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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 19

Watch Episode 19 here

UPDATED: vietsubs here


We get a flashback on what happened during the annual party before Shan Shan got knocked out by alcohol.

Liu Liu and Shuang Yi come over to have dinner. Cheng Hao tries to suck up to Feng Teng after knowing his identity, which causes Liu Liu to look dissatisfied. Her boyfriend is the typical wealthy guy you love to hate. =__= (What an ass!)


First time seeing a glimpse of Feng Yue and Yan Ding’s baby son. Feng Teng finds out that Feng Yue had hired an investigator to check on Shan Shan’s family background.


Feng Teng and Zheng Qi has to go to England on a business trip. Li Shu suggests the four of them go on a double couple trip. Shan Shan says she doesn’t have a passport and encourages the three to go instead. Btw Li Shu and Zheng Qi are pretending to date, they’re not actually dating.

Feng Teng booked only two rooms since he thinks Zheng Qi and Li Shu are a couple. Zheng Qi ask what her motive for coming along? Li Shu replies she just want to be in another city where’s there no Shan Shan, whether Feng Teng will notice her.


Shan Shan receives a call from her mother, her family has come to Shanghai, her parents taking her grandfather to the hospital for a health check up. Her aunt is unable to contact Liu Liu, so Shan Shan suggests hey, go to her place instead.


Liu Liu reveals the reason why she hasn’t picked up any of her mother’s call, she and Cheng Hao has broken up and she has moved out of the apartment they shared. She wants to settle everything before informing her mother of the break up and wants Shan Shan to help her keep this a secret.

Aww is someone missing Shan Shan too much? An English man tries to pick Li Shu up so Feng Teng intervene and pretends to be her lover.


Li Shu: “Do you really think Zheng Qi is compatible with me?”

Feng Teng: “Of course, yours and his lifestyle is quite similar….”

Li Shu: “But people can change… Maybe I have changed, so the things I want is not the same anymore.


Feng Teng: “Zheng Qi, he’s really romantic, but you don’t understand him.”

Li Shu: “That’s right, I may not understand him, but you as his friend, should understand him… In the future anything can happen…”

Li Shu: “I want a long-lasting relationship… Like how our relationship is.”

Li Shu goes back to the hotel and sees Zheng Qi asleep, she apologizes for using him.


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