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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 18

Watch Episode 18 here

UPDATED: vietsubs here


Shan Shan thinks Feng Teng is too perfect, besides staying beside him, she doesn’t know what else she can do for him. She feels she’s just merely an eating buddy instead of a girlfriend. She tries to find out Feng Teng’s hobbies and what he likes from Feng Yue. Shan Shan decides to upgrade her image for the sake of Feng Teng. 


Feng Teng gives Shan Shan a credit card to use when she goes out with Li Shu and Feng Yue. Shan Shan starts to over think the reason why Feng Teng gave her this card, does it indicates he won’t have time to spend with her, so instead gives her, his money to spend.


Shan Shan tells Liu Liu and Shuang Yi that Feng Teng wants to invite them over for dinner. And Shuang Yi jokingly says she wants to eat abalone, shark fin and etc… Shan Shan actually writes it all down LOL


The company’s annual dinner is around the corner, all her female colleagues are fussing over what to wear. And colleagues know about the credit card that Feng Teng has given Shan Shan, Shan Shan thinks it must be Xiao Wei that disclose this information since she was a classmate with Linda.


Shan Shan’s heart weaver and she wants to resign from the company. Argh Li Shu, not going to talk about her. She gives Shan Shan the wrong advices and put baseless thoughts in her mind. I think I prefer the natural Shan Shan more.


Other CEO’s ask whether its Li Shu or Shan Shan that’s Feng Teng girlfriend. And Li Shu says she’s Zheng Qi’s girlfriend.


Shan Shan wakes up in Feng Teng’s bed. Feng Teng tells her from now on if she doesn’t know what to wear to special occasion ask him instead. And if someone asks if her Feng Teng’s girlfriend, she has to proudly say yes.


It only takes a few seconds to make someone smile.

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