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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 13.2


Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & English proof read by Cloudy.

Chapter 13.2 – Cold War

The small white rabbit was confused, just when she was about to ask, Xiao father had already begun whispering to her.

Originally, that day on the way to send Xiao Jun to school, a little something happened. At that time, Xiao Big Boss was the driver, Xiao father and Xiao mother was in the back seat bickering. Xiao Jun who was sitting in the passenger seat felt bored, he fidgeted around and found a book in his brother’s glove compartment so was going to open the book to have a look. Xiao Yi casually driving saw this and roared in surprise. His eyebrow lifted and rushed to grab it, it made Xiao Jun so scared that he dropped the book. But it was too late, Xiao Yi’s elbow turned slightly, the wheel had already deviated from the original lane, and crashed into the roadside trees……

Nuo Nuo who was listening was dumbfounded, her eyeballs almost fell out. Xiao Big Boss who was such a prudent person would actually commit such a mistake, but also the case where his entire family was the car. She remembered at the meeting he repeatedly stressed that company drivers when driving to be careful and stable, and not make the slightest mishap.

“What book is so important?”

Hearing these words, Xiao father frowned, his tone is more and more dignified, “I did not know either, that’s why I’m worried, Xiao Jun also said that at the time it happened it was too sudden so he did not see on the book cover.”

“Xiao Big Boss is now at the hospital. He doesn’t know, why don’t we take advantage of this and search his car?”

Hearing this, Xiao father’s expression becomes more worried, he grit his teeth and said, “That’s where the problem lies! Nuo Nuo you don’t know, at that time of the car accident, we hurried and got Xiao Yi to the ambulance, but his first reaction was to bring the book which he then tucked into his pockets.”

Nuo Nuo completely could not guess the reason. Trade secrets? Company accounts data? Not ah, with Xiao Big Boss personality, if Xiao Jun touches something very important such as company data, he would look straight ahead and lightly say, “Put it down, it’s the company’s data.”

With that sentence in mind, left Xiao Jun and her howling, what book would cause Xiao Big Boss to subconsciously steal it? Really…… So strange.

Xiao Professor saw the small white rabbit touch her chin and look pensive, she has choked up a bit, “Nuo Nuo, say you think Xiao Yi is doing something illegal? For example, tax evasion, or send a spy to steal trade secrets from his competitors. Apart from medicine, my wife and I don’t know anything, we talked among ourselves, Xiao Yi established his company for several years, and how could it do so well? It must be…… he must be using improper practices……”


Nuo Nuo felt embarrassed. Xiao father’s imagination is so rich, if he doesn’t write a novel, it’ll be such a pity.


As soon as the OWL Wing production company released their first RPG game, that time sales were not too good. When a lot of players didn’t know who this small company was, she was fortunate enough to play Xiao Big Boss first elaborate game.

Exquisite picture, characters full of personality, the story of ups and downs…… even each sauce of NPC [1] had its own story. It absolutely did not use boring dialogues such as “good weather today, take the two daughter’s quilt out to sun dry”. Each town/city also has its world outlook and background story. The game was very smooth and fluent, although cannot say it’s perfect, but then Nuo Nuo thought this little Owl Wing, the developer of this game has a promising future.

With that ambition, that kind of tolerance, not willing to be buried within the crowd of people. Indeed, a few years later, Owl Wing reputation has gained a well-known reputation. In the president’s office Nuo Nuo met the high spirit Xiao Yi. At the time, her being a small employee would tense upon seeing Big Boss, it can be compared to fans seeing their idols.

Nuo Nuo thought of their first encounter situation, her mouth rippled a faint smile, she held Xiao father’s hand and firmly shook her head, “Xiao Big Boss would not.”

Long ago, before Nuo Nuo met Xiao Big Boss she knew this man must be a man of integrity. She believes in Xiao Yi.

Xiao father hesitated, “But don’t you think Xiao Yi is very strange? After the accident, he did not inform anyone at the company, even you didn’t know.”

Nuo Nuo’s cunning eyes rolled around, “It is very strange, how about this? We will think of a way to have a look at what book it is XD”

Although along the way, Xiao father said Xiao Big Boss injury is minor, but when Nuo Nuo see’s Xiao Yi her little heart still could not help but burst into a chaos thump.

His head was wrapped with bandages, his lips, green and his left foot was tightly covered. The small white rabbit, seeing this could not help but feel upset for her own future (as in Xiao Yi is her future, not meaning her own future): This is considered minor?!!

And the thing that mostly caused the small white rabbit to be angry was Xiao father clearly said, Xiao Big Boss only had a slight concussion, although minor, but also needed to get some rest. But when Xiao father and she arrived at his ward, Uncle Hai the Project Manager was sitting next Xiao Big Boss. Xiao Big Boss was frowning brows looking through the N multiple files in his hands.

With minor injuries he’s still going into battle, the company’s executives is too much!

Will the company not operate without Xiao Big Boss?

Seeing the small white rabbit and Xiao father come in, Uncle Hai panicky nodded and greeting them. Nuo Nuo is not happy, “Xiao Yi, your injuries have not recovered, why are you looking at the documents?”

Xiao Big Boss seeing Nuo Nuo, he didn’t think she would get that worked up and only lightly glanced at the sight of her and the return his attention to the documents. It seems he is still angry at her for refusing his marriage proposal. The atmosphere was slightly embarrassing, Xiao Big Boss pondered about and said, “I’ve got some urgent documents to deal with.”

