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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 25

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UPDATED: vietsubs here

Disclaimer: The dialogue may not be 100% accurate, it’s just my understanding from listening, as you all know mandarin isn’t my first language so please keep that in mind when reading.


Zheng Qi goes visit Li Shu at her bookstore and buys a book, when he pays he place his house keys on the counter. Zheng Qi says to Li Shu, she’s the first women who he has ever given his keys.

Zheng Qi: “I heard from Feng Teng that you said you like me…”

Li Shu says she can’t start their relationship because she’s part of the reason Shan Shan and Feng Teng are not together. So to be fair, she’ll wait until they get back together. Zheng Qi ask then who’s been fair to him?

Zhou Xiao Wei see’s Shan Shan not at work, so she called hers since she knows Shan Shan is lying about her illness, Xiao Wei knocks some sense into her, saying going through a break up doesn’t mean you can be selfish and do what you feel like. Shan Shan realized this is not good, how does Xiao Wei know about her and Feng Teng’s break up? Linda told her? Worrying Xiao Wei would cause trouble and spread rumors she goes to work.
Feng Teng to find the cafeteria’s chef and orders them from now on to make more delicious dishes. (Definitely to cater for Shan Shan). Plus everyday he must have a look at the menus. Naw doing things for Shan Shan without her realising.
Feng Teng has to go to America to settle the infringement case and Zheng Qi goes along as well, before leaving, he goes to the beef noodle roadside stall and specifically gave the boss money and told her if Shan Shan goes there to eat to give her a bit more. Liu Liu recognize Feng Teng, end up having a conversation about the situation. Liu Liu says she understands, but all he can do is wait, wait for Shan Shan to think things through, then slowly explain to her.
Feng Teng sends Shan Shan a text message informing her, he’s going abroad and for her to take care of herself. Shan Shan suspects Li Shu will also follow, her heart feels very depressed. But then outside a bar Shan Shan sees in the scene of Xiao Wei and Li Shu chat together, she was very surprised, but also with a little confused, she does not know how these two known each other. Shan Shan investigates Xiao Wei background information and found out that Xiao Wei and Li Shu attended the same school in America.
Feng Teng finally returned home, Li Shu goes to pick Zheng Qi up, but he has not returned. Shan Shan has appeared to have a medical problem internal bleeding and was sent to the hospital.
Feng Teng receives a call from the hospital informing him, Shan Shan is in hospital. Feng Yue and Li Shu rush to the hospital to donate blood, while Feng Teng calls Xiao Wei hurried to the hospital to donate blood as well. Xiao Wei asks Feng Teng to agree to a condition before she donates blood, but the content is not revealed. After the blood transfusion, Shan Shan condition has stabilized.
Liu Liu and Shuang Yi say they will take turns in taking care of Shan Shan, but Feng Teng ask to take care of her instead. Shan Shan wakes up and Feng Teng says the following…Feng Teng: “Don’t be scared, I will be by your side. It was my fault, Li Shu’s situation, I shouldn’t have kept it from you, but I didn’t want you to be unhappy. You know that I treat/think of her like a family…. I don’t want to hurt her, but instead I have hurt you.”
Episode 26 Preview

5 thoughts on “Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 25

      1. yah suteki i was worried that she ask that from Feng Teng ,hope no hope no , hope i’m thinking wrong ….last night after watched busy thinking oh no must ask suteki what they talk lol.


      2. yeah i will wait , but feel sad soon its ending only left few days , by the way before this are there any drama that based from c.novel suteki? cause long time i’m not watch so i didn’t know but i prefer that happy ending 🙂 if you know tell me in email ok:)


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