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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 15.3


Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & lemonsalt.

Chapter 15.3 – Beat One At His Own Game. 

Xiao Yi raised his eyebrow, gazing at the hesitating small white rabbit beneath him. Should he devour her at one go, or take his time and slowly savour? Originally, he thought that he could endure again, however, it seems like, he couldn’t even wait for that day.

Xiao Yi gently kissed the small white rabbit’s smooth forehead, half wheedling and half earnestly asking, “Nuo Nuo, can I?”

Nuo Nuo is not a fool, she naturally understood Xiao Yi’s meaning, turning her head to one side, she was silent for a moment before she whispered, “Idiot!”

But of course, this kind of thing, how did he want the small white rabbit to answer?

No can not – But that’s not what she means to say.


Yes you can – It would make her look like a bold hussy.

This kind of thing, originally…… will naturally happen when the atmosphere is right and the feeling is there. If you want to do, do it. Why ask me this?


All these words Nuo Nuo did not say out aloud, but just the thought of it makes her feel extremely embarrassed. At the same time, Xiao Yi is able to read her thoughts, so the stone in his heart was finally lifted. Just as their lips were colliding, a rhythmic musical tone “da di di da di di” started to sound.


Oh god Nuo Nuo was so embarrassed, this phone call really knew how to pick a timing. Doesn’t the caller know that he will get struck by lightning for interrupting the good times of others? The mood was thoroughly spoilt, Nuo Nuo sat up and straightened her clothes. She picked up her mobile phone to take a look, and immediately wanted to vomit blood.

The screen impressively displayed three characters “Ran Qing He”.

Nuo Nuo has been working hard to erase the existence of her first boyfriend Ran Qing He, so she didn’t have his number in her mobile phone. But after the chance meeting at the “Huang Yan” interview, Ran Qing He actively seeked out Nuo Nuo and asked for her mobile phone number, and made sure Nuo Nuo also inputted his number and saved it.

Even though the small white rabbit was most unwilling, but on second thoughts, in her resume to the “Huang Yan” company, her mobile phone number was clearly stated there. As the chief examiner, it would a easy matter if Ran Qing He wanted to find out her mobile phone number, why does she have to pretend?

As a result, the two people exchanged phone numbers, anyway there’s nothing wrong with having the phone number of such a handsome guy. Also the most important thing is, if one day he called her up to harass her, at least Nuo Nuo can prepare herself mentally before picking up the call. But Nuo Nuo never thought that this Ji Pin Nan (极品男) [1] would move so quickly, and also knew how to pick his time.

Ignoring Xiao Big Boss’ resentful eyes, guilty Nuo Nuo ran to the balcony to answer the phone call. Sure enough, when the phone connection was made, the other end started his performance.


“Honey, what are you doing?”

Nuo Nuo’s whole body shook and developed goose bumps, holding back the urge to throw away the phone, she said, “You have the wrong number.”

Then, Nuo Nuo wanted to hang up, when the other person heard this, he started to panic, “Don’t, don’t hang up. Aiya ~ it’s a joke.”

Nuo Nuo rolled her eyes, “What is the matter?”

“Hmm, did you miss me?”

The same words, used between friends is called bantering; used between lovers is called flirting, spoken by this Ji Pin Nan, is called delinquent behaviour!! Nuo Nuo asked in annoyed manner, “What on earth is the matter?”

“Congratulations, Nuo Nuo. You have passed the interview, in order to celebrate, how about we have a meal together tomorrow? I will explain to you about the written exam……”

Nuo Nuo was able to use “disgusting”, this noble sounding word, to describe her feelings already. She frowned and interrupted Ran Qing He, muffled asked, “What time is the written exam?”

“Uh ~ 2 PM the day after tomorrow .”

“What documents do I need to bring?”

“No, just take a pen. Then dinner——”

“Well, I see. Bye.” Not waiting for this Ji Pin Nan to finish, Nuo Nuo smoothly and cleanly hung up, and turned off her mobile phone when entering the bedroom. The small white rabbit did this because Ji Pin Nan was really too annoying. In order to avoid his harassment, she decided to turn off her mobile phone.

But this action in Xiao Big Boss’ eyes had a different meaning.

Sitting on the sofa, his eyes slightly slitted, Xiao Big Boss asked, “Who called?”

