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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 14.1

love letter

lemonsalt: Hi all! It’s a pleasure to collaborate with suteki and her other proofreader on this project. I first got hooked on the novel when I followed the link from Decembi’s blog to here. After reading the first few translated chapters, I couldn’t wait and looked for the link to finish the rest! Love this story because it has little angst and is filled with a lot of fluff and humour. ❤ Can the small white rabbit really tame the Big Boss? 🙂 

Chapter 14.1 – Love Letter Rumor. 

Although the love manual incident caused Xiao Big Boss to feel depressed, troubled and ashamed – a most painful experience, but Nuo Nuo was very happy. Under the shameless pretext of threatening to reveal the truth to everyone, she seized the original “36 tactics on kissing a Princess” book from Xiao Big Boss and secretly hid it away, so that their future son can make use of it.

The small white rabbit realized that for her sake, Xiao Big Boss could actually disregard his image, and read some dating book. Not only that, he studied the book and diligently tested each and every tactic in accordance with the guidelines. Just on this point, she could see that sincerity of Xiao Big Boss’ feelings towards her.

So no matter how Nuo Nuo looks at this matter, she thinks her Xiao Big Boss is very adorable. After coaxing and lying to him, with an air of assurance she promised never to reveal the truth of the situation. Then she draped herself across Big Boss’s shoulder and solemnly vowed, “Good darling, rest assured, let me handle the problem!”

Hearing these words, Xiao Yi, who just suffered such a crushing blow to the extent of being unable to speak, finally looked up and with some trepidation, he asked, “How to resolve?” In his opinion, with Nuo Nuo’s IQ and his EQ …… it will just make things even worse. His painstaking twenty year efforts to cultivate his image and reputation will be destroyed in this one moment.

Nuo Nuo sat beside Xiao Big Boss and pondered, “Right now, Uncle, Auntie and Xiao Jun don’t have a clear understanding of the matter. Because of this book, you displayed such a worried look, if we don’t say nothing, is also not very good, how about this——” The small white rabbit whispered into Xiao Big Boss’ ears, quietly telling him her own ideas.

Outside of the window, the sun shone even more brightly, the rays streaming through the glass were suffused with a brilliance. The couple once divided by a squabble, because of the love manual and accident, are now able to reunite and make peace with each other.

Afterwards, Nuo Nuo came forward and shyly made an official explanation to Xiao Yi’s parents. The book was really just a very ordinary commercial finance book, but it was the letter in the book that was important.

“A letter?” Xiao Mother who has returned from Beijing frowned, “What letter?”

The recovering Xiao Big Boss coughed lightly, his face unconsciously started to flush and he turned his head slightly to the window. Nuo Nuo, feeling a secret glee in her heart, bashfully said, “In fact……it’s a letter that I wrote to Xiao Big Boss……”

The two elders glanced at each other, everything was clear to them now.

So it’s a flirtatious correspondence between the two, ah, how nice it is to be young. But, Old man (Old woman) – you have never written me a love letter.

His parents knew their son felt shy, so they thoughtfully did not mention it again. But when the faraway Xiao Jun found out the truth, he sighed sadly, his big brother is really fast in his tactics. Other than a few words of his nagging, everyone had moved on from the incident.

The relationship between Nuo Nuo and Xiao Big Boss also returned to normal, the small white rabbit remained at Owl Wing still working, but didn’t dare to take leave of absence any more.


The small white rabbit naively assumed that the matter was settled but unbeknownst to her, things were taking a sinister turn ……

One day after lunch, Nuo Nuo went for a stroll outside the small garden.

Usually after lunch, Nuo Nuo would either go to the third floor to find the Creative Department’s MM to chat and gossip, or she and Big Boss would go online gaming together to complete the husband and wife tasks. So in less than a month, Nuo Nuo was alarmed to realize that the pants she bought last year could not be pulled up. Jumping on the weighing scales, she was scared half to death, she actually gained four pounds!!

Nuo Nuo held Big Boss totally responsible for her weight gain: Firstly, the canteen meals are too good; Secondly, pulling her to play games every day after lunch, eating then sitting, no wonder she packed on the pounds!

