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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 14.2


Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & lemonsalt.

Chapter 14.2 – Love Letter Rumor. 

Nuo Nuo turned back with much reluctance, and struggled to put a smile on her face, “Uncle Hai, you still haven’t left?”

Uncle Hai nodded and remained sitting in his uptight and still position, “Let’s have a talk”

Hearing this, Nuo Nuo’s heart thumped, and felt aggrieved. Recently she been on her best behaviour, she has not been late nor left work early, she did not take anymore absence of leave, she has always completed her work on time.

What does Uncle Hai want to talk about? Even though she was struggling inwardly, Nuo Nuo sat down obediently with an “Oh” sound.

Uncle Hai went straight to the point, after fiddling with his square frame glasses he said, “At the meeting just now, you kept staring at me.”

Nuo Nuo was caught off-guard by Uncle Hai’s words, after freezing for a moment, she lowered her head dispiritedly. Since young, she always had a straightforward personality, if she was troubled, it would show plainly on her face. So, even though she didn’t have the nerve to find and confront Uncle Hai about the rumors, for the past few days her mind kept going over the matter, so whenever she sees Uncle Hai, she would pay especial attention, trying to find any hint of……

Indeed, she is not detective material, her cover has been exposed.

Uncle Hai with a poker face said, “It’s not only today, I noticed that for the past week, you would unconsciously stare at me, is there any problem?”


Nuo Nuo was very embarrassed, now how should she explain to Uncle Hai? Should she really ask him directly: Have you been telling others about the love letter?!

Nuo Nuo gritted her teeth, mustered her courage and looked up, upon seeing Uncle Hai’s respectable face, she hesitated —— pouted and shook her head, “No.”

Uncle Hai’s eyes flickered under his lens, and calmly said, “Is it because of the company’s recent rumors?”

Hearing this, Nuo Nuo raised up her head suddenly and waved her hands repeatedly, “No no! Although recently I’ve been troubled by the rumors spreading in the company, but someone said…… said, it originated from you Uncle Hai. But I’ll never believe it, Uncle Hai you’re not that kind of person, I’ve always know that…..”

As Nuo Nuo spoke, her whole body erupted into goose bumps, Xu Nuo, how can you be so hypocritical?

Taking a slow breath, the small white rabbit continued, “Uncle Hai rest assured, I won’t believe what they say——”

Her words still left unfinished when Uncle Hai resolutely interrupted her, shaking his head calmly, “No, you can believe. Those words, indeed came from me.”


For some time, Nuo Nuo sat frozen on the stool, completely immobilised.

In the evening, Xiao Big Boss had to entertain clients, Nuo Nuo was bored, so she teamed up with her close friend Su Su to play “Huang Yan”. Because of Nuo Nuo’s numerous mistakes, their combined average level 50 team was almost destroyed by level 30 players. And the most tragic thing was, Nuo Nuo also picked up the wrong equipment.

In “Huang Yan”, the rules are as such, when several people form a team, if you pick up more advanced equipment or materials, the system will automatically generate three options: Demand / Distribute / Give up. “Demand” is to indicate that one wants the item, “Distribute” lets the system randomly distribute the item to the players, and “Give up” self-evidently means that the item is not needed.

Earlier on, Nuo Nuo and Su Su had already picked up high-grade equipment, because they wanted to increase their prestige in the game, so they teamed up with two level 30 players. Before entering the game, these players had already expressed that their aim is to level up their equipment. The tragedy resulted when Nuo Nuo, in a moment of distraction after killing the Boss, pressed the wrong button, picking up the equipment for herself.


Thus, the other two players became depressed.

[ Player Ma Ma Tea ]: ……

[ Player Su Su eats meat ]: Embarrassed.

[ Player Coffee Bear ]: KAO, you’re level 65 and yet you want a level 30 equipment?!

[ Player Nuo Nuo inactive ]: (sweat) Sorry, I pressed the wrong button, why don’t I make a trade with you, okay?

[ Player Ma Ma Tea ]: ……

[ Player Su Su eats meat ]: The childish player above me, besides hitting the period key, can you say something.

[ Player Coffee Bear]: I KAO your mother, you are playing with me, right?? Don’t tell me as a level 60 player that you don’t know once an item is placed in your bag, it can’t be taken out.

[ Player Coffee Bear ]: I XX you XX, you are a dead XX.