Nuo Nuo was startled, seeing Xiao Big Boss’ black face, looking like it was about the rain, she reflected that an extremely sour smell was wafting out of Xiao Vinegar Pot (Meaning that he is very jealous)! Seeing this, Nuo Nuo pretended to ponder as she sat beside Xiao Big Boss and hesitated, “Oh, a friend, I met on the street today.”

Xiao Big Boss’ eyes were slitted even more dangerously, in a disgruntled tone he asked, “Friend?” When a friend calls, why would you need to go to the balcony to answer? Then why do you need to turn off your mobile phone?

The small white rabbit was obviously guilty of something!

When Nuo Nuo saw that Xiao Big Boss still had words to say but unable to speak, wanting to ask again but didn’t dare to, she inwardly started to laugh most gleefully. Xiao Big Boss may have a mighty god’s appearance, but when his jealousy is aroused, he looks the most adorable!

Nuo Nuo covered her mouth while laughing, deciding how to explain when she had a sudden brainwave: Oh? Wasn’t Xiao Big Boss looking forward to her going to “Huang Yan”? Well, if I go to “Huang Yan”, and Xiao Big Boss finds out that my first love is there, won’t he be filled with the utmost regret?

Nuo Nuo’s clear eyes blinked, and made a decision in her heart. With her index finger supporting her chin, she gazed into distance, “Oh, Xiao Big Boss, in fact, coming to your house today, I have something to tell you.”


Nuo Nuo smiled gently and pretended to be a tame white rabbit, “I think you are right, my status in the company is too awkward. So, I want to resign.”

Xiao Big Boss, in the near future, I want you to know the meaning of “lifting a stone to smash one’s own foot”.

With Xiao Big Boss approval, Nuo Nuo’s departure procedures were unusually quick. On the other side, with Xiao Big Boss’ arrangements, and Jin Pin Nan’s attentive hospitality, “Huang Yan’s” admission notification quickly followed.

With regards to Nuo Nuo’s departure, her colleagues at the company were very calm. But of course, this was within reason. Very early on, the relationship between Nuo Nuo and Xiao Big Boss was blatantly clear to the company. The small white rabbit snared herself a golden meal ticket, why would she still need to work? In fact, her time spent working in OWL Wing can be considered as a fruitful harvest. But in contrast, the Planning Department felt the sorrow of parting.

As the queen of gossip, Fei Long was the first to get accurate information. When he saw the small white rabbit packing up her things, the old man wept bitterly, “Nuo Nuo, are you really leaving? Can you really bear to leave us?”

Once he spoke, the entire office suddenly erupted.

Nuo Nuo has always been very popular in the Planning Department. When she was free, she would help the seniors brew tea, wipe the table etc. Even the Personnel Manager Xu Mei Li also said, since Nuo Nuo moved to the eighth floor, there is much less dust there.

Futhermore these trivial matters, since Nuo Nuo became a full employee and Xiao Big Boss’ girlfriend, she still continued to do. Because of this, everyone liked the future Boss’ wife alot more. Also, little girl Nuo Nuo likes to snack, during lunch she would always buy some snacks, and naturally, she would always share with others.


Anyway, Nuo Nuo is a nice girl and also looks cute, whenever they made fun of her, she would not get angry like other girls. But now she suddenly said she’s leaving, who won’t be sad?

When the news was released, the Planning Department immediately started to moan to the heavens. They kept asking questions and pretended to make a fuss. Nuo Nuo felt overwhelmed by their unexpected favor.

“Little Nuo Nuo, how can you do this, last time didn’t you say you would introduce a potential wife to me? I haven’t even gotten a chance to meet her, you want to go?”

“That’s right, dish washing sister you’re too cruel. Once you abducted Xiao Big Boss, then you decide to retreat, what will happen to us ah?”


Nuo Nuo perspired, is there a need to be so dramatic? Using the term “Abduct Xiao Big Boss”.

Nuo Nuo was going to speak when S.K. of the Technical Department instantly rushed in front of the small white rabbit and gnashed his teeth in anger, “Xu Nuo, I despise you! I really really despise you!!”

“S.K. Ge?” Nuo Nuo blinked, how can it be, the news of her resignation really travels fast, even the S.K. of the Technical Department on the sixth floor rushed to the scene.

When he finished speaking, the small rabbit saw S.K. glaring angrily at her, “Shameless! Outrageous! Looking back, I am still Xiao Yi’s senior, you two are really too outrageous.”

Three black dots hovered above Nuo Nuo’s head, “What are you trying to say?”

