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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 17.1


Chapter 17.1 – Loyal Dog Prototype.

Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & lemonsalt

The small white rabbit knew, Xiao Big Boss was being difficult.

Although she wasn’t sure what happened that night, but her woman’s intuition told her: The time has come. Xiao Yi must be vaguely aware of Ran Qing He, this Ji Pin Nan, and her “adultery/love”. Or that night he got the impression that the person in Su Su’s car was some other man, that’s why he’s so angry, right?

These days, not only did Xiao Big Boss not call her even once, even QQ, MSN, e-mail were all silent, there was absolutely no contact. On Thursday, Nuo Nuo had the day off. She slept in and tidied up, then headed straight to Owl Wing. The small white rabbit carried on with her chores as if she was still working in Owl Wing, she went to Lin MM to get Xiao Big Boss’ lunch box, then went to the small kitchen to get Xiao Yi’s meal, shocking the canteen aunt so much that her eyes nearly fell out.

Returning after a long absence to the Planning Department, she immediately stirred up a furore.

At noon, the brothers of the planning department was in a slack mood, chit chatting, surfing online. All eyes were on the clock, eagerly anticipating the arrival of half past twelve to storm into the cafeteria. Everyone was feeling dull, when suddenly they all heard a clear cough sound coming from the entrance. Glancing to one side, they could not help but take a deep breath.

The adorable pure small white rabbit was wearing a deep red skirt with a small slit, a rabbit hairpin was placed on her straight black hair, holding Xiao Big Boss’ lunch box, her eyes were crinkling as she smiled warmly at them.

The youngest was the fastest to react, yelling and rushing to Nuo Nuo’s side, “Aiyaya, I’m not dreaming, right? Is this the small white rabbit? A living small white rabbit? Dear me, we have not seen a female animal on the seventeenth floor in a long time.”

Nuo Nuo was accustomed to this, so she just covered her mouth and laughed. In a moment, all the others rushed to surround her in a tight circle.

“Dishwashing sister-in-law, you came to check up on Xiao Ge, right? I told you, after you left, Xiao Ge has been good, very good, he really did not close his office door to watch movies that he shouldn’t watch (LOL indicating Xiao Yi hasn’t been watching porno hahahaha).”

“Tsk, tsk, Brat, what do you know? Doesn’t Xiao Yi see Little Nuo Nuo at home every day?” Fei Long patted Xiao Zhi’s head, pushed him to one side and edged in front of Nuo Nuo with tears streaming from his old face, “Our Nuo Nuo must have come to see us. Boohoo, after you left the Planning Department, our name has been changed to the Monks Department.”

“Exactly, little Nuo Nuo, you should come back to work. Monitoring your husband everyday, how good is that?”

“Small white rabbit, I also really missed you. *hiccup* If I say it like this, Xiao Ge won’t PIA me, right?”


Nuo Nuo smiled sweetly, joked and answered the brothers’ strange and eccentric questions at the same time. Well, good, good, the first step in the plan is successful—— let Xiao Yi clearly see, how popular I am, my return to Owl Wing is a must and also a need!

After joking around with everyone for a while, lunch time soon arrived, they reluctantly parted with the small white rabbit and went to eat. Nuo Nuo got up but was not in a hurry to enter Xiao Big Boss’ office, she looked around for a long time, but did not see the figure she wanted to see. The slowest to go off, Fei Long boss, saw this and shook his head sighing.

“Little Nuo Nuo, you should also that person very well, calm exterior but a passionate heart, you and Xiao Yi are so deeply in love with each other…… Sigh, it’s better to give him some time to recover……”

Nuo Nuo’s eyes clear and sparkling, felt rather regretful, “Zi Yuan Ge…… Will find his happiness.” After speaking, the corners of her lips lifted and she finally walked into the president’s office. At one side, the dark figure that had been hiding in the corner paused, the tightly clenched fists finally started to relax.

Small white rabbit, in fact, seeing how happy you are, I’m also very happy.

The biggest downside of being a Mensao (闷骚), is that even when they’re sad, they have to pretend nothing has happened. In the end, will I ever meet the person you said that I’m destined to be with?


Inside President’s office, Nuo Nuo was startled for a moment, then she slowly walked in front of Xiao Yi.

The man in the rocking chair, had a fallen asleep with a furrowed brow. Even asleep, he was still full of anxiety and uncertainty? Nuo Nuo’s heart trembled slightly, what was the company so busy with recently? They had completed several projects at hand, and this should be the most relaxing time for the company and Xiao Big Boss, but this person was still working overtime everyday.

Even though she’s not longer an employee at Owl Wing, there were several times that Nuo Nuo had wanted to ask but she resisted her curiosity, this was not just about the company. The small white rabbit sighed softly, Xiao Yi who had his eyes tightly closed woke up with a start. The moment he opened his eyes and saw his own mall white rabbit, he coughed unnaturally and looked away.

“Why did you come?”

She ignored Xiao Big Boss’ indifference tone, the small white rabbit carefully arranged the food, and personally brewed Xiao Yi a cup of coffee, placed it in front of him and smiled, “I heard these past few days, you’ve been working overtime, yesterday you even slept in the office. I was a little worried, so I came to have look.”

When Xiao Yi heard this, his eyes started flashing, and inwardly decided to find Lin MM, the little gossip, to have a good talk about bonus issues. While immersed in his own thoughts, the small white rabbit placed her hands on Xiao Big Boss’ forehead, “Why does your complexion look so terrible, you don’t have a fever, right?”

