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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 15.1


Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & lemonsalt.

Chapter 15.1 – Beat One At His Own Game. 

On an early September afternoon without sunshine, it was drizzling outside the window.

“Well…… Now I take back what I said about wretched uncle, Xiao Big Boss, you really have a unique vision. Although I can’t accept most of Lan Jun Yan’s ideas, but he is indeed experienced in developing these adolescent love games, In such a short time he was able to put the game out.” Nuo Nuo murmured as sprawled on the couch watching Xiao Big Boss leisurely play ‘Plants vs. Zombies’, while flipping through a magazine.

Because of the rain, Nuo Nuo had to cancel her plans of walking after lunch and was kidnapped by Xiao Big Boss back to his office.

Xiao Yi did not comment on Nuo Nuo’s words, the small white rabbit turned over on the sofa, and continued, “I feel that something can be added to the game to enhance it’s selling power, that is YY [1]. Just nice, the game has more male characters this time, YY between them may be able to attract the attention of some female players…… “

As Nuo Nuo was speaking, her eyes started sparkling and she jumped up from the sofa, “Now the Yaoi (Boys’ Love) market is so strong, if Owl Wing secures this market, it will be a good idea to release a series of male harem games in the future! Definitely will be popular! Don’t you think, Xiao Zong?”

The small white rabbit excitedly spoke to Big Boss about her creative ideas. She wished she could immediately get Xiao Yi’s approval so she could start writing the proposal, but Xiao Yi sat unmoved in front of the computer, kneading his chin and considering his strategy for the game.

Nuo Nuo became somewhat annoyed, “Did you hear what I just said?”

“Well,” After Xiao Big Boss planted a sunflower, he absently said, “During lunch break do not discuss work.”


“Also, if you have any ideas, you should talk to Lan Jun Yan, not me. Your behaviour now is called jumping the gun.”


Nuo Nuo felt earthshaking embarrassment, gritted her teeth and vengefully said, “Well, since it is lunch time, I also have the freedom to decide what to do with my break right? I’m leaving.”

After she finished, Nuo Nuo walked towards the exit, but Xiao Big Boss pulled her into his arms, and started to nibble her skilfully. The stool could not bear the weight of two people, and a creaking sound rang out. Also, because Xiao Big Boss’s whole body sank onto the stool, it also began to shake violently.

Nuo Nuo was alarmed, afraid that both of them would fall to the ground, she dared not struggle. Left with no choice, she had to obediently sit on this horny wolf’s lap and let him do as he wished. But what was left of her reason told her:

The office door is unlocked.

Because of Uncle Hai’s “What do you two do in the office everyday at noon” reminder, when Nuo Nuo entered the office today, she deliberately did not lock the door. This is to show that Xiao Big Boss and her are innocent but in the end……

Although normally no one would have the guts to enter Big Boss’s lair without knocking, but Nu Nuo’s little heart couldn’t take it, thumping so hard it almost jumped out of her chest.

Several minutes later, Xiao Big Boss let go of the small white rabbit, but his arms was still possessively fastened around Nuo Nuo’s waist. Nuo Nuo could feel his warm breathing on her neck, feeling itchy, the small white rabbit unconsciously fell into Xiao Big Boss’ embrace, her little face increasingly flushed red.

Uh…… she doesn’t know if it’s her own misperception, but she feels recently Xiao Big Boss is very…… lusty/needy…… very unsatisfied, when sending her home, before she leaves the car, he wants to kiss, while watching a movie, he wants to kiss, now even at noon, he does not want to let her off.


And each time, it’s not just a simple hug, it must be a deep embrace, passionately enveloping her before letting her go unwillingly. After every kiss, he gives her a “I want more” look. Sigh, so is this why they say, men are animals who only use their lower half to think? Even someone as brilliant and distinguished Xiao Big Boss…… does he want to……

Stop! Stop!!

Nuo Nuo shook her head, trying to get rid of her terrifying ideas, but Xiao Big Boss lips pressed down hard, lingering for a while before he said:

“In a few days, it’s my birthday, what gift have you prepared for me? Hmm?”

The small white rabbit looked up, this is her biggest problem right now. Well, if it was other people, without hesitation, she would bluntly ask “What do you want?”, but because it’s Big Boss, she didn’t need to ask to know the answer is “You”.

Nuo Nuo was flustered, finally she pretended to be calm and said, “This is a secret, you’ll find out later =__=”

When Xiao Big Boss heard the answer, he embraced Nuo Nuo even more tightly, a deep and bewitching voice whispered into her ears, “The Moon Water Garden house has been already repaired, Nuo Nuo, on my birthday invite uncle and aunt to visit, after that, you can move in——”

Nuo Nuo lay in Xiao Yi’s arms, unable to move,  her brain was still befuddled for a moment.

Inviting her parents to come over, both sets of parents meeting face to face;

And then she moving into the room prepared by Xiao Big Boss for them to live after marriage;

From then point, they would live blissfully, just the two of them……

So, Xiao Big Boss, is this your way of proposing again?

“Uh……” The small white rabbit shyly looked towards the ceiling, “but isn’t it too fast?”

“Fast?” Xiao Big Boss continued speaking in words full of double meanings, “but I already can’t wait……”

O (> ﹏ <) o

Nuo Nuo clearly understood Xiao Big Boss’ unspoken intention: I can’t wait to eat you……

Men are lascivious animals, there is no salvation for her.

Nuo Nuo was on her way out of Xiao Big Boss’ office when she met Mo Zi Yuan. Nuo Nuo was startled, her first thought was: How long did Zi Yuan Senior stand in the doorway? Did he hear…… Well, did he hear what he shouldn’t have? Even so, Nuo Nuo still pretended to be calm and smiled, “Senior Mo.”

