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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 29

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UPDATED: vietsubs here

Disclaimer: The dialogue may not be 100% accurate, it’s just my understanding from listening, as you all know mandarin isn’t my first language so please keep that in mind when reading.


Shan Shan: “You do not like children?”

Feng Teng: “Why do you ask?”

Shan Shan: “It seems whether I’m pregnant or not. You clearly don’t mind.”

Feng Teng: “If there’s a child, I’m happy, if there’s no child I’m still happy. I don’t want us to get married for the sake of a child. Besides you’re still too young, if you were to become a mother…. “

Shan Shan: “How am I still young? All my classmates are all mothers. This year I’m already 23 years old.”

Feng Teng: “23? You’re still too young. Play a few more years.”

Shan Shan: “More like you want to play.”

Feng Teng: “Of course I want to play, but…. What should I play….”

Ah Jai gets a promotion because she’s basically tied the red thread between Shan Shan and Feng Teng.


Shan Shan starts having doubts whether Feng Teng wants to still marry her, since he doesn’t seem to anticipate. Shan Shan began to eat some physical conditioning agents trying to get pregnant, but Feng Teng doesn’t look too keen. Shan Shan starts to over think things again. This is one thing I don’t like, why can’t she just express her thoughts to him?


The group is writing Feng Teng and Shan Shan wedding invitations, Li Shu face immediately changed, upon seeing Zheng Qi intend to invite Liu Xun, his ex girlfriend. Zheng Qi explained Liu Xun already has a boyfriend, but Li Shu is not at ease. They end up quarrelling. Feng Yue asks whether they still invite Liu Xun and the couple made the last screen caption LOL


Li Shu receives a call from the wedding dress designer’s assistance that he agreed to design Shan Shan’s wedding dress, but after will go to Europe, so Li Shu’s wedding dress project is given to someone else.


After Liu Liu had a meeting with the Wind Group representatives, she bumps into Feng Teng and hints to him that Shan Shan is a person who over thinks thing, even though she has not express it openly she will still think whether he marrying her because he thought she was pregnant or he sincerely wants to marry her because he loves her.


Zheng Qi organise a romantic suprise for Li Shu and makes a grand speech about how he doesn’t care about all the little details of the wedding, he just cares about her. He knows she’s a person who wants perfection so he got the wedding dress designer to agree to making her dress.


Shan Shan: “I want to ask you something.”

Feng Teng: “Say it.”

Shan Shan: “If we didn’t mistakenly think I was pregnant, would you still have wanted to marry me?”

Feng Teng: “If it wasn’t because you’re pregnant, I wouldn’t think about getting marry this early.”

Shan Shan: “Then now that you know it’s all been a misunderstanding. Why do you still want to marry me? You could have cancel the wedding….”

Feng Teng: “Do you feel that I have no anticipation for our wedding and our future?”

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