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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 15.2


My ideal Ran Qing He

Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & lemonsalt.

Chapter 15.2 – Beat One At His Own Game. 

Now that everything has become clear to Nuo Nuo, as she started contemplating how to deal with Big Boss, she said, “Senior Mo, thank you.” Mo Zi Yuan raised his eyebrows, “No need to thank me, I just feel that someone needs to be taught a lesson.” Nuo Nuo laughed, that’s right, someone is really in need of good lesson.  How should she handle that matter in order to tame him?

The small white rabbit’s clear eyes blinked. Suddenly, she had an idea: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, how about that?

Nuo Nuo’s plan was simple: To use the opponent’s own methods against him [1]. In fact, Xiao Big Boss’ considerations are not wrong.

With Nuo Nuo’s current awkward status, leaving the OWL Wing company solution for work and personal reasons. Nuo Nuo regarded herself as a sensible, obedient person, if only Xiao Big Boss would explain nicely to her, she would listen carefully.

But instead someone insisted on doing things the wrong way, use underhand tactics, teaming up with Uncle Hai to deceive her. Since it’s like this, Nuo Nuo will beat him at his own game. Didn’t Xiao Big Boss even arrange a new job for her? Okay, if you want me to go to “Huang Yan” for an interview, I will go there eagerly. When everyone thinks she is willing to quit and change jobs, she will be sitting on Mt. Tai [2]. Hm, hm, at that time, what can Xiao Big Boss do to her?

Didn’t the recording say that there’s a plan B? Very good, Nuo Nuo can’t wait to see what other tricks does Xiao Big Boss have up his sleeve.

However, despite Nuo Nuo’s careful calculations, she still missed out something important. At the “Huang Yan” interview, she encountered something most unexpected.

That day Nuo Nuo successfully used a cold as an excuse to take half a day off, then she boldly went to “Huang Yan’s” interview for the script writer position. Just as she was sitting down in front of the interviewers, she heard one interviewer say, “Nuo Nuo?”

When Nuo Nuo heard someone calling her name, she slowly raised her head, in an instant, an exquisite face with incomparable features entered her vision.

The next second, Nuo Nuo consciously adjusted her “embarrassed” expression.

This really is…… One can’t avoid one’s enemy.

She originally thought that they would never meet again, to her surprise——

Nuo Nuo expression was bitter, but because there were still two other associate interviewers present, with her lips twitching, she said, “Ran Qing He (冉青河), long time no see.”

冉青河、染青河,青临云河。(Ran Qing He, Ran Qing He, Qing Lin Yun He) [3]

When Nuo Nuo first saw the name “Qing Lin Yun He (青临云河)”, she could not help but to scoff aloud, “The ‘Qing’ refers to the color green in the rainbow, ‘Yun He’ is a thick cloud layer, the clouds as a wide as river blocked out the sun, doesn’t this kind of rain indicate it’s raining? How can there be a rainbow? This person certainly didn’t learn geography well, ha ha!”

Yes, Nuo Nuo first knew of this handsome outstanding person, Ran Qing He, from his internet nickname. Cough, or to be precise, this is Nuo Nuo’s first….. boyfriend.

Unlike others who were childhood sweethearts, or classmate couples sitting next to each other, that kind of hazy yet beautiful first love, Nuo Nuo and Ran Qing He were to be precise, an internet couple.


When Nuo Nuo was in freshman year, there was a cute magic world 2D game called——Mushroom Island that was very popular. The small white rabbit could not resist the kawaii style of the game, so she became addicted to the internet. During that time, Nuo Nuo naturally joined C City game player group, thus, naturally she got to know Qing Lin Yun He. As both of them were single, thus, naturally during one of the marriage game activities, they held a boisterous wedding celebration.

At first, Nuo Nuo did not think much of it, it’s just a game, getting married or not it doesn’t matter, it’s just a title. But Ran Qing He’s fierce attack with honeyed words, it didn’t take long for Nuo Nuo to fall head over heels. To allow Nuo Nuo to let down all her defenses, there was an even more important reason :

Ran Qing He was extremely good looking.

