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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 26

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UPDATED: vietsubs here

Disclaimer: The dialogue may not be 100% accurate, it’s my understanding from listening, as you all know mandarin isn’t my first language so please keep that in mind when reading.


Continuing from Feng Teng’s speech before.

Feng Teng: “…. You know I like the simple and pure Xue Shan Shan. I always wanted to properly protect you…. “

Shan Shan: “It seems like during this time you also thought a lot.”

Feng Teng: “I thought a lot of our problems. Shan Shan, if we’re going to be together we will face a lot of the same problems if you still want to continue on. But if you are unwilling and still want to break up with me, I hope you can promise me, before you find someone who can truly protect you keep this by your sides at all time so it can protect you.”

Shan Shan: “Feng Teng”

Feng Teng: “What?”

Shan Shan: “I want to go home.”

Feng Teng: “Okay, I’ll help you organize it. Sleep a little more.”


Li Shu visits Shan Shan, Shan Shan tells her if she came to apologize, there’s no need she accepts her apology from before. Li Shu knows Shan Shan knew about all the horrible things/tricks she has done to her and wants to apologize for that. Shan Shan is so kind and forgiving. Li Shu tries to persuade Shan Shan to get back together with Feng Teng.


Shan Shan goes home to recuperate. We get a flashback to the doctor telling Feng Teng and Liu Liu in the future Shan Shan may not be able to reproduce and carry a baby. This is one of the possible effect of the damage that’s been done, but as long as their take care of properly, she still has chances in the future to have babies.

Shan Shan receives a parcel from Feng Yue, Feng Yue sent her Chinese medical. Shan Shan asks her mother, if her father knew she couldn’t have kids would he marry her? Shan Shan’s mother tells her if a man just wants to marry you in order to reproduce, would you marry him?


Shuang Yi tells Shan Shan, Feng Teng feelings towards her are genuine, when she was in hospital, he personally took care of her despite his Big Boss status. Shan Shan says she knows Feng Teng is serious about her that’s why she needs to think things through. Shuang Yi tells her love needs courage.


Wang Bulter comes to deliver Chinese medicine for Shan Shan and informs her that Feng Teng has hired someone to cook for Shan Shan. Shan Shan suspect it the doing of her two best friends, she ask if her every move has been reported to Feng Teng. Liu Liu says it must be her boyfriend’s doing, sine he wants to boot-lick Feng Teng.

It’s finally revealed what was the agree condition Feng Teng and Xiao Wei had for donating blood to Shan Shan, she is promoted.


Zheng Qi is leaving the company for the good of Feng Teng and Wind Group. Zheng Qi tells Li Shu, if she doesn’t want him to go, he can stay for her.

Feng Teng tells Shan Shan he really envy Zheng Qi, when Zheng Qi’s career or love is not going well, he can just run away, but he? He has no other choice but to stay no way to retreat.


Shan Shan finds out all the little things Feng Teng has done for her, such as the giving money to the boss at the beef noodle stall to add extra meat. Watching her go to preparatory classes. Shan Shan decides to take dancing classes.


Yan Qing calls Shan Shan informing her Zheng Qi brought a one way ticket to America, but he is unable to contact Li Shu. Shan Shan and Li Shu go to the airport to stop him from leaving. Li Shu mistaken some other guy as Zheng Qi and publicly declares she likes him, unknown to the fact he’s behind her the entire time.


The episode ends with Shan Shan encountering Xiao Wei in the elevator, she thanks her for donating blood to her, even though she knows Xiao Wei came to Wind Group because of Feng Yue. Xiao Wei shakes her head, its not only because of Feng Yue, she’s part of the reason too. (Shock, did Feng Teng hire her to donate blood for Shan Shan as well?)

7 thoughts on “Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 26

  1. wow so could be Xiao Wei hired because of Shan Shan too? oh good thing Xiao Wei only ask abt job thing and not something else 🙂 i think lately she already good to Shan Shan especially when she give advice to Shan Shan to change clothes that time:)


      1. Sometimes reality is harsh. I was going to translate the conversation Shan Shan with Xiao Wei but then I cbs. But one thing Xiao Wei said is pretty true. She said to Shan Shan, does Shan Shan expect to be cinderella and everyone will happy and wish her well with Big Boss? Of course there will be those who are unsatisfied with her relationship.


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