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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 18.1


Chapter 18.1 – Family Guy

 Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & lemonsalt

Originally, tonight Xiao Mama should be at home doing her hair, carrying out her beauty routine, ready herself for meet up with the in-laws. However, after having a bath, she received a called from the young nurse, Xiao Yuan, saying that her future daughter-in-law was weeping and sobbing as she brought her parents to the hospital. 

Xiao Mama hung up the phone and quickly rushed to the hospital with her eldest son. That was when they encountered the previous scene of Nuo Nuo and Ran Qing He they were confronted with the scene of Nuo Nuo and Ran Qing He hugging each other. Xiao Yi was taken aback, but she could read the situation clearly. Xiao Mama didn’t make a scene, ignored Ran Qing He, and pulled her daughter-in-law into a comforting embrace.

She was an experienced person, she has eaten much more salt then these young kids have [1], so she was able to see past Ran Qing He’s little tricks. Girls, are usually more vulnerable than men. Moreover, Nuo Nuo who has been coddled by her parents growing up, when faced with such a sudden situation of both parents taking ill, she would naturally be in a whirl of emotions. At a time like this time, this unknown pretty boy found his chance, took advantage of her weakened state to get close. Indeed, Xiao Mama saw through his motives.

Her extremely silly eldest son, at a time like this, he can only clench his teeth and stare. But as a mother, she’s not so foolish. Xiao Mama held Nuo Nuo’s hand, and softly spoke to her for a while, then said, “Okay, I’ll take care of everything here, you had a tiring day, let Xiao Yi send you back to rest.”

When she finished speaking, she beckoned towards her still frozen son. Xiao Big Boss paused for a moment, with a depressed expression, he walked in front of Nuo Nuo

At this point, Ran Qing He, who had no chance to interrupt, finally directly faced Xiao Yi and asked, “Nuo Nuo, is this your friend?”

The small white rabbit clutched her head, at the moment she was worried about her father’s illness, but she was also fearful that Xiao Big Boss would misunderstand. Her mind was in such a whirl that she could not say a word for a long time. When he saw this, Xiao Yi could not help but think the worst.

Seeing that the situation was getting out of hand, Xiao Mama smoothly took over, trying to hold back a smile, she said, “They’re not simply just friends, at the end of the year, these two will be getting married……” As she said this, she lovingly stroked the small white rabbit’s head, then looked at Ran Qing He for his reaction.

On this side, when he heard this, Ran Qing He was stunned speechless. In a moment, he finally stared at Nuo Nuo shaking his head in disbelief, “You…… You…… you really have a boyfriend?”

Because of her father’s situation, the small white rabbit was originally too upset to say anything, but now listening to Ran Qing He’s words, she furrowed her eyebrows and was about to scold him, when Ji Pin Nan started screaming in frustration, “You and him……. then what about me?!!”

When he finished, Nuo Nuo was thoroughly angered “What nonsense are you spouting? Do I need your approval to have a boyfriend?!”

What do you mean by saying “then what about me”, it makes it sound like she was stepping on two boats [2], like she has deceived his feeling. Reuniting has always been Ji Pin Nan’s own wishful thinking, even if Nuo Nuo told him countless times, that she already has a boyfriend, Ran Qing He believed it was just an excuse. So in the end, he made it sound like everything was her fault.

Ran Qing He looked liked he didn’t understand what Nuo Nuo just said, and pointing a trembling finger at  Nuo Nuo, he started screaming again, “Xu Nuo, Xu Nuo! You…… You b*tch, because of you, I broke up with my girlfriend of six years, I searched everywhere for you, but instead you started fooling around with another man!! Last time, you said you loved  me so much, and wanted to be together with me forever……”

Nuo Nuo clenched her teeth so hard is almost broke, Ran Qing He’s dirty words were repeating in her mind. She closed her eyes, the fiery turmoil in her heart was like an inextinguishable blaze, she could not get her emotions under control. She always knew this person was unreliable, she always knew he was a lowdown douche-bag, but she didn’t know that he would be so malicious. Just because his courtship failed, he would say all those words just to slander her.

For a moment, in front of Xiao Big Boss and his mother, Nuo Nuo was at a complete loss. If she retaliated, it would seem like she was as bad as him, but she was more afraid that Xiao Big Boss would really think that there was something going on between the both of them, and that she was trying to hide the truth, but if she didn’t refute his words…..

