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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 13.3


Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & English proof read by Cloudy.

Chapter 13.3 – Cold War

It was not easy waiting for Uncle Hai to finally leave the hospital after finishing official matters. Nuo Nuo’s initial mood of visiting a patient also ward off, she glanced at Xiao father with an aggrieved expression and poked her fingers before saying, “Xiao Uncle, since there’s nothing I’ll also take my leave.”

Xiao father upon seeing this, his eyes have a look of anxious. Xiao Yi has a high IQ, but low EQ. He is handsome and highly esteemed and has a decent job. But actually spent nearly thirty years to bring home his first girlfriend. If Xiao Yi also scared this one away, then how long will he have to wait until he is able to see grandchildren born?

Xiao father is preparing to use his meaningful glance to remind his son when he sees Xiao Yi lightly lift his fist to his mouth and hypocrisy cough twice, “I also have to ask for sick leave.”

Nuo Nuo and Xiao father froze in place with fear. They did not have time to reflect on Xiao Big Boss’ meaning when Xiao Yi’s cheeks had redden, “A few days ago I had a car accident …… I also had to ask for sick leave from Uncle Hai …… my end of month money is also deducted.”

Then, the small white rabbit eyes suddenly brightened as she had been enlightened by Xiao Big Boss’s meaning.

——The emperor committing a crime will be punished according to a commoner, even Xiao Big Boss, Uncle Hai didn’t leave the slightest tolerance, his leave of absence will result in money being deducted.

——So this is the reason why Xiao Big Boss didn’t help her plea, so he just sat there in silence.

——Not that he didn’t want to help her, but he was in no position to do so, understand Nuo Nuo?

Two people, one sitting, one standing quietly staring at each other. Between thunder and lighting Xiao father already knows to exit the patient ward giving the couple some private space, even kindly shut the door.

Hearing the door slamming, Nuo Nuo as if awakening from a dream, startled as she had a look behind her. Then, seeing Xiao Big Boss on the bed, she suddenly felt a little shy.


Although Xiao Big Boss was glorious wounded, his delicate facial feature was not affected, but his eyes caught the faint melancholy. Xiao Zong carrying out a lot softer than his usual vigorous and resolute appearance, coupled with his sick patients’ clothes. The incoming sun slanting through the windows, shining on Xiao Yi’s body, uh…… You could say he was a handsome patient.

For a moment, Nuo Nuo was deluded by Xiao Big Boss’ beauty – or, even stared dazedly. Long before she saw the beauty slightly wave towards her, “Nuo Nuo, come here.”

Nuo Nuo, the small white rabbit obediently reacted when summoned, she took three-step to get closer to Xiao Big Boss’ bed. She just sat down and saw Xiao Yi raise his hand and said, “Nuo Nuo, I think I have a fever, if you don’t believe me, you touch~”

Hearing this Nuo Nuo’s mind is confused, without hesitating she lent in half of her body to touch Xiao Big Boss’ forehead, she arched her eyebrows and puckering chatter, “Is it hot? Why didn’t you say so earlier? I’ll call a doctor for you.”

Her words half said, Xiao Yi’s shoulder could not be inhibited to shake up, Nuo Nuo’s heart was surprised, and she thought it was caused by the fever. Xiao Big Boss was cold and shivering, if you first glance at Xiao Big Boss he was like a laughing flower pendant.


Nuo Nuo blinked, yes, Xiao Big Boss was …… laughing, and she finally understood that he was only fooling around. Nuo Nuo took a peek at his head thinking she should really retreat to the bedside, but Xiao Big Boss’ big arms had already pulled her into his embrace, “Nuo Nuo, are you still angry?”

“Humph!” The small white rabbit pouted and turned her head to the side. And just when she was going to say something, she suddenly sees something stuffed underneath the mattress. A small corner was exposed, it should be a book. Taking advantage of Xiao Big Boss being spellbound, she carefully looked at the cover, what was written on the cover was 36 something tactics.

“36 tactics on company financial management”?

“36 tactics to treat employees”?

“36 tactics on earth invasion of Mars”?

“Nuo Nuo, that day I was really too abrupt……” Xiao Big Boss half embraced Nuo Nuo as he murmured. The small white rabbit placed her head on Xiao Big Boss’ shoulders, she stubbornly stared at a corner of the book also fell into a meditative state.