So the small white rabbit decided that every day after lunch, she would take a stroll, that’s when she accidentally heard the following dialogue in the grapevine garden,

“Really? It can’t be, don’t talk nonsense.”

“Why would I lie to you?! The Commerce Department Head told me himself, that Xu Nuo, I thought it was Xiao Zong who was interested in her first because he felt she was different. But Manager Li told me that she was the one who pursued Xiao Zong.”

“You’re bluffing, I don’t believe it. As you say, at the company there are many people who want to pursue Xiao Zong, that Xu Nuo is a young inexperienced girl, how could she have won Xiao Zong over?”

“Hey, you don’t understand right? You know the Commerce Department’s Xiao Chan? Not only does she possess both beauty and intelligence, her father is a national public servant. Last year, she expressed her interest in Xiao Zong many times. Because of Xiao Zong, she came to work in this company, but Xiao Zong didn’t even give her a glance. Everybody said that Xiao Zong’s eyes is on his head (high standards), ah ~ who know that in fact, Xiao Zong’s taste is so simple……”

“Oh, my great-aunt, I beg you, don’t keep me in suspense, tell me now!!”

“Hush, hush, I’ll tell you ~ in fact, she wrote Xiao Big Boss a love letter——”

“What an old-fashioned tactic…… seems like Xiao Big Boss’ hobby is really…… special.”


The small white rabbit froze in place, it was long after her colleagues left that she started to reflect.

Love…… letter, when did she write a love letter to Xiao Big Boss? Moreover, what right did they have to distort the truth, saying she’s the one who’s pursued Xiao Big Boss when it was clearly…… It was Xiao Big Boss who pursued her step by step, devouring her one bite by one bite.

She’s been wronged ah ah ah——

Most importantly, about the love letter matter, it was an excuse cooked by Xiao Yi and her to pacify his family, how did the people in the company find out?

Who is spreading the rumors?


That afternoon, after much thought, the small rabbit decided to approach Lin MM to find out what is happening. But she hadn’t even tried to broach the matter when Lin MM started talking first.

[ Administration Department Lin MM ]: Nuo Nuo, hey, I recently heard some gossip about you……

[ Nuo Nuo inaction ]: What?

[ Administration Department Lin MM ]: You don’t need to pretend. Now in the company, who doesn’t know, you wrote a love letter to Xiao Big Boss.

No Nuo’s eyes widened, staring so hard that the computer screen was starting to feel shy.

The small white rabbit clenched her fist, her mind in a blank. At noon today, what she overhead in the garden, she thought it was just a minor rumor, but now listening to Lin MM, it’s actually……

Although in the past few months, Xiao Big Boss and the small white rabbit have tried to be discreet, but bringing lunch from home, playing online games together in his office every afternoon, sending her home every night, everyone is certainly not blind to these actions. They’re certainly dating just not publicly declaring it.

But, what’s this? Writing a love letter to hook a boyfriend? That’s insane!! It has completely smeared her small white rabbit’s pure reputation, how could she be so thick-skinned to write Xiao Big Boss a love letter? And now the entire office knows…… No wonder these days whenever she goes to the third floor to play, the girls in the Administrative Department are always giving her odd glances.


Nuo Nuo felt faint. She knocked her head on the table repeatedly without realizing how painful it was. The she replied Lin MM with one sentence.

[ Nuo Nuo inaction ]: Who the hell is spreading the rumors?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Lin MM was startled for a moment before replying – most probably because she was alarmed by the murderous little white rabbit.

[ Administration Department Lin MM ]: Mount Lu waterfalls [1], it was Uncle Hai.

[ Nuo Nuo inaction ]: HOHO, Lin MM don’t be afraid, I won’t do anything to the initiator, you don’t have to help him(her), tell me who is the true culprit.

[ Administration Department Lin MM ]: It was really Uncle Hai!

[ Nuo Nuo inaction ]: Liar  =__=

Uncle Hai as an elder, has never joked around with anyone, never gossiped and is stern with the company’s band of brothers.

