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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 16

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Shan Shan receives a text message from Feng Teng informing her, he will return home tomorrow but will have matters to attend to in the morning he will find her after. Shan Shan goes to find Li Shu to see if she has any news on Feng Teng, but she’s not in her bookstore. Shan Shan finds out from the bookstore employee Li Shu will visit a grave tomorrow, which she think is Feng Teng’s parents. 


Shan Shan feels deflated, probably because she can’t read and doesn’t know how Feng Teng thinks. Also, because she feels their two worlds apart, and there’s still plenty she does not know about him.


Everyone receives gifts from their boyfriends/admirers, poor Shan Shan =/. Xiao Wei deliberately makes it hard for Shan Shan, but she agrees to work overtime since Feng Teng won’t be spending valentines with her. Feng Teng comes to find her and she embraces for the worst outcome. Shan Shan says she knows he brought there to break up with her.

Feng Teng tells her when she gave him the valentines gift he already wanted to disclose the reason why he doesn’t celebrate this day. But once he finds out that this is her first valentine he is unable to open his mouth. If she decides to be with him, she will never be able to celebrate valentines.


Shan Shan tells Feng Teng that day when she went to find him, she wanted to tell him she doesn’t want to celebrate valentines day anymore. But now she has changed her mind, while other couples use this day to celebrate valentines instead they will use this day to reminisce his parents and every other day they will spend it like valentines.


Feng Teng: “I love you.”

The book Li Shu has been trying to find, in fact, she has left a love letter inside. She wants to find it before he sees it and it will be awkward between them. Li Shu discovers a message at the back of the photo and decides to confront him, and tells him she loves him.

Feng Teng says she must have mistaken who write the message on the photo. She had known him for so long, can’t she recognize his writing?


Li Shu: “Feng Teng, I’m sorry.”

Feng Teng: “Why you say that?”


Li Shu: “Feng Teng, I love you.”

Feng Teng: “I think you have misunderstood.”


Feng Teng: “You’ve known me for so many years, you can’t recognize my hand writing?”

And then does she realise the hand writing belongs to Zheng Qi.


Li Shu goes and confronts Zheng Qi and realise Zheng Qi likes her.


Feng Teng tells Shan Shan about Zheng Qi liking Li Shu. Shan Shan is happy that Feng Teng only has her in his heart. Feng Teng decides to tell her about how Li Shu likes him, because he doesn’t want to hide anything from her. Li Shu decides to finally move out of the Feng’s family residence. I think it’s quite cute how Zheng Qi use clue cards to apologize to Li Shu.

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