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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》– Chapter 17.2

Chapter 17.2 – Loyal Dog Prototype.

 Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & lemonsalt

For this period, whenever the small white rabbit thought of being able to take her revenge, joy would blossom in her heart. However, there is an old saying: Life, if all goes according to plan, is it still called life? God’s plan supersedes all of Man’s plans, Nuo Nuo was more or less able to allow for some twists, but she could not predict, that things would take such a huge turn……

To explain, we must start from the first night that both sets of parents met. To properly prepare for the this important night, the parents on both sides seem to have an implicit understanding, both parents summoned their respective children home, to have a good talk about the next day of meeting the prospective in-laws. What to wear, what welcome gifts to prepare, what to talk about.

As usual, the small white rabbit ate dinner with her parents, although the dishes were ordinary, the whole family was in high spirits. Nuo Nuo was delighted because, tomorrow she can thoroughly put Xiao Big Boss in his place, what’s more it will be in front of both parents, so he won’t dare to do anything funny. On the other hands, her parents were ecstatic because, the daughter that they have raised for more than 20 years, will finally be getting married. >O<

Just as Nuo Nuo was eating, her mobile phone rang. The small white rabbit looked at the caller ID, she frowned and walked to the balcony. While her parents were still noisily discussing what to wear tomorrow, in a low voice she quietly answered, “Why did you call?”

The person on the other side heard the small white rabbit’s unfriendly tone, but was not affected in the least, and said in a wheedling tone, “Nuo Nuo, I want to talk to you——”

Yes, the person who called, is none other than Ran Qing He. Since working in《Huang Yan》for about a month, in order to direct Xiao Big Boss’ attentions to her and her first love “affair”, the small white rabbit had to have lunch with Ji Pin Nan, Ran Qing He twice. When in the office, if she saw Ji Pin Nan, she also needed to giggle like a coquettish young girl in the throes of love, to give everyone the impression that there was an ambiguous relationship between the two of them.

But at the same time, Nuo Nuo’s attitude seemed to give Ran Qing He some hope, so when he sent the small white rabbit home one night, he gathered up his courage to confess. However, obviously Nuo Nuo refused Ji Pin Nan outright, and solemnly stated that “I have a fiancé “.

But apparently, Ran Qing He did not believe Nuo Nuo would use such an excuse.

On the other side of the phone, Ran Qing He said in a low and heavy voice, “Nuo Nuo, I know you’re still mad at me. Three years ago…. She and I really had nothing going on, we had already broken up, she’s the one who wanted to reconcile, I refused her, who knows that she would bear such a deep grudge and actually came went to find you……”

Ran Qing He’s voice seemed to be choked with tears, the audio sound was also getting more muffled, “I am true to you, for the past three years, I could not sleep peacefully, I hoped for the day, the day when you and I would meet again……”

When she heard this, the small white rabbit almost wanted to vomit the dinner she just ate. Rolling her eyes, Nuo Nuo really wished to hang up the phone. Well, she admitted that three years ago, she was mesmerized, Ran Qing He’s handsome face really deceived her, but this did not mean she lost her intelligence as well.

When the girl came to find her, the small white rabbit did not immediately think of totally cutting ties with Ran Qing He. Instead, she looked for his good friend to better understand the situation. When his good friend saw the small white rabbit’s red eyes, his conscience was pricked, so told the small white rabbit the whole truth.

Originally, Ran Qing He was indeed dating the girl for six years, but in those six years, Ji Pin Nan, Ran Qing He was not idle either. Behind his girlfriend’s back, he chased and seduced N number of young girls, there was a long list of names,  Hua Hua, Lu Lu, Na Na, Nuo Nuo……

The first time Nuo Nuo heard the truth, she was embarrassed.

Ran Qing He indeed was a Ji Pin Nan, was he collecting a stack of pet animal cards?


At this point, the small white rabbit bore with the pain, threw away her sim card, deleted her game ID and made a clean break with Ran Qing He. For a long period of time, she did not even play online games. This was the exact reason why Nuo Nuo was reluctant to mention the past, why was she so silly? To be so thoroughly deceived by Ran Qing He’s face.

