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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 16.1


Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & lemonsalt.

Chapter 16.1 – Reap What One Has Sown.

Under Xiao Big Boss’ mastermind plot, Nuo Nuo entered《Huang Yan》successfully. With him brainwashing Nuo Nuo, and his junior helping him to monitor…… cough, cough, no, taking care of Nuo Nuo. Xiao Big Boss felt that everything was falling into place, his persuasion strategy of retreat was perfect.

But the small white rabbit had been at《Huang Yan》for no more than two days, when Xiao Big Boss sensed something was wrong.

The first day after work, to celebrate Nuo Nuo finding a new job, the couple specially made a date to see《Inception》. After the movie, Nuo Nuo did not chatter about the movie’s narrative as usual, instead she said in a depressed tone, “The new company is good, the work is also very easy, but there’s something a little strange.”

Xiao Yi held his girlfriend’s hand, bent down and took a bite out of the ice cream Nuo Nuo was holding, and said in a bored tone, “Ah, what’s strange?”

Nuo Nuo pouted, “I originally applied for the Planning Department, but the company has assigned me to the Administrative Department instead. And the most surprising thing is that the only three males in the Administrative Department was moved to another office, so the whole floor is only women.” And what was more strange, was that most of them were married.

Xiao Big Boss pretended to console her, patted the small white rabbit’s head, “The company may feel that ladies are more likely to get along with each other. Also you and your supervisor can communicate about work through e-mail, QQ or MSN right? If not, then face to face communication.”

Hearing this, Nuo Nuo obediently lowered her head to eat her ice cream, just missing the gleam in Xiao Big Boss’ eyes. Drawing from the previous experience, how can I possible let you enter the Planning Department which may be filled with wolves and tigers? Although《Huang Yan’s》Planning Department is not all-male like OWL Wing’s team, but he has not met any of them, it is……difficult to say.

Xiao Yi had a complex feeling as he held Nuo Nuo’s hand and lightly changed the topic, ” How was it? Before the movie started, didn’t you hoped that you could understand the plot and not waste the tickets? Did you understand 《Inception》?”

Nuo Nuo nodded, “Ah, this is my second time watching, if I didn’t understand then I must be really useless.”

Xiao Big Boss pursed his lips and raised his eyebrows strangely, “The second time?” Today is the second day of the premiere, if Nuo Nuo really saw it twice, then it means yesterday she went to see it with another person. But yesterday Nuo Nuo clearly said, the company organised a new employee training course and held an evening welcome party, how could she find time to see the film? And who did she see the movie with?

Nuo Nuo realised her slip of the tongue and started chattering away. Xiao Big Boss was suspicious so that night he called up his junior, who’s now Xiao Big Boss’ spy in《Huang Yan》and started questioning him. There was no evening welcome party, training class ended at four that afternoon.

Problem 1: The small white rabbit was indeed lying.

Over the weekend, Xiao Big Boss didn’t work overtime for once, he always felt that he spent too little time accompanying Nuo Nuo. The guilt ridden Xiao Yi hurriedly pulled the small white rabbit out of bed to go on a date.

In autumn, the couple had no particular destination, so they just wandered in the big shopping mall window shopping. Xiao Big Boss pondered about Nuo Nuo’s recent dispirited mood, so he decided to wield his trump card——spend money like water, buy some clothes for Nuo Nuo to make her happy. But during the whole dating process, Nuo Nuo was…… absent-minded.

Finally, the couple ended up at the Ren He Chun Tian Departmental Store. Instead, it was Xiao Yi who had his eyes on a shirt. The style, color, brand and quality all complied with Xiao Big Boss’ requirements. So under the guidance of enthusiastic shop assistants, Xiao Yi decided to try it on.

