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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 27

Watch Episode 27 here

UPDATED: vietsubs here


Xiao Wei reveals during the dance, Feng Teng inform her, he hired here was because of Shan Shan, after she sprained her ankle during the company’s field trip. Shan Shan calls Feng Teng, which he confirms what Xiao Wei told Shan Shan is correct. Feng Teng says Feng Yue and her are both important people to him. Shan Shan finds out the roof top she’s been having her lunch at is the same roof top outside Feng Teng’s office (OMG about time?!?) And they reconcile after this.

Cheng Hao tries to sell Feng Teng a proposal.

Shan Shan asks if Feng Teng can hear what others say outside on the rooftop, Feng Teng replies no but he asked Linda to find a lip reader to teach him. But he only had two lessons before Shan Shan started eating with him.

Regarding the infringement case they finally have some good news, turns out it was Zheng Qi’s cousin that sold the prototype product to the R & D company, so Feng Teng decides to sue them without any negotiation.


Feng Teng decides to invest in Liu Liu’s proposal but on the condition that she’s the person in charge. She’s the one who wrote the proposal, no one else is more suitable than her to be in charge of the project. I also think Feng Teng is giving Liu Liu a chance to make a name for herself and escape the grasp of her jerk-ass boyfriend and her money hungry adoptive mother. Shan Shan ask if Feng Teng accepted the proposal because of her relation? He answers he consider both business and personal gains.


Li Shu gets jealous when the Korean actress and artist contact Zheng Qi because he hasn’t told them he has a girlfriend.

Feng Teng reveals he has two ex girlfriend, the first one was while studying in America, a wealthy daughter of an cooperation, but they broke up after he had to come back and manage Wind Group. The second girlfriend an famous actress. Shan Shan receives a love letter in her books.


Shan Shan asks Feng Teng what his thoughts on this love letter and he tells her she belongs to him. LOL Shan Shan later finds out the whole love letter incident was a misunderstanding, it wasn’t meant for her but the girl sitting beside her. Gosh Shan Shan is no match for other scheming women…


Shan Shan passes her CPA and everyone goes out to celebrate, Zheng Qi proposes to Li Shu and tells her he can burn all the gifts he once receives from ex girlfriends + other females.

It only takes a few seconds to make someone smile.

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