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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 17

Watch Episode 17 here

UPDATED: vietsubs here

Favorite Quote from the Episode: “没有鞋带,你装什么有鞋带!” hahaha


Zheng Qi, womanizer. Surely knows how to cheer someone up. Feng Teng officially declares his relationship with Shan Shan to the company, by dropping her off at work at the main front entrance. 

Shan Shan finds out she’ll get a pay rise and she’s worried others will think she’s using personal connection to obtain this.


Now that their relationship is out in the open, all her colleagues treats her differently.


Li Shu advises Shan Shan if the pressure is too much, she should just resign. Even Feng Yue feels that with Shan Shan’s current position at the company, is incompatiable with Feng Teng. Gosh I really find Li Shu annoying here, the words that’s coming out of her mouth! *slaps*


Feng Teng finds out Shan Shan is living with her cousin, Liu Liu’s place with her boyfriend. So he decides she will move in with him, which she rejects. Feng Teng gives her one day to find a new place to move.

The next day she goes to the restate agent to find a new place, coming out of the store she receives a call, and she thinks it’s a con artist and hangs up, she doesn’t know how they got her mobile number. Since she never post up an AD online looking for houses/apartment.

The apartment rent is only 2500 yuan a month (sounds fishy, doesn’t it?). Shan Shan thinks it’s so cheap, it doesn’t seem right.

The agent tells her if she doesn’t trust him, then she can move in first, then paid him after. Oh Shan Shan, you’re so naive and simple-minded. She feels like she has won the lottery. Who’s the master mind behind this? Obviously Feng Teng.


Rumors are circulating around the company that Shan Shan’s new apartment is a gift from Big Boss, which causes Shan Shan to be upset.


The episode ends with Shan Shan telling Feng Teng, she wants to cook a meal for him. And he questions whether she even knows how to cook.


It only takes a few seconds to make someone smile.

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