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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 21

Watch Episode 21 here

UPDATED: vietsubs here

Disclaimer: The dialogue may not be 100% accurate, it’s just to my understanding from listening, as you all know mandarin isn’t my first language so please keep that in mind when reading.


Zheng Qi tries to cheer Li Shu up with magic tricks and a fun day out. Zheng Qi ends up getting hit by two men (Random much?) 


*Bing Bing* they have kissed and this time Li Shu also returns the kiss. Li Shu decides to return first.

Shan Shan’s family thinks there’s something going on Xiao Zhang (Feng Teng’s driver) since Shan Shan still have not disclose her relationship.

Liu Liu’s mother and boyfriend are so embarrassing…. >.>


As soon as Zheng Qi land, he goes and find Li Shu. Li Shu explains when she woke up the next morning she realise she doesn’t like Feng Teng anymore, she doesn’t understand how in a blink of an eye she can stop liking someone who she has been crushing on for 12 years. She is confused.

Zheng Qi: “At the moment I just want to know one thing, no, two things. Number one, now you know I like you.”

Li Shu: “I know”

Zheng Qi: “Then is there a chance you may like me?”

Li Shu: “I… I don’t know.”

Zheng Qi: “Yes or no?”

Li Shu: “Yes, but it’s not now, if I say yes now, it’s too unfair on you.”

Zheng Qi: “Okay, I know/understand. I can wait for you, but I’m telling you before hand I won’t wait too long. Hurry up and think it through.”


Shan Shan waits for Feng Teng at the airport, Feng Teng wants to go visit her grandpa, but Shan Shan seems flustered. Feng Teng finds out that she has not disclosed their relationship to her family. Feng Teng questions her whether she feels their relationship is not stable, and that they will eventually break up. Is he’s not good enough to be her boyfriend? Shan Shan is speechless. Feng Teng is upset and the cold war begins.


Feng Teng and Li Shu have a heart-to-heart talk. Feng Teng tells Li Shu, he has seen the bookmark, but he always have treated her as a young sister.

Feng Teng: “I know you have a lot of opinions on Shan Shan, but she’s my girlfriend. This is my choice.”

Li Shu: “I know no one can stop you from making your choices. In fact, I’ve waited for so long all I wanted was a clear answer. So, thank you for being so honest with the bookmark situation. Thank you for being honest with your feelings.”

Feng Teng: “In fact, I wanted to ask you. Is it true that any women that besides me, would feel tired and toilsome?”

Li Shu: “You’re referring to Shan Shan, right? She’s trying her hardest, Even though she’s not outstanding, but she tries harder than me. We women must try our hardest to be compatible with a perfect man like you.”

Feng Teng: “I’m not perfect. And I have never thought my girlfriend needs to be perfect either. I just want her to be happy. And not put some much pressure on her, she can entirely rely on me.”

Li Shu: “In fact, Shan Shan’s pressure I can understand because I once had the same pressure….”

Grandpa is discharged from hospital and they decide to return home. Shan Shan’s father ask whose contact number is on her blood card and she replies Liu Liu’s Shanghai mobile number (obviously it’s Feng Tengs)

Episode 22 Preview

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