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Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 33 (FINALE)

Watch Episode 33 here

UPDATED: vietsubs here


Because Feng Teng consistently refused to withdraw the two bodyguards, Shan Shan is very helpless, and complains to Feng Yue. Feng Yue hurriedly comfort Shan Shan, and says she understand Feng Teng worries. He’s concerns about Cheng Hao returning to the jewelry shop to cause trouble, so she advise her to just let the bodyguards protect her safety. 

Wang Pin Ruo is Feng Teng’s former girlfriend, also a famous actress. Although Shan Shan knows Feng Teng and Wang Pin Ruo dated in the past, she still decides to hire Wang Pin Ruo has their jewelry brand’s spoke person. Feng Teng questions whether Shan Shan is that simple-minded or she’s trying to test him.


Wang Pin Ruo hopes Feng Teng will attend when she films the commercial, obviously she has ulterior motives. Feng Teng arrived on the scene filming for Wang Pin Ruo, Wang Pin Ruo see’s Feng Teng she passionately hugs him. Shan Shan sees this scene, she especially emphasis that his her finance and they are to wed much to the surprise of Wang Pin Ruo.


During the interview Liu Liu praised Shan Shan, she think Shan Shan is a very strong woman, Shan Shan is moved. At this time, and also watching this TV program is Li Shu, she reveals to Zheng Qi that she’s pregnant.


Shan Shan and Liu Liu has finally paid off all their debts.


Wang Hong secretly admires Liu Liu so Shan Shan deliberately created some alone time for the two.


Shan Shan proposes to Feng Teng instead. Shan Shan has decided she wants a wedding holiday, and travel the world, she even got her passport ready.

Shan Shan: “Someone once told me Cinerella cannot have receive the blessing of everyone. Even though Feng Teng is a Prince, but I’m not Cinerella. I’m just a girl who believes in true love…. So on Prince and Mrs. Xue lived happily after.”

(Ps. I didn’t include the whole dialogue, because I just couldn’t seem to hear what she was saying with the background music playing.)

Interesting fact: Did you know the actress that plays Feng Yue and the actor that plays Yan Qing are actually married in real life?


sutekii: It been a wonderful journey, I hope you all enjoyed the drama as much as I did. Surprisingly Shuang Yi’s considered her best friend didn’t make an appear in the last two episodes. Did the drama live up to my expectation? I think so. 

13 thoughts on “Mini Recap: Boss & Me 《杉杉來了》 – Episode 33 (FINALE)

      1. oh yesterday i can’t find episode 33 so i will watch now hihi, oh i’m not pay attention there is no Shuang Yi in last 2 episodes.


  1. Thank you so much for your summarized version of events! The people playing Shan Shan and Feng Teng are so pretty/handsome, that the visual treat is sufficient reason to check out this drama, not to mention the great love for the book “Shan Shan Come Eat”.
    I have not read the book but did Shan Shan really open a shop and turn super self-confident in the end? I thought it sounded out of character. I felt the middle part of the drama was unnecessary so it is great that one can easily skim through that part and zoom in on the nice parts here. : )


    1. I can’t even remember if that even happen in the novel. The event with them owing Feng Teng money. I think that the script writers may be added that on in the drama


  2. hi….. i enjoyed so much watching Boss and me… and actually… I’ve been watching a lot of chinese drama this past months till now.. but im hoping there wud be part 2 of Boss and me… where we can see the wedding of Feng Teng and Shan Shan.. have kids…


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