Nuo Nuo thought of what Xiao father said before, she cannot overcome by her own feelings and rolled her eyes: Well~ all Xiao Big Boss’ books are all placed in the bed cabinet, only such a book hidden under the mattress, it must be the culprit that caused the accident, it must be!

Being mindful of this, Nuo Nuo regardless of the consequence, she directly reached into the mattress, said to be anxious moment, Xiao Big Boss slightly alarmed, the small white rabbit suddenly jumped out of his arms and shot up, her hands holding more than one book.

The book? The book!

Xiao Big Boss was taken by surprise, then he touched the mattress, it was absolutely empty.

Convergence and convergence and forced himself to God, Xiao Yi between his teeth blurted out the words, “Come——here——”

“I don’t want to!” Nuo Nuo took two steps back, she was determined to maintain a safe distance from Xiao Big Boss, she proudly wrinkled her nose, “Xiao Big Boss, you are really too bad, you know, uncle, aunty and Xiao Jun are worried about you, they said that in order to get the book you almost did not want your life, I’d like to have a look, what 36 tactics it is!”

Nuo Nuo schematically held up the book, Xiao Yi seeing this clenched his fingers under the sheets despite knowing everything is too late, but had to growl out aloud, “Nuo Nuo!”

The small white rabbit was not startled by the roar, she countersunk her head to read the book’s cover, the top impressively wrote:

“36 tactics to kiss a Princess.”


Well, this is the stuff? Fancy cover with pink princess dream lace background, and a dead ray attractiveness name. A look at the publishing name, rightly printed: “Chinese woman Publishing” (This Press purely YY, any similarity is purely coincidental, no slightest sarcasm intended).


Nuo Nuo took the courage and opened the directory, the first page caused Nuo Nuo into total shock, she thought she passed through.

The first tactic to kiss a Princess: Play hard to get.

The second tactic to kiss a Princess: Sick handsome man.

The third tactic to kiss a Princess: Apologize.

The fourth tactic to kiss a Princess: Affectionate law.

The fifth tactic to kiss a Princess: Cold shoulder effect.


This is a…… Love instruction manual?

Xiao Big Boss, a CEO would waste time and money to even bend down to pick up such a boring book? But after her refusal to get married, Xiao Big Boss did apply the cold shoulder tactic and pretend to be a sick handsome man… And “no matter who is at fault” apologize tactic too.

Then does this mean Xiao Big Boss’ next move will be according to the “36 tactics to kiss a Princess” on her own account confess a soulful true love confession. Followed by freezing her, sometimes hot and sometimes cold, tortured her until she has a fever infusion with a runny nose then willing to let her go?

OMG, Xiao Big Boss can you tell me what this is all about?

Let us take slightly call back the time to the starting point, when Xiao Big Boss marriage proposal was refused, it was his first major embarrassing thing in his life. This embarrassment is the same shame that Xiao Yi felt as a child when he carelessly looked up at a girl’s skirt that had been blown up by the wind and…… Revealing her panties.

So, that night, feeling extremely depressed, Xiao Big Boss called his foe friend, regardless of the time, literally grumbling and commanded Zhong Yan: This young master is in a bad mood today, come drink with me.

Calling Zhong Yan out to drink, Xiao Big Boss naturally had Xiao Big Boss reasons. Zhong Yan is considered a good brother of Xiao Yi, they grew up together from preschool, until they graduated from high school and went their separate ways.

But, one is rotten to unparalleled achievements, another is good that everyone is praised. One is slovenly while the other is calm and facial paralysis. But God will naturally open a window for you if he shuts a door. Although Zhong Yan from youth to adulthood was grown under the lash of adults, but his little face had become more enchanting, plus a silver tongue as thick-skinned as the walls. Over the years, Zhong Yan’s academic achievement were not good, but he can cause girls to fight each other over him.

So although Xiao Big Boss called his friend out to drink, in fact, it’s in order to get experience. Arriving at the bar for a short while, Xiao Big Boss went straight to the point, “If a girl rejected your proposal, what do you think could be the reason?” Hearing this, Zhong Yan’s eyes slightly twitched, he asked in a strange tone, “Young lad, you have a girlfriend?”