So many years later, when Nuo Nuo encountered Ran Qing He once more, making use of him in her Xiao Big Boss’ plan, Nuo Nuo did not feel the least bit guilty. This was Ji Pin Nan’s rightly deserved retribution.

Stirring from the memories of long ago, the small white rabbit said impatiently, “Manager Ran, I think I already made myself clear, if you want to act crazy, don’t involve me, I am going to hang up.”

“No!” Ran Qing He’s almost pleading voice said, “Nuo Nuo, let’s talk again, for one last time…… I am downstairs right now.”

Hearing this, the small white rabbit’s fur stood on its ends, bending forward slightly to look down, indeed, a certain silver white car was really parked in her own courtyard. Faced with such a situation, Nuo Nuo was so internally traumatized that she wanted to vomit blood.

In fact, there was only one time, that she allowed Ran Qing He to have the opportunity to send her home—— that day it was the company’s dinner, due to the presence of many colleagues, Nuo Nuo had no choice but to accept Ji Pin Nan’s request. So after dinner, she pretended to shyly go into his car. But the small white rabbit’s radar was up, she only allowed him to drop her off at the intersection and walked home by herself. The small white rabbit’s thinking was very simple: If she let Ji Pin Nan know her home address, the consequences may be dire!

But on second thoughts, what’s the use of her precautions! As the manager of the personnel department, not just her home address, even her identity card number, if Ran Qing He was willing to check it out, he could probably memorize them easily. The small white rabbit sighed, as she hesitated whether to tell him she wasn’t at home, she suddenly heard her mother crying out in the dining room.

“Aiya, old man! Old man!! What’s the matter with you? Don’t scare me, boohoohoo……” When she heard her mother’s tearful, panic stricken voice, Nuo Nuo  rushed backed to the dining room. When she saw the scene, she was so scared that she couldn’t say a word.

The dishes that were just looking fine not too long ago were now splattered with drops of bloods and Xu Papa lay collapsed in an upright position on his chair. A faint trickle of blood could be seen at the corner of his mouth. Xu Mama was in a mess, she was hugging her husband and crying out in a most heart rending manner.

“Father——” Nuo Nuo couldn’t help but shout out, on the other end of the phone, Ran Qing He also felt something was wrong and started questioning her. Nuo Nuo was still dazedly staring at her father’s gruesome bloodstains on the ground, her mind a complete blank, when she suddenly grasped the mobile phone and cried, “Qing He, Qing He… quickly come up, my father vomited blood and fainted…..”


At the hospital, Nuo Nuo’s curled her entire self on the bench, her head buried in her arms, trembling.

Her mind a complete blank, a complete blank……

At a time like this, Nuo Nuo came to understand how weak, how insignificant she was. Faced with the trauma of a family member who could be critically ill, she couldn’t take the blow. Just one hour ago, Ran Qing He helped her bring her unconscious father to the hospital, rushed into emergency, admitted to the hospital, undergoing examinations. Finally, the CT scan showed that there was a large shadow on her father’s lung, the area accounted for almost 30%, the doctor suspected it could be lung cancer, and the next step was to wait for the diagnostic test results and for the patient to regain consciousness.

Her father didn’t have any particular hobbies, but he was addicted to smoking, for this reason, her mother quarreled with her father ever since her birth. They have quarreled for more than 20 years but her father father refused to give up smoking, so her family have become accustomed to this. Because National Day was approaching, her father became more and more busy with work, so his body was exhausted and he often complained of chest tightness.

At first, Nuo Nuo and her mother only thought it was seasonal flu, nothing serious. But today her father was in high spirits and drank two cups of wine, suddenly vomited blood and fainted, causing everyone to be alarmed. Arriving at the hospital, once her mother heard the word “cancer”, she felt dizzy. Not waiting for her other half to regain his conscious, she was so distressed that she fainted

Nuo Nuo was all in a fluster, she and Qing He also arranged a ward for her mother. After that, she withdrew to the corridor to await the results. It was originally supposed to be a joyous occasion and tonight, it suddenly became a gloomy tragedy. The small white rabbit who grew up coddled by her parents, never suffering anything, was at a loss. Her eyes rims were reddened, she could only sit down and hug her legs.

