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Mini Recap: Boss & Me《杉杉來了》 – Episode 32

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Shan Shan’s father came to Shanghai to see Shan Shan, after knowing their relationship has not been affected by the debt his heart is very satisfied.


Shan Shan and Liu Liu begin to decorate their jewlry store. Her father gave her some money to help out with the debt. And we also find out one of Feng Teng’s weakness, he’s scared of cockroaches.


Shan Shan brings jewelry home and is scolded by Feng Teng, he warns her to careful, it’s very dangerous. We find out another one of Feng Teng’s weakness again, he has color blindness.

Feng Teng believe losing the ten million was worth it because he finally feels they’re a couple and Shan Shan’s confidence has risen after breaking free from Wind Group and running towards her own career. Shan Shan and Liu Liu’s jewelry store officially opens. They hire a jewelry designer, Wang Hong, unknown to them who is a son of a wealthy cooperation.


At Li Shu and Zheng Qi’s engagement party, Shan Shan tries to advertise their new store. They head off to America for their wedding, since Zheng Qi’s family lives there.

Wang Hong buys breakfast for Liu Liu, someone has a new admirer. Wang Hong is younger than Liu Liu by 5 years.


Two months after F.S jewelry store open they have profit five hundred thousand, Shan Shan hurriedly repay Feng Teng, but he says that the new store has just opened, they will need capital in order to operate.


Shan Shan wins the most elegant lady award this year.


Cheng Ho who have secretly transferred out of ten million dollars to spent has finally appeared. This shameless d*ck ask Liu Liu repay his father’s money she has use to open the store.  Liu Liu threatens to call the police, Cheng Hao panics and forcibly pushed Wang Hong to the cabinet. Cheng Hao is detain by the police.


Feng Teng is worry about Shan Shan’s safety, advised her don’t go to work, but Shan Shan insisted on going work. So Feng Teng sent out two bodyguards to protect Shan Shan’s safety. Shan Shan calls Feng Teng and tells him to get rid of the two bodyguard because it’s influencing their business.

Episode 33 Preview

Shan Shan and Liu Liu hires Feng Teng’s ex girlfriend is their spoke model.

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