Xiao Yi’s skin was not suntanned, but a healthy wheat skin color. Paired with a snowy white shirt and buttoned cuffs, he was undeniably mesmerizing. This simple shirt when worn by Xiao Big Boss instantly looked attractive. Before the dressing mirror, the two shop assistants stared at Xiao Yi dumbfounded, they even forgot to say the standard marketing praises “This shirt really matches your skin tone” and “This shirt has a contouring effect”.

Xiao Yi looked at his own handsome face in the mirror, he slightly raised his eyebrows, turned around and gazed at Nuo Nuo, “What do you think?”

The small white rabbit sat on the sofa, lazily lifted her eyes to see Xiao Big Boss, and was also instantly speechless.

The humour in Xiao Big Boss’ eyes deepened, well, this shirt is really good, not only does he love it, even his little Nuo Nuo seems to love it very much too. Xiao Yi’s long legs took strides towards Nuo Nuo wanting to get closer. But when he was halfway, Nuo Nuo suddenly starting musing:

“Xiao Big Boss, you’ve been in the game business for so long, in your opinion, what do game players care most about?”

Xiao Yi’s footsteps suddenly came to a halt, his ego suffered a major blow.

So just now, the small white rabbit was not mesmerized by him, she was just lost ——in——her——own——thoughts——

Xiao Big Boss gritted his teeth, although he was clenching his fists in anger, he still gave her a proper answer, “Actually, what game players care most about, they’re not sure themselves. It’s like if you go back to ancient times, and ask people what transportation they want the most, they would answer a horse, not the car.”

Nuo Nuo did not fully understand, “That is to say, we are the revolutionists, we need to continually innovate and come up with new ideas, and not just totally rely on market research.”

Xiao Big Boss nodded, seeing this, Nuo Nuo smiled happily. She bounced up from her seat excitedly and clapped her hands, “Xiao Big Boss you’re a genius, you’re right, game player relies on our lead, rather than being led by the nose. For example, the current extremely popular vegetables game, who would have thought back then that such a boring farm idea would have such a good market.”

“Well,” Xiao Big Boss frowned and felt impatient as he listened to Nuo Nuo chattering non-stop. Or more accurately, Xiao Yi did not hate hearing his own girlfriend chattering, but he very much hates it when someone isn’t wholeheartedly focusing on their date and thinking about work. This feeling was no less annoying than his employees playing games during work hours.

Damn Xiao Xiao junior, how much work did you give Nuo Nuo? Causing her even during our weekends dates to seek creative ideas?!

The small white rabbit was still in an excited state, holding both her hands and murmuring to herself . Xiao Big Boss impatiently shook his head, and used all his strength to grab her hands and attention:

“Nuo Nuo, you see this shirt——”

He had not finish speaking when Nuo Nuo let go of his hands and rushed to the door, “Why don’t you buy it first, I’m going out to make a phone call to tell my new idea to my supervisor, hehe!”

In a blink of an eye, Nuo Nuo’s figure disappeared from the shop, Xiao Big Boss hands which were holding Nuo Nuo’s hands were left awkwardly hanging in mid-air.

The shop attendant cautiously said, “Sir, this shirt……”

“Toss it!” How dare they put such a rubbishy shirt up for sale? It really should be tossed out.


Obviously, Xiao Big Boss’ resentment and anger was directed on the poor innocent shirt.

Problem 2: Why doesn’t the small white rabbit dare to look at the brilliant and handsome Xiao Big Boss? 

The problems are worsening, and becoming more obvious.

Now, Nuo Nuo was not only absent-minded on a date, she’s distracted while eating and even when they’re kissing…… She’s also absent-minded.

That night after Nuo Nuo and Xiao Big Boss had dinner outside, Xiao Big Boss kindly sent Nuo Nuo home. Before they parted, it was the usual deeply affectionate kissing routine.

Just as they were getting into the mood, Xiao Big Boss’ breaths were getting shallower, holding Nuo Nuo and was about to press down on her, when Nuo Nuo cruelly pushed Xiao Yi away. She looked at her mobile phone and exclaimed, “Oh dear, oh dear, I’m really late, I agreed on nine o’clock for the city war.” With that, she left the car and wanted to rush home.

