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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 23

Watch Episode 23 here

UPDATED: vietsubs here


Shan Shan openly goes and have lunch with Feng Teng much to the surprise of her colleagues.


Feng Teng and Zheng Qi have a dispute over the infringment case. Feng Teng and Zheng Qi hope to reach a settlement with each other, but the product that Zheng Qi have long developed is being sued and he refused to admit that he copied. Feng Teng advised Zheng Qi to understand the company, but Zheng Qi thinks that if they handle the situation this way it’s a meaningless sacrifice.


Shan Shan gives Feng Teng her class timetable, Feng Teng is unhappy because she will not have time to have dinner with him.


Shan Shan is late having lunch with Feng Teng, Feng Teng ask Linda to find employees at the company that has passed their CPA to tutor Shan Shan. So cute how Feng Teng pretends to catch Shan Shan’s kiss. Just because Shan Shan praised her two tutors, Feng Teng orders them not to come anymore (oh you jealous little man)


Li Shu advised Zheng Qi its best to reconcile with Feng Teng and act according to Feng Teng’s view, but Zheng Qi is not willing to. Zheng Qi voiced his opinions, if they now easily and casually slander with the infringement, after the company sooner or later will meet with trouble.

The company is required to compensate three million, Feng Teng was going to compromise. Zheng Qi is very angry, directly put forward his resignation. If Feng Teng does not reconsider he can only leave the company.


Shan Shan informs Li Shu that Zheng Qi decides to return to America.


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