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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 16.2


Xiao Yi: Grey Wolf; Ran Qing He: Chicken; Nuo Nuo: Cute Rabbit

Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & lemonsalt.

Chapter 16.2 – Reap What One Has Sown.

Not many people know, it was under the guidance and protection of Owl Wing that《Huang Yan》 could mature into the company it was today.

So this rare time when Xiao Big Boss asks for Xiao Xiao’s assistance, Xiao Xiao was also shocked. And today, upon seeing how anxious Xiao Senior was, he found it extremely interesting, so he purposely called up and joked around. 

Xiao Big Boss ignored his exaggerated crying and said, “Don’t act innocent, clearly it is your company’s Ran Qing He’s influence on Nuo Nuo, that’s why she would play what 《Swimming Sword》. From now onwards, you better manage the MM in your administrative department more strictly.”

After he spoke, the phone was silent for a long time before the other party replied, “Ran Qing He? He encouraged sister-in-law to play games?”

“Well, now you also want to deny?”

“He is not in the Administrative Department ah, he is a Manager in the Personnel Department, and……” Xiao Xiao swallowed his saliva  nervously and finally said, “And, he is a man.”

The last two words were like a heavy blow on Xiao Yi’s heart. Holding the phone, Xiao Big Boss’ eyes were like dangerous slits, and repeated, “A man?”

One slip can cause lasting sorrow.

Since Xiao Big Boss found out that Ran Qing He was actually a male animal, fragments started to unconsciously surface in his mind.

“Today Qing He told me that soon after《Huang Yan》was listed, many people bought shares, the management is really great.”

“Xiao Big Boss, tonight I’m having dinner Qing He and the rest, so I can’t accompany you.”

“Well, this morning I forgot to bring my mobile phone so I missed your call. Qing He was really nice, at noon, drove me home to get my mobile phone.”

“Qing He said……”

Qing He, Qing He, at that time, Xiao Big Boss was surprised to find that recently all Nuo Nuo would talk about is Qing He. Qing He taking the small white rabbit to play online games. Qing He taking the small white rabbit out of the company to eat the eateries nearby. Qing He taking the small white rabbit around the company to familiarize with the company’s environment. Qing He will telling the small white rabbit gossip about Xiao Xiao……

Because it was under the special care and arrangement of his junior, Xiao Big Boss felt incredibly stupid, he never thought that this gentle little gossip married sister Ran Qing He would actually be a man!!

That’s right, the small white rabbit never actually mentioned, which department Ran Qing He worked in. She also never mentioned how the two of them became so familiar.

Under Xiao Xiao’s helpful assistance, Xiao Big Boss was able to get Ran Qing He’s information first hand:

Name: Ran Qing He

Age: 24

Occupation:《Huang Yan》production company personnel manager.

Hobbies: Games, reading, playing the piano.

Character: Sunny and cheerful, talkative, gentle and considerate, knows how to flatter.


And most importantly, an extremely handsome man.

According to《Huang Yan’s》company gossip his friend so helpfully supplied, it seems that Manager Qing and Nuo Nuo knew each other before. Not even a few days after Nuo Nuo started working, regardless of whether Manager Qing had matters or not, he would run to the Administrative Department. Taking Nuo Nuo on a tour around the company, introducing the colleagues to her, he even frequently asked Nuo Nuo out to eat lunch together.

Two people laughing and talking, theirs did not seem like superior-subordinate relationship. Also, often from their mouths, one often heard “a few years ago” or “really miss those times” or such similar phrases. So the《Huang Yan》employees privately gossiped, that this girl relied on her relationship with Manager Ran to get into the company.

In front of the computer screen, when Xiao Yi saw the personal data and handsome image of Ran Qing He that Xiao Xiao sent over, he nearly flipped the table over. Careless, he had been too careless. At first, he only thought the Owl Wing production company’s Planning Department was too dangerous, he whole-heartedly wanted to find a cosy nest for the small white rabbit. So deliberately planned for his junior to arrange to place Nuo Nuo in an office full of women, but he didn’t realize, his small white rabbit was of infinite charm, she could actually male colleagues from other departments.

Moreover, this Ran Qing He undoubtedly has an attractive face, curved phoenix eyes, a slight smile hovering on the thin lips. With one look, he could tell that this was the reincarnation of a devil that specializes in flirting with females. Will the small white rabbit start to waver……

Xiao Big Boss was worrying about his personal gains and losses, when the small white rabbit exclusive ringtone rang, “Pick up the phone, quickly pick up the telephone, if you do not answer the phone, I will eat you!”

This ringtone was personally recorded by Nuo Nuo some time ago when she was bored, and somehow she sneakily set this exclusive ringtone on his mobile phone which also represented her resentment. Xiao Big Boss often neglects her because of work, he does not answer his phone nor reply text messages.

When Xiao Yi thought of Nuo Nuo’s grumpy pouting look, he cannot help but smile, after answering the phone, his voice unconsciously became more gentle, “Nuo Nuo.”

The small white rabbit, “Are you busy? Today, at noon did you obediently eat lunch?”

The big grey wolf, “Well, I ate outside with Zi Yuan and Fei Long.”

“Oh,” Nuo Nuo stretched the sound, “Are you still busy with Senior Mo’s projects? You’re working overtime tonight?”

“Ah, I’m working overtime tonight.” Xiao Yi said, his lips pressed together. He must admit, because he’s been so busy with work, indeed he has neglected Nuo Nuo. In the past, they would date at least every three days, now it would be seven days before they saw each other. Fortunately, the small white rabbit was understanding, unlike other women who would cry and throw a temper, she would just use little tricks, designing her own ringtone on his phone, so that he would always be reminded: Xiao Big Boss, recently you’ve been ignoring me!