The first time she saw Ran Qing He at a game player party, Nuo Nuo evaluated her internet husband as : Handsome, charismatic, bewitching.

At that time, Nuo Nuo was still a young girl with innocent ideals about love, she had little or no resistance to handsome boys. Even the other game players who met Ran Qing He also teased Nuo Nuo saying, “Oh, did not expect Ran Qing He to be so handsome, ah, if I knew earlier I would have made him my husband.”

At that time, Nuo Nuo’s face flushed red, in her heart, she decided this was to be her future half.

But don’t they say? Handsome men are unreliable, sweet talking men are even worse. Ran Qing He embodied these two characteristics to the fullest. A few months later, when Nuo Nuo was suddenly stopped by a vicious women in the middle of the street, she then found out that she was the most disgraceful, most innocent third-party.

Ran Qing He, already had a girlfriend all this while.

A girlfriend that he has been dating for six long years.

She thought back to their first game chat, Ran Qing He howling most sorrowfully: Why do all of you have wives and I am the only single playing by myself? She thought back to their first time meeting, Ran Qing He revealing his beautiful incisors, smiling devilishly and asking, “Become my real girlfriend, okay?”

At that time, Nuo Nuo felt like she was in a dream, but in fact it was actually a nightmare.

Therefore, reading too many romance novels is not good. The so-called genuine and sincere internet love stories, the so-called steadfast handsome guys, all are deceiving people! At home, Nuo Nuo cried bitterly for three days, then deleted her game ID, changed her phone number. From then on, she severed all contact with that liar, “Ran Qing He”.

Do not be mistaken that this bitterly poignant first love ordeal left an indelible impression in Nuo Nuo’s heart. In fact, after experiencing a few years of the real world, looking back at this relationship, the only feeling Nuo Nuo had, could be described as “depressing”.

Why was she so stupid back then, to be actually deceived by this shallow, brainless low-life? Well, besides his looks, he doesn’t have good academic qualifications, nor is he rich. Amen, I am really grateful that his girlfriend found me in such a timely manner. Severely waking me up and giving such a valuable lesson, otherwise, I don’t know if I will be in a worse state today……

Therefore, between fiction and reality, there’s always a gap.

No sweet dreams, nor till death do us part. Occasionally, when Nuo Nuo’s close friends mentioned this painful love, the small white rabbit would embarrassingly say, “There’s a melodramatic past in everyone’s history.”

So, after N years, when the small white rabbit again sees the oppressively handsome Ran Qing He at this moment, however she sees it, it is too awkward. But obviously, the other person doesn’t think so.

After the interview, Ran Qing He, the high examiner personally accompanied Nuo Nuo downstairs, attentively hailed for a taxi while inquiring about her current situation. The very picture of a warm and caring old friend. Although Nuo Nuo felt this was more disgusting than eating flies, but to maintain relations, she still conscientiously conversed with him.

Finally a taxi came, just as the taxi driver was about to drive off, Ran Qing He suddenly knocked on the taxi window, looked down affectionately, “Nuo Nuo, all these years…… I’ve been looking for you……”

Nuo Nuo was speechless, completely expressionless. You think we’re in a Qiong Yao [4] drama?

We haven’t seen each other in a few years, your skills have really gone up ah. In just a short half an hour of reunion, Ran Qing He was actually grasping her stubbornly with tears in his eyes.

The small white rabbit was completely embarrassed, oh god! Ran Qing He paused, a wry smile playing across his face, “Fine, let’s not talk about this. Anyway, there are plenty of opportunities. Nuo Nuo, if you are willing, I can promise you an opportunity to let you work in “Huang Yan.”


People with no shame are indeed invincible.

Nuo Nuo sat in the taxi, looking calmly straight ahead, she simply said, “Sir, please drive.”

That night, Nuo Nuo went to Xiao Big Boss’ place to have dinner. After dinner, Xiao Yi’s parents considerately went out for a walk.

Xiao Yi seeing there’s no one around, his sexual desire increased. Using “After the meal we should rest properly, it’ll help with digestion” as an excuse, he carried the small white rabbit back to his bedroom. This “resting properly” involved resting directly on the bed.