Because Xiao Big Boss was still brooding about the first love issue, seeing Nuo Nuo’s intimate gesture, he subconsciously turned his face to one side. In an instant, the small white rabbit’s hand froze in mid-air, the atmosphere became a little awkward.

Nuo Nuo sighed deeply and put her hand down. Pretending to be aggrieved, she pouted, “Even if you want to sentence me the to death, you should let me die in peace, right?”

Hearing this, Xiao Yi’s handsome eyebrows furrowed even deeper, “What die or not die……” Not yet finishing speaking, turning around for a moment, he saw that Nuo Nuo’s eyes were brimming with tears, her eye rims was already almost completely red. Xiao Big Boss’ will started to waver, and waves were arising in his heart.

Nuo Nuo was on the verge of crying, but didn’t, “That night my mobile phone had no battery, so I couldn’t receive your call, and why are you so angry? This week you didn’t even contact me…… I had to ask other people about your news……”

When Xiao Big Boss saw this, all the barriers in his heart collapsed, he hugged Nuo Nuo and hungrily smelled the light fragrance of her hair. After a long time, he said unconvincingly, “Recently, the company has been a little busy.”

“You are still lying to me!” The small white rabbit looked up and exposed that person’s lies, “Will you be so busy, that you won’t even have time to call me?”

Xiao Yi paused, a complex expression flitted over his eyes.

It’s not that I didn’t think of calling, it’s not that I didn’t want to find you, but when I think of the three words, “Ran Qing He”, my heart cannot help but feel jealous. Just the thought, that you previously held the hand of another man, making sincere vows together, saying that you want to build a happy family together, I want to gnash my teeth in anger. I just want to give us a little time, I want to let myself calm down a little, and then consider what is the next step.

“Huang Yan”, she certainly could not stay there any longer, but after all the trouble he undertook to bring Nuo Nuo over there, how will he convince the small white rabbit to leave? After leaving, what should he do? Knowing the small white rabbit’s character, he’s sure she would not want to stay at home and become a housewife, so where should he allow her to work?

Xiao Yi had a profound understanding of the crucial problem: All crows under the sun are black [1], no matter where Nuo Nuo goes, even if her first love is not there, but she may also encounter Zhang Qing He, Li Qing He…… These days, besides having a cold war with the small white rabbit, the thing that troubled Xiao Big Boss the most, was this problem.

Being mindful of this, Xiao Yi sighed, and finally spoke, “Nuo Nuo……” He wanted to know about the Ran Qing He matter personally from her, but the words seemed to be stuck in his mouth. Xiao Yi shook his head and said, “It’s all right.”

The small white rabbit started to blink, “Really?”

“Well, after this week is done, I’ll certainly have time to accompany you.”

“Oh.” Nuo Nuo’s eyes flashed a cunning gleam, GOOD! The second step in the plan—— Her probing was successful. Seeing how hesitant mensao Xiao Big Boss was in his speech, wanting to ask but not able to find the words,  he must be aware of the existence of Ran Qing He > O <

Such a sensitive topic, I just need to use it at the last and most vital part of my plan, then I can return to the company!

The small white rabbit pretended to ponder, as she rubbed herself deeper into Xiao Big Boss’ embrace, she coyly and shyly said, “Last time, didn’t you say…… To ask my parents to meet up with your parents? Well, it seems this weekend, my family is free.”

Hearing this, Xiao Big Boss temporarily cast aside all the troubles in his heart, his eyes started to shine, what the small white rabbit said……Was this not a promise of marriage?

Nuo Nuo felt shy as she felt Xiao Yi staring at her, her ears were starting to burn, gazing in the distance, “Are Uncle and Aunty free this weekend?”

Xiao Big Boss, “Yes! Yes!”

Xiao Big Boss seemed to be morphing into the very picture of a faithful pet dog, wagging his tail, howling excitedly. Not knowing that he was actually getting closer and closer to the pit that the small white rabbit dugged for him……

The small white rabbit’s plan was very simple.

From Fei Long, the fellow who betrayed his boss for the greater glory, Nuo Nuo was able to receive reliable information: Because of Xiao Xiao junior’s close relationship with Xiao Big Boss, not only do many colleagues know him, even Xiao Big Boss’ parents was familiar with him. In fact, Xiao Xiao was immensely grateful to Xiao Big Boss, because when “Huang Yan” was at its most difficult time, Xiao Yi helped him out. So occasionally, from time to time, he would go to their house with small gifts and was quite familiar with everyone in the Xiao family.

Nuo Nuo’s plan was to wait until the day of the parents’ meeting, then she will casually mention Xiao Xiao Boss, then Xiao Yi’s parents will definitely exclaim, “Isn’t he Xiao Yi’s junior?” At that time, she’ll pretend to be deceptively hurt, cry and fuss a little. Ah, with both parents present, she won’t be afraid of not being a match for crafty and sly Xiao Big Boss.

Heh! Wonderful, wonderful ~

[1] 天下乌鸦一般黑 Tiān Xià Wū Yā Yì Bān Hēi; The world is much the same everywhere.
lemonsalt: Poor Mo Zi Yuan Senior hiding in the shadows. I quite like the not-quite second lead Zi Yuan Senior and hope he can find his happiness too. 

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