If her father was really diagnosed as…… What was her mother going to do? What was she going to do? She never thought her parents would leave her, at least, she never thought it would be so fast. Cancer, the word sounded distant and foreign to her, if it really affected her father, in the little time he had left, would he suffer very much?

Her mother was always stubborn yet soft-hearted [1], although she always often quarreled with her father for the past few decades, but everyone could see that the two were devoted to each other. Before, her mother would joke with her father, if…… If came to that day, she must leave first, then her father would be allowed to go. Because she didn’t want to endure the pain of parting.

But now——

If so, it’s like this, would her mother also fall ill?

For some time, Nuo Nuo’s heart was in a mess, she couldn’t think straight with her emotions in a turmoil. She tried to think logically, but she couldn’t. Frightened and worried, the small white rabbit suddenly felt a pair of gentle warm hands on her head.

Slightly raising her head, a bright handsome face appeared in front of her.

Large hands cupped her cheeks, warm and strong, the small white rabbit couldn’t hold it in any longer, her tears were welling out, sliding down the large hands. “I, I won’t cry…… My father will be okay…… Nothing will happen, my mother will also soon wake up……”

Ran Qing He nodded, taking advantage of the situation, he took the crying Nuo Nuo into his arms, “Lovely Nuo Nuo, don’t cry, you need to be strong. When uncle regains consciousness, we need to keep the truth from him, let him regain his health first, if you cry like this, red eyes and nose, he will know about his condition.”

When she heard this, Nuo Nuo nodded obediently, she smiled through her tears, “That’s right, that’s right, I want to smile, I need to smile……”

Nuo Nuo tried to smile but it was awkward, because her eyes were downcast, and tears spilled out once again. Ran Qing He’s hands stroked Nuo Nuo’s face, and gently said, “All right, don’t cry anymore, no matter what happens, you still have me.”

When the small white rabbit heard this, she was startled, then she heard someone behind shouting her name. As she turned around, she saw a doctor in a white coat hurrying towards her, the small white rabbit wiped the tears on her face. Staring hard, isn’t this person, Xiao Yi’s mother?

At this moment, Nuo Nuo slightly calmed down and reflected, isn’t this the workplace of Xiao Yi’s parents? Uh…… They knew the situation so they hurried over? Nuo Nuo stood up and hoarsely shouted, “Aunty Xiao.” But couldn’t continue speaking, and her eyes reddened again.

Xiao Mama stepped forward and hugged Nuo Nuo, patted her head and softly comforted her, “It’s alright, it’s alright, Aunty is here.”

Nuo Nuo smiled and nodded, she didn’t have the time to speak when she heard Xiao Mama say, “When I heard from the doctor on duty that something happened to you, I hurried over with Xiao Yi. Good child, don’t be afraid!”

Nuo Nuo blinked, mechanically turned sideways, indeed behind Xiao Mama, Xiao Big Boss was not too far away, his domineering eyes, trembling lips, actually held…… an indescribable heaviness.

The small white rabbit bit her lower lip, cried out aloud, “Yi.”

[1] 嘴硬心软 Zuǐ Yìng Xīn Ruǎn: Firm in speech but soft at heart.


suteki: and that concludes chapter 17 and BBBDR fir this week. It’s such a sad thing when your love one has a sickness. Poor Nuo Nuo.


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  1. Thanks Suteki for the update. ^^ Been absent here for quite a while, I hope it is not a cancer, tsk tsk, smoking is really harmful for the body. Hope Boss will understand the situation and don’t be too hardheaded to even listen.


      1. Unfortunately yes, lemonsalt is still proof reading and editing the first two parts of chapter 18 and I’m still working on the last part of chapter 18. I’ve been so busy on the weekends with wedding and birthday parties, left, right and centre.


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