“Proposed to her?”


“Was rejected?”

“…… Well.”

Seeing Xiao Big Boss embarrassed expression, Zhong Yan changed directions and asked, “How long have you’ve known each other?”

“Three months.”

“The location of the proposal?”

“My office.”

“Did you have flowers? What about the ring? Did you speak some sugared words?”

“…… nothing.”

Hearing this, Zhong Yan twirled the glass of wine in his hands and patted his friend’s shoulder, “With things like this if she didn’t refuse your marriage proposal, it would have been just strange!”

Xiao Yi pondered, “So the order of proposing is wrong? Nuo Nuo is not the hypocritical kind of woman, what flowers and rings——”

Not waiting for Xiao Big Boss to finish Zhong Yan gave a deep sigh, looking up, “Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi with a sickness of low EQ ah, get treatment!”

Xiao Big Boss frowned, although dissatisfied with Zhong Yan’s tone, but since he’s asking for help, he humbly asks in a low voice, “How do I treat it?”

“Buy books and start cramming! Now isn’t very popular that book stores have love manuals?”

So under the circumstances of being completely mislead by the book store attendant, Xiao Big Boss recently bought a new love manual.

Although Xiao Big Boss had considerable doubt about the contents of the book, but when he thought of Nuo Nuo’s proposal marriage attitude, and the future prospect with the small white rabbit, he grit his teeth, then looked down. Based on the car accident events and… The current situation.

Xiao Big Boss sitting in the bed, his face pale, his eyes slightly closed and refusing to look at the small white rabbit, because his face, has been humiliated. After the marriage proposal rejection, in fact, Xiao Big Boss has lost all confidence in love, relying on this love manual to save his life and save the small white rabbit’s heart. But now…… Obviously the situation is getting worse and worse. Xiao Big Boss clenches his teeth, his fingers slightly whitened. He hesitated before wanting to explain suddenly he felt something soft swoop over, and as he opened his eyes, he sees that the small white rabbit has thrown herself into his arms happily smiling,

“Xiao Big Boss, you are so cute!!”

I never thought that one day, because of me you will, put aside all your images to please me, even spending your valuable time to read such a boring book, I accept your heartfelt intentions.


suteki: and that concludes chapter 13. This is by far my favorite chapter of the book. Omg Xiao Yi can you be any sweeter? Even I melted by your intentions. You’re so sweet. I can already hear cathdeary saying her tooth is aching from all your sweetness.


14 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 13.3

  1. Just line Nuo Nuo, I want to run, and hug Xiao big Boss so much…
    How can he be this cute?! If my boyfriend is like this, I won’t need to read romantic novel at all XD


    1. “fairytale” are used to mislead little girls and “romance” novel are entirely there to let us young/mature women fantasizes about unrealistic characters/events.

      Sigh I want a piece of Xiao Yi too!~


  2. Yeah Suteki, my tooth aches! That was way too cute for me to stand. You are right about that line you mentioned, romance novels lets us fantasize over such a lovable guy, what does it take to have someone like such, do we have to save a country? Im no longer annoyed with him, sometimes it makes me wonder how women changes mind just all the time. The good thing is that we easily forgive and its easy to make us happy. This chapter is so rich in sweetness and fluff. Are you going to post tomorrow?
    Cant log in to my acnt for some reason…


    1. Hahaha I do think we need good blessing and do good deeds to meet such perfect man like those in the novels, or if you’re that lucky to hit jackpot. eg. like you said “save the country in our previous life.”

      I shall be posting Chapter 14 tmw and Friday =]


      1. We finally got our electricity back Suteki! Thus so our internet. Finally! That’s the reason behind my MIA. I missed posting comments!


      2. To be honest, I’ve been reading all of them. I just can’t comment there as I feel so inconvenienced. ><

        Thanks suteki. I'm happy to be back to circle. ^^


  3. “36 tactics to kiss a Princess.”
    – (/____-) i really did facepalming myself very loudly… lame…

    because of me you will, put aside all your images to please me, even spending your valuable time to read such a boring book
    – i think this is the sweetest part ever. someone who busy like xiao yi, is he even have time for himself to rest well but spending his time to read a very lame love manual book. he earned my respect.


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