Mo Zi Yuan, “Hmm.”

“Finding Xiao Zong for business matters?”


“Have you been waiting for some time?”



Ever since Nuo Nuo and Xiao Yi’s relationship went public, Mo Zi Yuan treated her in a non-violent but cool manner. After Nuo Nuo rambled on for half a day, seeing his blasé attitude, she also felt turned off, so smiling she wanted take her leave. Just as she took a few steps away, she heard Senior Mo faintly say,

“I thought you would resist.”

Nuo Nuo’s eyes danced, turned around and smiled faintly, “Naturally, I intend to, but before I can come up with a good plan, I won’t act rashly.”

The “resistance” Mo Senior spoke of, is somewhat related to what occurred two days ago.

We would have to start from after Uncle Hai’s talk with Nuo Nuo, Nuo Nuo’s resolve to stay on in OWL Wing production company was starting to waver. Additionally  because of her close friend Su Su’s counselling, the small white rabbit was almost determined to find a new job, however, something else happened.

On this day, Nuo Nuo was looking at the official recruitment notice on the “Huang Yan” website, when Mo Zi Yuan suddenly started to buzz Nuo Nuo’s QQ. She opened the window to look, it was an audio file from Mo Senior.

After accepting the file transfer, Nuo Nuo was hesitantly asking what it was about when Senior Mo sent a short sentence, “You listen to it.”

The file transfer is completed, Nuo Nuo put on a headset to listen to, it was a project meeting recording. Because corporate meetings often discussed on many things, to prevent anything from being left out by the minute taker, sometimes a recording would be kept, this was a very common thing. But why would Senior Mo want her to listen to this?

Nuo Nuo found it strange, she’s clearly not in the “The Evil Kirin” project team anymore, why does she have to listen to the recording of their meeting? Nuo Nuo was going to ask Mo Zi Yuan when she suddenly heard Xiao Big Boss’s  voice.

“Well, the meeting is adjourned. Uncle Hai pleases stay back.”



Nuo Nuo’s fingers paused on the keyboard, the audio voice sounded clearer and clearer.

“Uncle Hai, how is that thing coming along?”

“I have already laid down the cards for Miss Xu Nuo, from the look of things, her resolve has started to waver.”

“Well, if she doesn’t resign by this month, proceed with the second plan, understand?”

“Yes, but Miss Xu Nuo is a person who can see the big picture. Yesterday, after I enlightened her, she was moved emotionally. She probably already knows she can’t stay at the company for long. With regards to the love letter rumors still spreading…..”

“Speak privately to each department head, ask them to remind their subordinates, to speak no evil.”

With the earphones stil on, Nuo Nuo’s eyebrows knitted together even more tightly. The rumors in the company, Uncle Hai’s remonstrating talk, all these things happening at the same, that’s right, why didn’t she think of that. The rumors were spreading so rampantly, how can Xiao Big Boss not know anything, after knowing why did he not think of a way to resolve matters, so in fact——

The answer is clearly laid out, Mo Zi Yuan estimated that Nuo Nuo should have heard the crucial points, so he sent a message over.

[ Planning Department Mo Zi Yuan ]: After the meeting was finished, I forgot the recording pen, when I retrieved it, I heard all these, perhaps it maybe of use to you.

Indeed… it’s very useful, Nuo Nuo curled her lips, after stirring from her stupor, she remembered to ask Mo Zi Yuan, “There is one thing I need to ask Senior Mo, cough, does our company and the online game “Huang Yan” have any cooperation relations or something?”

Xiao Big Boss wanted her to quit, but doesn’t dare to say it, instead he deliberately set a trap for her. While at the same time, “Huang Yan” started recruiting people, and she remembered that Xiao Big Boss’ is “Huang Yan” top master player “Feng Yan Nine Days”, Nuo Nuo felt it was all too coincidental.

Hearing this, Mo Zi Yuan shook his head, “No.”

Nuo Nuo was bewildered when she heard Senior Mo add, “However, ‘Huang Yan’ was created by one of our brothers from school, I remember, at that time Xiao Yi had a good friendship with him.”

The small white rabbit was enlightened at once, huh…… Now everything can be explained. Xiao Big Boss once said, that “Huang Yan Nine Days” was his friend, would that be the same classmate Senior Mo was referring to, “Huang Yan” Big Boss?

The recruitment, was it also Xiao Big Boss strategic move — a recruitment drive just for herself? Hmm, what an exceptional good move, if it’s really like that, once she starts working for the “Huang Yan” production company, not only does Xiao Big Boss’ many difficulties disappear, her every act and move will still be within the control of Xiao Yi.

Xiao Big Boss, you’re really fu hei[2].

[1] YY 意淫 Yi Yin: Perverted thoughts.

[2] 腹黑 Fu Hei: Outwardly gentle and kind but inwardly very scheming.


suteki: watch out Xiao Yi, Queen Nuo Nuo has her fangs out again! And those who has been waiting for Nuo Nuo’s ex-boyfriend to appear, behold! He makes his appearance in the next part of the chapter wee~


8 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 15.1

  1. xiao yi once was very2 considerate, want nuonuo to resign so can avoid future office problem, but since nuonuo refuse his idea, he seems to be very selfish, don’t care as long as he can be with nuonuo. all i can say is; serve you right nuonuo.

    it’s good what if he prepare a backup plan for her… ahaha.. he is scheming but the main problem is you are too naive!!


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