System: [ Coffee Bear ] has been kicked out of the team, [ Ma Ma Tea ] has kicked out of the team.

Nuo Nuo blinked, saw the scenery of beautiful maple forest, only Su Su and herself was left, other than the Boss’s beautiful corpse.

[ Player Nuo Nuo inactive ]: Huh? Where did the two go?

[ Team Su Su eats meat]: I kicked them out, I was afraid that their cursing would get worse, but Nuo Nuo ah, what happened to you ah!

[ Player Nuo Nuo inactive ]: Hmm, sorry, I’m a little distracted.


[ Player Su Su eats meat ]: Without him you’re like that, are you too dependant on your Xiao Big Boss now? If he is not online, you’re completely out of it!!

Nuo Nuo was still typing the word sorry, seeing Su Su’s words, her rapidly dancing fingers on the keyboard paused, she gave a tiny sigh.

It’s not like that……

She’s completely out of it, not because of Xiao Big Boss absence, but because of what happened during the day in the conference room, the words that Uncle Hai spoke……

Nuo Nuo scratched her head and pondered.

That day, after Uncle Hai admitted his guilt without shirking any responsibility, before Nuo Nuo could react, he smirked and asked, “So you can’t stand it?”

“What?” What does Uncle Hai mean?

Uncle Hai bluntly said, “Xu Nuo, I heard that when Xiao Zong wanted you leave the company, you refused on the grounds of rejecting his marriage proposal.”

Nuo Nuo bit her lower lip, her little heart was pounding very fast. Xiao Big Boss wanted to dismiss her from Owl Wings, the company’s executive management probably already knew right? But because they’re intimidated by Xiao Big Boss’ aura, the only one who would dare to ask about the matter would be Uncle Hai.

“Ah,” Nuo Nuo took a deep breath, and said, “Work is work, emotions are emotions. I like this job and I’m competent at it, what’s wrong with staying on?”

“Of course, there is nothing wrong. But Nuo Nuo, you think too simply. Now because of one love letter, the gossip in the company is already like that. What about later? As long as you stay here, such gossip and rumors are unavoidable.”

“Have you ever considered, in the future how you would interact with your colleagues in the company? Because of your special status, your superior may find it difficult to assign you tasks. Futhermore, after you commit an error, they must also consider how to tactfully correct you. This will reduce work efficiency. Within your colleagues, because you are the president’s future wife, I believe they will alienate you. Also Xiao Zong and you are always going about as a couple, and this may also be an issue.”

Pausing, Uncle Hai pushed his glasses again and said, “This incident, has made you uncomfortable right? You think as long as your colleagues have a new topic, they will forget about you? I can tell you, they will always remember, and the next topic will also revolve around Xiao Zong and you, such as …… every day at noon what do the two of them do in the office?”


Nuo Nuo fingers were moving quickly, as she summarised the incident to Su Su, and then tentatively typed the last sentence, “Regarding this matter, what are your views?”

As the phrase goes “Those closely involved cannot think clearly. A bystander is always clear-minded.”

Right now, Nuo Nuo was starting to feel conflicted. On one hand, she’s really reluctant to part from her colleagues as well as the job. However, the small white rabbit’s resolve had started to waver as she saw the logic in Uncle Hai’s words. Indeed, it seems as long as she remains, the gossip in the company will never stop. And since Xiao Big Boss and she publicly declared their relationship, wretched uncle looked like he was getting more ill with each passing day .

Previously, he would criticize her freely, if he felt that there was something wrong, he would say it directly. But now, feeling constrained by her status, he had to try to say things in a tactful manner. His opening words was already memorized by Nuo Nuo, “This idea is very good and creative, but it……”

Nuo Nuo admitted, being able to take wretched uncle in hand felt good, but to be fair, she also understands that things cannot carry on this way. If leaders are able to command their subordinates, the workers will slacken, work efficiency will plunge. Other colleagues will also start grousing because of this unequal treatment.

But the most most important thing is, now nobody will gossip with her!

Previously, when Nuo Nuo was free she would go and find the Creative Department girls on the third floor to chat, which department employee has an affair with whom, who loves to boot-lick, who got into the company because of connections, who had fake diplomas and so on. Such good after lunch discussion topics, she can’t take part anymore.