After cuddling for while, Xiao Big Boss was out of breath as he released the small white rabbit, “The thing I told you last time, have you decided?”

Nuo Nuo pretended to look confused, “What thing?”

Xiao Big Boss bit Nuo Nuo’s ear and raised his eyebrows, “What do you think?”

As a normal man, faced with the person he loves, to say he’s not tempted would be false. However, the values he had held since young still restricted his actions, he had always wanted to wait til after marriage to make the most beautiful moments with Nuo Nuo. That’s why he had planned for her to resign, get married, move to a new home. However, if a certain person refuses to cooperate, his last remaining reason might be gone.

Nuo Nuo face was turning red and heart beating fast, in Xiao Big Boss’ embrace she struggled and coyly pretended to be angry, “You said you would invite my parents over to the new house to visit. Yet you didn’t even personally go and invite them, there’s no sincerity in your word. Also, you never officially……”

Never officially proposed to me, this sentence Nuo Nuo said halfway, her face blushing red from embarrassment, what to do? At home, she practiced many times, that she must rally Xiao Big Boss, yet at the moment she must do it, she felt like retreating.

Nuo Nuo bit lower her lips and hesitated to continue, while Xiao Big Boss saw that the small white rabbit glimmering eyes were staring at him, cherry red lips about to speak, but saying nothing. His throat tightened, Xiao Big Boss could not help but gasp softly, “Nuo Nuo”. Without waiting for her reply, he already pressed down hard on her.

Feeling the sudden attack overpowering her lips, Nuo Nuo was too taken by surprise. When she could catch her breath, her mouth defenselessly let out soft moaning sounds. Xiao Big Boss was already restless for more, when he heard this, something exploded in his head. At this moment, what reason, what moral restraint, they all vanished in an instant.

[1] 以其人之人还治其人之道 Yi Qi Ren Zhi Ren Huan Zhi Qi Ren Zhi Dao: To give someone a taste of his own medicine.

[2] 稳坐泰山 Wen Zuo Tai Shan: It describes someone as being in a secure position, not easily destabilized.

[3] 冉青河、染青河,青临云河 Ran Qing He, Ran Qing He, Qing Lin Yun He: Basically it is a play on Ran Qing He’s name using similar sounding characters (冉 vs 染). 染 means to dye a colour. 临 means to arrive. Nuo Nuo replaces 染青 with 青临 and makes a joke of his name.

[4] Qiong Yao: Qiong Yao is an author of many romance novels which have been adapted to television dramas. They often have melodramatic plotlines.

suteki: omg Xiao Yi can not restrain himself around Nuo Nuo anymore. Don’t stay in the bedroom alone with him small white rabbit or else the grey wolf will swallow you in one piece! So Ran Qing He finally appears, what’s your first impression of him?



12 thoughts on “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 15.2

  1. thanks suteki and lemonsalt:) ah that ex bf really has gf that time? poor Nuo Nuo. Haha i was wonder who is the handsome one Xiao Yi or ex bf :D. I can’t wait to know Xiao Yi reaction if know Nuo Nuo meet ex bf .


  2. Oh, he’s so handsome! But also a melodrama magnet. And perhaps a player… if you can trust a viscous woman who harasses people in the middle of the street….

    Once Big Boss finds out, I doubt he’ll want his little rabbit to work for any other wolves, except for him. Huhuhu. Looking forward to his reaction!



    1. Hi Jane,

      Qing He is certainly a player, he probably thinks no girls can resist him >.>

      You’re right on the point about big boss, this is what Nuo Nuo is trying get through to big boss’ head.


  3. Tsk, what an asshole. He deserves to be pushed in a manhole and never to be rescued. Though I can’t wait to see XY’s reaction. Can’t wait can’t wait. Thanks Suteki for the updates. ^^


      1. Tsk, I don’t really look forward knowing all those things though, what I look forward is to see karma throwing back at him. And I’m exited how Queen Nuo Nuo is emerging!


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