Xiao Yi closed his eyes and could almost see Nuo Nuo’s silent, gloomy face. Just as he was pondering how to comfort her with “Just wait for two days after I’m done being busy” or “wait until my birthday, we can go out to play” or some such similar phrases when he heard cheerful laughter coming over the phone.

“Oh, just perfect! Tonight, my friend invited me to go shopping and have dinner, hehe. So, uh, you remember to eat dinner on time tonight!”

This time, not waiting for Xiao Yi’s reaction, the line was cut off.

Xiao Big Boss stood in front of the French window and coldly took a deep breath of air.

No disappointment, no frustration, earlier the small white rabbit’s tone sounded, most clearly…… how fortunate he didn’t have time tonight. Who is this attractive fellow, that inviting you to dinner and shopping, you are so over the moon?!

As people with no direction sense and could get lost on a shopping street, Nuo Nuo and Su Su’s legs were about to fall off before they managed to find the shop where Xiao Big Boss previously tried on the shirt. Because the shop attendant’s memories of that day were still fresh, hearing that Nuo Nuo wanted to buy the shirt her boyfriend previously tried, she couldn’t help but glance a few more times at the small white rabbit.

The subtext is: The couple is really strange, that day one was insane, while the other was gloomy, thought they didn’t want the shirt, but now she unexpectedly ran back to purchase it.

Su Su sat on the sofa, massaging her legs and rolling her eyes at the same time, “Serves you right for being viewed as a strange creature by others. Tell me, are you teaching your Xiao Big Boss a lesson or me ah? Pulling me all this way just to buy some shirt.”

Nuo Nuo and the shop attendant determined that it was the correct shirt and after asking them to wrap it up before she replied, “That day when Xiao Big Boss tried it on, he appeared to like it very much. It just so happens that his birthday is coming, so I specially came here to buy it.” Well, although it’s a bit expensive, but as long as Xiao Big Boss likes it, it’s fine.

Being mindful of this, Nuo Nuo unconsciously started to smile. Recently, she indeed put Xiao Big Boss in a bad position. In front of him, she deliberately “Qing He” this and “Qing He” that, although she never really ate or went shopping with him, but Nuo Nuo was intentionally leading Xiao Big Boss’ vision to Ran Qing He’s body.

With Xiao Yi’s IQ, he’s probably suspicious of Ran Qing He, right? Maybe now he’s going to find Xiao Xiao to investigate Ran Qing He. Very good, very successful. Now Nuo Nuo was just waiting for Xiao Yi’s vinegar pot to explode. When the outburst occurs, she will lay down her cards and let Xiao Big Boss show his true colours.

Who was the one who used underhand means to force me to go to 《Huang Yan》? Now what a coincidence, I met my first love, you are jealous, isn’t that too absurd?

When that happens, I will use my love and logic, and take advantage of the heartwarming atmosphere of Xiao Yi’s birthday to change his macho ideas and attitude.

Su Su asked, “How long do you plan to fight this counter-attack?”

Nuo Nuo gazed in the distance, “Until his birthday. Men, are like children, they need coaxing. I was prepared to wait for the Xiao Xiao matter to pass, Xiao Big Boss to admit his mistakes, benevolently forgive him. Let him feel my goodness and wholeheartedly become my faithful pet dog.”

Su Su sneered, “Nuo Nuo, have you been reading too many novels recently? The leopard cannot change his spots [1], a person like Xiao Yi who grew up commanding others, you really think you can tame this ash gray wolf?” After a moment, Su Su pointed to the wrapped shirt, “With this?”

Nuo Nuo shook her head, “This is just dessert. For the actual birthday present, I want to personally make something for him.” Then, Nuo Nuo’s little face reddened. No matter Su Su tries to interrogate her, the small white rabbit won’t open up.

At the same time, the shop attendant smiled at Nuo Nuo as she quoted her the shirt price. Once the number is keyed out, Nuo Nuo’s entire body of rabbit fur stood up in fright.

“What? Now isn’t the shopping center offering a special event of 50% off? Why is there no discount?” (Nuo Nuo, it is because of the discount, that’s why you are buying the shirt right? =__=)

The shop attendant stopped smiling and coldly said, “I’m sorry, our brand never participates in the shopping center’s activities.”

The subtext is: How can such an exclusive brand ever be on discount?

This time, Su Su chuckled at her discomfiture, “Well, it seems like this child is not so easy to coax, isn’t this lollipop a little too expensive?”

Nuo Nuo: “O (> ﹏ <) o”

[1] 江山易改本性难移 Jiang shan yi gai ben xing nan yi: Besides the translation I have use, it can also be translated as the following: the rivers and mountains are easy to change, a man’s character much harder.


suteki: Xiao Big Boss doesn’t know it but his falling right into Queen Nuo Nuo’s plan out trap hahaha! That’s right Mr. get a taste of your own medicine!


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    1. Unless you know how to tame such a black belly pet dog, it’s best to stay away. Nuo Nuo had her fair share of big boss teasing before we saw rainbows. Lol


      1. Hahaha! Yup, its adorable seeing him so jealous. It’s sweet of Nuo Nuo to buy that shirt, especially when it is so expensive.


  1. Careless, he had been too careless.
    – yes.. xiao yi, you just send your little white rabbit into a tiger’s cage. xD

    With one look, he could tell that this was the reincarnation of a devil that specializes in flirting with females.
    – rofl… xiaoyi can write a novel!! xD

    will this plan work.. ??


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