Although his character is a little dull, but it’s because he is “Impartial and Incorruptible”, the brothers at under his management. Everyone in the company, from the top to bottom, are respectful towards Uncle Hai. So even if you beat Nuo Nuo to death, she can’t believe Uncle Hai would spread that such rumor.

Lin MM observed Nuo Nuo’s disbelief and her mouth couldn’t keep silent any longer; disclosed a super big secret to the small white rabbit, “Nuo Nuo, you still don’t know, do you? Uncle Hai is actually a distant relative of Xiao Zong, that’s why Xiao Zong it’s at ease giving him such an important position to manage.”

“You think carefully, Uncle Hai at this age has never played any games. He doesn’t even know what an RPG is and was hired as a Project Manager, don’t you feel that’s strange? Oh…… I can see Xiao Big Boss and you have a close relationship that’s why I’m telling you all these big secrets, you can’t betray me to Xiao Zong!”

Nuo Nuo blinked, her slender fingers paused before typing a line of words, “What does this have to do with Uncle Hai spreading rumors?”

Lin MM: “I heard it was Xiao Zong’s father that told Uncle Hai about you writing the love letter, that’s how Uncle Hai knew! Hey, you are the party involved, you should know better than me.”

The small white rabbit bit her lower lip and gazed into the distance.

The love letter matter, indeed it was only Xiao Zong’s parents that knew, they won’t run to the company’s employees and say such things to embarrass her. If it’s really like what Lin MM says, Uncle Hai is Xiao Zong’s distant relative, then he’ll certainly know Uncle Xiao……

It seems that in the company only Uncle Hai is related to Uncle Xiao, there really is no one else——

So, it’s really Uncle Hai?

Recently, the small white rabbit has been very depressed.

Although the “Love letter rumor” did not affect her work, no one would dare rush to the future Madame President to gossip and boldly question, “How did you write your love letter ah? Teach me!” But even so, Nuo Nuo is still a little overwhelmed.

Her colleagues’ odd stares, their meaningful expressions, and their tone… Spoken with great caution…. For more than a week, Nuo Nuo has felt very, very uncomfortable. She wanted to find Xiao Big Boss to discuss, but felt it may strain their relationship, however, she alone cannot stop the rumors.

After much thought and deliberation, Nuo Nuo felt that whoever started the trouble should end it. The best way is to find the main criminal who spread the rumors and then mete out punishment so naturally no one will talk any more.

However, just the thought of Uncle Hai as the suspect, Nuo Nuo felt like retreating.


The small white rabbit had to admit, she was…… a little afraid of Uncle Hai. As an elder, his speech and manner was always serious, whoever infringed on his principles, he could dispassionately hold his stand for three days and three nights and not feel tired; as a project manager, he is impartial and incorruptible, even with the boss in a car accident, he didn’t let her off.

WOW! Such a stubborn old man, who would dare confront him?

So, Nuo Nuo tried to comfort herself: It’s okay. It’s okay, my colleagues are always bored. Over time, they will find new gossip, they will forget me.


But while Nuo Nuo was hiding under her turtle shell and nursing her wounds, Uncle Hai came to find her.

After PinkBaby finished the project meeting, the small white rabbit as the newest rookie, was assigned to clean up the mess and sort out the data. From behind, Nuo Nuo heard a low and steady voice, “Xu Nuo.”

Nuo Nuo’s hand shook, she almost dropped all the documents on the ground. Working in the company for several months, because the small white rabbit is lively and cheerful, she has become close to the colleagues on the eighth floor, the brothers would either jokingly call her “Xiao Nuo Nuo” or “Nuo Nuo”. And the only person who would call her by her full name, it seems….. there can only be one such person……

[1] 庐山瀑布汗: sweating like crazy – left without a choice.


suteki: ahaha it seems like their roles been swapped, Nuo Nuo’s the boyfriend coaxing the upset girlfriend … poor Nuo Nuo you should have just let Xiao Yi lose some face, now you’re coping with the consequences. And why is Uncle Hai seeking her?


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