Nuo Nuo was silent, some grievance and pouted.

Well, she admitted that her refusing his marriage proposal was wrong, but one hand cannot cause a clap [2]. Xiao Big Boss is also wrong! He’s so bossy and too macho [3], if she just nodded, then how will her life be later? Others say that regardless of the former hatred when she heard he was in hospital, she ran to his side flattering her tails. Even if he feels more uncomfortable in front of strangers, he also should’ve given her some attention.

The more the small white rabbit thought the more upset she became, in a blink of an eye her eyes was also red. On the side Xiao father couldn’t bear watching and scolded out loud, “Xiao Yi you——”

His words, not complete, the silent Uncle Hai suddenly spoke, “Xu Nuo, when I was coming out from the company, Lan Jun Yan was hoping around everywhere looking for you.”

Nuo Nuo was speechless, she had not digested Uncle Hai’s words when she heard him say the most critical part, “Also, the Personnel Department has not received any information of your asking for leave, so now you’re a——” Uncle Hai paused before accurately spit out the word,


Suddenly, Nuo Nuo felt her head ringing, why is she so unlucky ah ah ah——even in the hospitals she encounters Uncle Hai who specializes in the Planning Department service, isn’t this the same as asking for a death wish?

Yes, as soon as she heard the news of Xiao Big Boss in hospital, she felt dizzy, without even asking leave she ran over. However, since it is to see the boss, they should be relent, right?

The small white rabbit pitifully stared at Xiao Big Boss for help, but unfortunately the other person didn’t even give her a chance to meet his eye. Feeling helpless Nuo Nuo said, “I heard that Xiao Zong was sick, in a moment anxious——”

Her words had not finished, Uncle Hai very seriously rejected her excuse and said, “The Company’s seventeenth policy rule, second points is clear. If there is something urgent you got to wait for approval to leave, orally or directly informing the Project Manager to receive approval before leaving. Xu Nuo comrade, even if you were worried, a second earlier or a second later in arriving. It’s also the doctor’s job to rescue the patients, in this case, why didn’t you request for leave?”

“……” Nuo Nuo’s head dripped a drop of sweat.

Uncle Hai besides being the company’s oldest elders and one of the most senior. The brothers at the company secretly nicknamed him “Uncle Bao” (Justice Bao [4]), because he does not tolerate personal relationships. It is because Uncle Hai is impartial and incorruptible Xiao Big Boss was assured to solely hand the Planning Department in his care. But this situation now, why doesn’t Xiao Big Boss help her put in a few words?

Nuo Nuo was corned by Uncle Hai with no way to retreat, she had to bow her head and admit, “I’m sorry, next time….”

“There won’t be a next time, the company’s seventeenth policy rule, third points are clear. When an employee is absent for more than twice without reason will be dismissed. Now, now, although Xiao Zong and your relationship are very good, but if there is a next time, I will act in accordance with the regulations.”

Nuo Nuo nodded like a chicken pecking rice, “I will remember (>__<)”

She not only will remember the company’s regulations, but also remember Xiao Big Boss’ ungratefulness for not helping her.

Hmm, Xiao Big Boss you are cruel, but I also want to tell you, women hold grudges!!

[1] NPC abbreviation for A non-player character

[2] 一个巴巴掌拍不响; instead of what I have translated above, there are also similar meaning such as ‘it takes two to tango.’

[3] 大男子主义; male chauvinism.

[4] 包拯 Bao Zheng is commonly known as Bao Gong, was a government officer during the reign of Emperor Renzong in ancient China’s Song Dynasty. During his twenty-five years in civil service, Bao consistently demonstrated extreme honesty and uprightness.


suteki: Hrmm so what’s this secretive book that Xiao Yi is using all his effort to hide from his family? In the next part we will find out and I guarantee you its super sweet and cute.


19 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 13.2

  1. That was hilarious Suteki. But I can’t stand him ignoring her. Was that written at the book or something? Well, it’s stupid.


  2. LoL poor Nuo Nuo. just for being worried for Xiao Yi she might get fired. Bad company regulations. They should change that.


  3. “Nuo Nuo, say you think Xiao Yi is doing something illegal? For example, tax evasion, or send a spy to steal trade secrets from his competitors. Apart from medicine, my wife and I don’t know anything, we talked among ourselves, Xiao Yi established his company for several years, and how could it do so well? It must be…… he must be using improper practices……”

    Ha ha!! I reread it so many time and laughted so much XD

    And poor Nuo Nuo, only wanting to be with her boyfriend but got yelled at 😦

    But as a true woman, she will hold grudges!!

    For the book, I guess it’s a wedding book? 😀
    Some pretty white dress… Some flowers here and there, some rings 😀


    1. Hahaha yes isn’t Professor Xiao funny? I love the part where Nuo Nuo says it’ll be a shame if he doesn’t become a novelist due to mentioning that paragraph.


      1. Hey hey, did you see the last chapter of choukakou or song of the long march?

        Just a moment ago, I jumped in our MC ship, don’t care if it break XD

        Read it, if you had not yet 🙂

        Btw, youre pretty fast, the fastest one for me, amazing ~~ (with french accent)


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