Although not everyone is avoiding the small white rabbit like a plague of rats, but she can feel a difference in everyone’s attitudes. Sometimes, in the distance she can clearly hear the Creative Department laughing and talking, but once she approaches, everyone will be dead silent. This feeling is not good, so gradually, Nuo Nuo stopped going to the third floor.

Nuo Nuo sighed and grumbled wholeheartedly about her current situation to Su Su. There was a moment of silence before advice finally came.

[ Player Su Su eats meat ]: Darling, actually, I have always felt you’re not suitable for OWL Wing.

[ Player Su Su eats meat ]: Previously because you were so stubborn, even give up a marriage opportunity to keep the job, I didn’t say anything. But now that you’re finally beginning to understand, I would say, you should also think about Boss DaRen[1].

[ Player Nuo Nuo inactive ]: Think about him? What do you mean?

[ Player Su Su eats meat ]: Hey, you little fool, my devil of a husband and I, aren’t we the best example?

Su Su and her men sao [2] husband were originally colleagues. The difference is, Su Su’s company speciality lay in the women’s beauty field, 90% of employees are female. After the two established a relationship, because Su Su’s husband would often flirt and banter with female colleagues, they quarrelled on numerous occasions, and she suffered many bouts of jealousy.

In the end, mountains out of molehills were made, as long as her husband talked to a female college, she’ll create a disturbance at home. Many friends tried to counsel her, but Su Su said, she also felt that she was unreasonable. But if her husband is laughing and talking with another woman right in front of her and she doesn’t feel anything, then it shows that she doesn’t love him.

Finally, with Su Su’s resignation came the perfect ending. The young couple each had their own job, Su Su’s vinegar (jealousy) illness was also cured. Su Su mocked herself, saying this is called out of sight, out of mind.

Over at the other end of the computer, Su Su typed a sentence.

[ Player Su Su eats meat ]: Love is selfish, if it was you, your Xiao Big Boss and other female colleagues fooling around, you will not be able to take it either.

The dreamer suddenly had a flash of understanding.

The small white rabbit realized, Xiao Big Boss is actually in a painful and difficult situation, every day he had to endure his girlfriend being surrounded by a pack of wolves at work, and from time to time, someone would flirt or may lead her astray. Uh…… she was in his shoes, she wouldn’t have been able to take it.

Nuo Nuo clenched her fists, and still maintained her stand.

[ Player Nuo Nuo inactive ]: But such a good job, to give up just like that, I still feel very reluctant.

[ Player Su Su eats meat]: Hey, that’s why they said a woman in love has no brains. Your Boss DaRen only wants you to resign, he never said you couldn’t find another job right?

[ Player Su Su eats meat ]: But I think he is quite open-minded, if you talk to him nicely, he will definitely agree to let you find a new job.

[ Player Nuo Nuo inactive ]: …… However, where can I find job with such good salary, welfare and relaxing work atmosphere?

Just as Nuo Nuo sent this sentence out, the system went ding-dong, and an announcement was displayed:

System: Attention game players, due to “Huang Yan 2” starting its production, we are now looking for candidates to join our team, please check the official forum for details.

Su Su gave a mischievous laugh: “Hasn’t a new job opportunity just presented itself?”

[1] 大人 DaRen: A respectful form of address to a person of authority.

[2] 闷骚 Men Sao: A person who looks cold and unassuming but is actually full of passion, usually a term used on men.


suteki: and that concludes chapter 14 and that is all the chapters I will be posting this week of BBBDR.

haha Su Su is Nuo Nuo’s partner in crime. Every girl needs a best friend like this. Watch out Xiao Big Boss our Queen Nuo Nuo has more tricks up her sleeves.

8 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 14.2

  1. Well actually i think what uncle Hai said to Nuo Nuo make sense, but Nuo nuo likes the job so kinda hard too:) Wah there is new opportunity so Nuo Nuo can apply for that new game Huang Yan 2 🙂


  2. But the most most important thing is, now nobody will gossip with her!
    – wtf??? nuonuo definitely wont be listed in my fav. character… gossiping is fun until you become the subject of the gossip.. i still don’t understand people who love gossiping.. and i dislike a situation where if you don’t gossip, you won’t get along well with colleague. wtf.

    [ Player Su Su eats meat ]: But I think he is quite open-minded, if you talk to him nicely, he will definitely agree to let you find a new job.
    – this girl got brain n sense!!! why the clever character usually always the friend of heroin?? i don’t understand…


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