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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 15

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UPDATED: vietsubs here


(Why is Zheng Qi’s nails pink…? Too cold?)

Zheng Qi asks Li Shu, is she acting strange and uncomfortable because of the hug from the other day. Li Shu replies no, it’s because she remembers she kissed him that night. Zheng Qi smirks and seems to be happy that she actually remembers. 

Li Shu: “Are we still friends?”

Zheng Qi: “Of course.”


Li Shu has been looking for a novel that she once gifted Feng Teng. Even though he has found the book, he tells Li Shu he’s unable to find it. Feng Yue tries to create opportunities for Li Shu and Feng Teng to have alone time together, which is immediately rejected by Feng Teng with the excuse of work matters.

Anyways the reason he doesn’t celebrate it is due to his grandfather forbidding it. Sorry for those who read chapter 14 recap where I said Feng Teng’s reason for not celebrating valentine was due to his parents death. He doesn’t disclose it, it was Li Shu who does.


Rumors circulating the company saying Big Boss has a secret lover. A colleague ask if Shan Shan is in a relationship with Feng Teng, she replies no and confronted by him.


After learning the reason from Li Shu, Shan Shan hurriedly goes and find Feng Teng. As a result causes a bloody human collision.


Feng Teng goes to America for a business. Yan Qing comes and Shan Shan, she thought she was getting fired for the causing the injuries to guests yesterday. But Yang Qing tells her it’s not a big deal since the company didn’t have any intention of signing a contract with them. Shan Shan thought Feng Teng only made up this reason, in order to comfort and lessen her guilt. Yang Qing apologizes for the rumor circulating in the company. It was due to his secretary, which he has fired under Feng Teng’s orders.

The company has taken away the “office love” rule.

Episode 16 Preview


5 thoughts on “Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 15

    1. Yeah, I thought that too when I first heard she was looking for the book, boy that girl is a trouble maker. I betcha Li Shu will cause more trouble for the OTP since she thinks someone like Shan Shan does not suit Feng Teng.


      1. yah that’s true ,actually i already curious what shan shan said to FT when Li shu kiss FT in trailer . I already upset with Li Shu since she suggest that dance and when i look shan shan face because she can’t dance , poor shan shan…..


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