? The two of them weren’t arguing until their eyes were red and throats hoarse from shouting, but it seemed like things were more serious than just a simple quarrel.

The flames of Lin MM’s desire to know more gossip, was fanned by Nuo Nuo’s irresolute expression, so she couldn’t help but grabbed Nuo Nuo and shook her head, “Hurry up and tell me, quick ah!”

Nuo Nuo scratched her head, “I guess so”

Lin MM was clearly not satisfied with this answer, she wanted to dig deeper when the small white rabbit said, “What has Big Boss been doing recently?”

‘Why didn’t he come and find me?’ The second half of the sentence Nuo Nuo didn’t have the nerve to say.

Lin MM sees there’s no gossip to be dug, was so disappointed until her shoulders slumped down, “In fact, we do not know where Xiao Zong has gone these past few days. I asked the senior management, but they’re tight-lipped and acting all mysterious. Originally, I wanted to ask if you knew anything, sigh~”

The small white rabbit didn’t achieve her aim of testing the waters. Feeling depressed she almost fainted on the spot, but managed to maintain her calm and listen to Lin MM’s thoughtful analysis,

“Well, according to what you just said, Xiao Big Boss must be so angry that … …”

Nuo Nuo ears perked up, “So angry that what?”

“So angry that he ran away from home!!”

Hearing Lin MM’s decisive analysis of the situation, Nuo Nuo completely collapsed.

Although she did not quite believe Lin MM’s analysis, but Nuo Nuo still felt restless because Xiao Big Boss has been missing for three days. The first idea that jumped into her mind is——Did something happen to Xiao Big Boss? With such thoughts, the small white rabbit could no longer sit still. She cast her pride aside and quickly made ​​a phone call to Xiao Big Boss.

Her mobile phone didn’t ring for more than three times when someone picked up the phone. But the simple word “hello” immediately caused Nuo Nuo’s hair to stand. This is obviously not the sound of Xiao Big Boss voice…… The mobile phone that always accompanied his person has now been separated from him, and a strange man answering the phone……

A series of thoughts flashed through Nuo Nuo’s mind, and she couldn’t think straight, holding the mobile phone with her body trembling, on the other side a slightly impatient voice called out, “Hello”.

Nuo Nuo swallowed her saliva and found herself saying, “Excuse me…… Is Xiao Yi there?”

The person on the other side of the mobile phone paused, then said, “Xiao Yi ah? He entered the operating room.”

Hearing this, the small white rabbit’s heart leaped into her throat and she jumped up from her seat. Sure enough, Xiao Big Boss met with an accident, she knew Xiao Big Boss can’t be so petty, how could he not have contacted her for a few days?

Nuo Nuo’s body started trembling even more violently, “Which hospital is he at? I’ll immediately go there.”

“Never mind, never mind, Xiao Yi said it’s only a small injury, he doesn’t need people to visit him.”

Nuo Nuo hesitated hearing this, it seemed like…… Something is not right, Xiao Big Boss hasn’t been seen since last Thursday. If something did happen, why is he only undergoing surgery now? But from what the other person has said, it seemed like Xiao Big Boss is still conscious before his operation, even saying it’s a trivial matter?

Nuo Nuo let out a deep breath, reminding herself to remain calm before saying, “Uh …… May I ask who are you?”

“I am Xiao Yi’s father, who are you? Aiya, your body fails you as you grow older, didn’t wear reading glasses so I can’t see the name on his mobile.”

The small white rabbit’s eyes widened, totally stunned speechless, the person who picked up the phone was, unexpectedly Xiao papa? Nuo Nuo felt this phone call was really destroying her white blood cells. After struggling for a long time, changing to a sweet voice and wagging her tail, “Xiao Uncle how are you, I am Nuo Nuo.”

“Oh, oh, Nuo Nuo ah~”

Nuo Nuo was slightly nervous, “Xiao Uncle, how is Xiao Big Boss ah? Why does he need surgery?”

“Don’t worry, he is in the operation room to remove stitches.”


So he’s out of danger?

And in just a few days, the stitches can be taken out. It shouldn’t be a serious injury, right?

Nuo Nuo was embarrassed, Xiao papa can’t you tell me the complete story? Just as she was contemplating whether to ask Xiao papa for the hospital address, when the small white rabbit heard a familiar male voice faintly over the phone.

Low yet stern: “What are you doing?”

“Nothing, nothing” Xiao father coughed nervously, “Just as you went out, a phone call came through.”


Suddenly, there was a slight noise, and the phone seemed to be changing hands. In a while, she heard Xiao Big Boss slightly anxious voice calling, “Nuo Nuo.”

Nuo Nuo was silence, then she made a prompt decision, “Xiao Big Boss you don’t have to say anything, tell me the hospital address, I’ll be right over!”

When Nuo Nuo rushed to the hospital, Xiao papa was already waiting at the hospital door entrance.

The small white rabbit suffered from a slight myopia, but she always insisted on not wearing glasses and contact lenses. From afar she could see a person in a white robe waving at her at the entrance to the inpatient department, causing her to ponder for as she didn’t know any doctors here. On approaching nearer, she recognized the figure and exclaimed,

“Xiao Uncle!”

Yes, she forgot, Xiao Big Boss’ parents are both doctors, Xiao papa is the Medical College Professor. If Xiao Big Boss was to be hospitalized, he would definitely prefer to the hospital where they work. This also means that, before Xiao Yi is discharged from the hospital, what time she comes to the hospital, when and how she takes care of Xiao Big Boss, whether today there is no soup and other small details will be scrutinized by her future in-laws.

Nuo Nuo being mindful of this immediately started sweating, putting on a docile manner, “Xiao Uncle why did you personally come to pick me up? I’m so embarrassed.”

When Xiao Professor heard this, he adjusted his glasses and shook his head, “I came out to tell you what happened.”

Xiao Big Boss disappearance the past few days, is because of a car accident, the cause of the accident was…… Well, because Xiao Jun’s college registration day was approaching, the entire family was driving the youngest son to the airport, when on the way, the accident occurred.

Hearing this, Nuo Nuo’s heart trembled, “Are Xiao Jun and Xiao Aunty all right?” Xiao Professor purposely chose to tell her all this in the absence of his elder son, could it be——

As small white rabbit started to make wild conjectures, Xiao papa shook his head dispelling Nuo Nuo’s thoughts, “Everything is fine. Apart from Xiao Yi, who was driving the car, suffering minor injuries and a slight concussion requiring a few days of hospitalization, the three of us are fine.”

Nuo Nuo was relieved, she listened as Xiao papa continued, “My wife does not trust Xiao Jun so she accompanied him on the flight to Beijing for the registration.”

“That’s good,” Nuo Nuo nodded, “It is a blessing that everyone is safe.” But, this is not a shameful thing, why must Xiao papa tell her all this privately?

When Xiao Professor saw Nuo Nuo staring at him in a puzzled manner, it seemed like he could guess at her thoughts. Glancing around the surroundings, unconsciously coughed and pulled Nuo Nuo into a corner, “Nuo Nuo, the main point is not in a car accident, but the cause of the crash.”


Xiao Professor hesitated for a bit before whispering, “Xiao Yi has always been a mature and introverted child, my wife and I have not worried much about him, even Xiao Jun can be considered partly raised by him, yet we have never seen Xiao Yi so nervous before……”

[1] 无法无天; defy laws of human and divine.

suteki: Hrmmm so what caused Xiao Yi to get into a car accident? Was it because rejected his marriage proposal so he couldn’t sleep for days?


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  2. Thanks Suteki & Lemonsalt!
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