“You clearly knew my wife would give birth next month, and the next next month is his full month celebration. To think that both of you actually got together (He Ti, 合体) [3] at this time, and you also resigned! You think by doing this, you just need to give one Hong Bao [4] instead of two?”

He, He Ti……

A crow flew pass, “caw caw”, the entire office was thrown into silence.

Nuo Nuo closed her eyes, totally speechless.


Senior S.K. you are really cruel.

After three seconds, the Planning Department roared with laughter——

“Yes, yes, absolutely resist combining your red envelopes together (红包合体), must give two separate ones ah.”

“Wah like that ah? Fine, since it’s my birthday is next month, I would like to invite Xiao Ge and Little Nuo Nuo for a meal.”

“I also want! I also want!”

“When everyone gathers together, love is all around! [4]

Nuo Nuo felt like crying, unfortunately at this time, Xiao Big Boss and Uncle Hai have gone to meet clients, there is no one to control the Planning Department group of monkeys, they were more and more rampant. The seniors’ overactive imagination, Nuo Nuo had first hand knowledge, she was afraid that they would get more out of hand. Nuo Nuo felt totally helpless.

Just as Nuo Nuo was on the verge of crying for help, a “bang” sound resounded, the small office door opened.

Mo Zi Yuan wafted out like a ghost, giving them a look, “You all are very free ah?” Then, with his lips curving into a sly smile, he faintly said, “Just now Xiao Zong called me, to ask why is it so noisy——”

“I got work to do! Got work to do!”

“Aiyaya, I just remembered there’s a script that I haven’t finished writing.”

“Well, the Technical Department leader is looking for me.”

When Mo Zi Yuan finished speaker, everyone dispersed to do their work. Nuo Nuo gave Mo Zi Yuan a look full of gratitude, the other person’s eyelids didn’t even spare her a glance and turned back to the office.

That afternoon, Fei Long Boss helped Nuo Nuo to pack up, and complained at the same time, “Actually, both of you working in the same company is quite okay, I really don’t know what you’re thinking.”

Nuo Nuo smiled but didn’t speak, then she saw Fei Long Boss swiping her exquisite desk calendar, her cactus, her Pikachu pen holder and her gaming magazine. The small white rabbit pouted and slammed the table, “Put it down!”

She should have known that Fei Long Boss did not harbour good intentions, how could he be so kind to help her pack up.

Hearing this, Fei Long Boss smirked, “Little Nuo Nuo, don’t be so stingy, since you’re leaving, this desk calendar will be all alone, so pitiful ah ~ And also those gaming magazines published by the company, I haven’t read alot of them…..”

Nuo Nuo did not wait for Fei Long Boss to finish talking, she quickly snatched her belongings back and placed them into the cupboard, locked them up securely. Seeing there’s no one around, she then whispered to Fei Long Boss, “I’m not giving it to you, because…… It won’t be long before I coming back to use them.”

Well, not only coming back, but also magnificently return here.

I want Xiao Big Boss to hold onto to me and beg, like he’s pleading with Buddhism Goddess Guanyin [5], please come back, hehe!


[1] 极品男 Ji Pin Nan: Means a man of the highest calibre. In this case, Nuo Nuo is using the term sarcastically since she regards him as the low life for cheating people of their feelings.

[2] 合体 He Ti: 合 means to join. 体 means body. There could be a double meaning in this two characters. One innocent and one not so innocent. First meaning is that Nuo Nuo and Xiao Big Boss got together as a couple. Second meaning is that become both of them became one with each other (coupling). Did Senior S.K. deliberately use this term? 🙂

[3] 红包 Hong Bao: Red envelope or red packet which contains a monetary gift given during holidays or special occasions.

[4] 合体什么的,最有爱了 He Ti Shen Mo De, Zui You Ai Le: Again this sentence has a double meaning like [2]. The first meaning is the one as translated above, to have gatherings like the baby and birthday celebrations. The second meaning is poking fun at Nuo Nuo’s relationship with Xiao Big Boss.

[5] 观音菩萨 Guan Yin Pu Sa is the bodhisattva associated with compassion as venerated by East Asian Buddhists, usually as a female.


suteki: and that concludes Chapter 15!

ahaha and so the battle has begun! Go Queen Nuo Nuo I’m behind you 100%, go kick some Big Boss ass! Watch out grey wolf, crazy small white rabbit is on the loose!


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