Xiao Big Boss had a thoroughly gloomy expression, almost looked like there were going to be tears. Recently, the small white rabbit’s online addiction is great, too great….. So great that Xiao Yi was getting a little angry. He already knew about Nuo Nuo and her colleagues playing the online game “Sword Tour OL”, but is it getting a little too much?

While eating they had to hurry because Nuo Nuo wanted to rush home login to the game, fight the city battles. If he wanted to watch a movie, the timing was determined by whether there would any game activities on that day.

Previously, the two of them would sweet nothings to each other, every night after separating, they would still call each other and have long conversations before saying goodnight, but now? Now the small white rabbit will only use YY (a voice chat, very useful for online game players when they’re doing tasks together) to command her fellow battle comrades.

Xiao Big Boss felt, his patience was already reaching the limit.

Right now, Nuo Nuo could see that Xiao Big Boss’ expression was not looking good, so she obediently sat back in the front seat and didin’t dare to move. With an anxious heart, she poked Xiao Yi for a reaction, seeing that he didn’t respond, Nuo  Nuo started to coax Xiao Big Boss. Pressing her soft lips on Xiao Yi’s lips, “Please be good, I’m really in a hurry, don’t be angry……”

“Well, I really need to go, Qing He and the others are still waiting for me, bye bye.”

“……” Xiao Yi sat alone in the empty car, gnashing his teeth in anger. Nuo Nuo, you shouldn’t use your kisses in this manner, coaxing me to let you go and fight with monsters!!!!

This night, Xiao Big Boss had completely gone ballistic.

Question 3: The small white rabbit is an online gaming adolescent.


After realizing the problems, Xiao Big Boss decided to find a solution and issued Hsiao Xiao junior three orders:

Firstly, not allowed to arrange too much homework for Nuo Nuo;

Secondly, she’s not allowed to play games with her colleagues just because there’s nothing to do;

Thirdly, not allowed to let her work overtime.

Not long after, when Xiao Xiao junior received the email, he sent an innocent reply.

Firstly, Nuo Nuo is still in the training period, the company did not give her any task and work arrangement;

Secondly, the women in the Administrative Department will only play the steal food QQ game, others are married women who have to go home and cook, wash clothes and spend time with their children. What time do they have to accompany Nuo Nuo to play online games;

Thirdly, I’m afraid of interrupting senior and Nuo Nuo’s dating time, so I never let Nuo Nuo work overtime.

When Xiao Big Boss saw Xiao Xiao’s reply, he frowned and was puzzled. Just then, junior made a call. Xiao Yi picked up and heard the other side whining, “Xiao Ge, you don’t think just because you’re a shareholder in《Huang Yan》, you can do as you please. I promised you I would certainly take care of sister-in-law when she transferred over. Even if you don’t trust me, how can you malign me saying that I let sister-in-law work over time, what is going on! I am innocent!!”

Strictly speaking, Xiao Xiao is a second-generation wealthy heir. His old man funded his son to open the company, but not even a few days, the prodigal son Xiao Xiao had a financial crisis, Xiao Xiao had no face to find his father and ask for money, so he arrived at Xiao Yi’s door hugging his thigh and cried. That time Xiao Yi had a strong influence in the industry, also he had some surplus funds, thus he bought stand brought 《Huang Yan》shares and kept the company going.

Xiao Xiao’s technology knowledge was first-class, but lacking in management skills, so Xiao Big Boss sent several of Owl Wing’s brilliant management employees to help take care of 《Huang Yan》. So the many ideas and creative output from《Huang Yan》seen by game players today are also from the genius, Xiao Yi.


suteki: Xiao Big Boss doesn’t know it but his falling right into Queen Nuo Nuo’s plan out trap hahaha! That’s right Mr. get a taste of your own medicine!


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