The small white rabbit subconsciously glanced around, the appalled expression on Xiao Mama was increasing by the minute, also, the surrounding people were starting to focus their attention on them, turning their glances on them. What should she do? Nuo Nuo clenched her fingers, as she tried to formulate a response, the loud stream of scoldings suddenly came to a halt. After raising her eyes, she could not help but exclaim.

Xiao Big Boss, who has been silent all this while stepped forward, with a penetrating stare, he grabbed Ran Qing He’s hand. For a moment, Ran Qing He was frightened speechless by Xiao Big Boss’ intimidating manner. His heart palpitated with fear and he swallowed his  saliva, “You…… what do you want?”

Xiao Yi’s exuded a dangerous aura, with eyes like dangerous slits, he forcefully exclaimed, “You better watch your mouth, otherwise, I’m not going to take any more of your nonsense.”

Xiao Mama did not want the situation to get out of hand, so she beckoned at the nurse who stood nearby, “Go and call security to come, the patients need rest, but this person is howling and barking away!”

Ran Qing He understood the implication in Xiao Mama’s words, that he was a dog, gritted his teeth and wanted to rebut, when he felt a sudden pain his arm. When he turned around, he saw that Xiao Yi’s dagger-like eyes, and murderous expression, “Don’t think that what you’ve done in《Huang Yan》has gone unnoticed, if you keep pestering Nuo Nuo……” Xiao Big boss paused, he did not finish what he said, but snorted twice.

When he heard this, Ran Qing He’s face immediately changed, his legs were like jelly as he fell back, “You——”  That’s impossible, how could it be possible, he did it so covertly, nobody could have found out.

Ran Qing He was on tenterhooks, eyes flashing. Xiao Big Boss was getting impatient, forcefully took a stride forward, he majestically spat out one word, “Scram!” In an instant, Ji Pin Nan already fled helter skelter in disgrace.


Behind Xiao Big Boss, the small white rabbit blinked, and met Xiao Mama’s glance. Finally, she let out her first smile tonight—— her entire visage was beaming with delight.

Xiao Big Boss is so handsome (~ o ~) ~ zZ


It has been a long tormenting, after seeing her mother regain consciousness, Nuo Nuo finally obediently went home to sleep. When Xiao Big Boss and Nuo Nuo reached home, the first thing that greeted them, was a big mess.

Because her father suddenly fainted, Xu Nuo’s family were scared half to death, in their hurry to carry her father down the stairs, they accidentally knocked over the table. So on the ground, besides the splattered food, cutlery and broken dishes, there was also the crimson red stains of Xu Papa’s vomited blood.

When the small white rabbit saw this, she could not help but bring her hands to her forehead, and started trembling slightly. Just as she managed to calm down her emotions, she was reminded once again of Papa…… Cancer…… Death…… Mama. Not too longer ago, their whole family was having a good meal, discussing happily about the next day’s meeting, and then the next moment, her parents landed up in the hospital.

Oh, this joke was not funny at all.

Xiao Big Boss caressed the small white rabbit gently, his mood wasn’t that great either, but now wasn’t the time, after the crisis is over, he will ask Nuo Nuo. Xiao Yi gritted his teeth to restrain his emotions and supported Nuo Nuo to her bedroom, “You take a shower first, I’ll tidy up the mess.”

Nuo Nuo lethargically nodded her head, although she was sad, she could not help but feel a slight sweetness arising in her heart. Luckily, luckily I have you, if not I would have a breakdown.

Xiao Big Boss, as the eldest son of the family, in fact, did not spend much time doing housework. Since young, Xiao Jun mastered the art of observing the circumstances and buttering up to those in power. When he discovered that his brother was the real head of the household, he went all out to please him, cooking, doing the dishes and cleaning, Xiao Jun did almost all the chores. The advantage of doing all this was that he could get more pocket more from his big brother. Now suddenly faced with such a messy dining room, the all-powerful CEO felt somewhat helpless.

After cleaning up the ground, and placing the unbroken dishes in the  sink, Xiao Big Boss tried his best to recall, usually when Xiao Jun or his mother did the dishes, did they first run it with water or detergent. Just as he was concentrating hard, he suddenly felt a sudden warmth at his waist, looking down, he saw a pair of soft white arms encircling his waist —— Nuo Nuo was embracing him from behind.

Nuo Nuo laughed, “This is my first time seeing such a homely side of you, it feel really good.”

The small white rabbit leaned against Xiao Big Boss’ sturdy wide back, and greedily breathed in the fragrance of his body, ah, she felt so relieved, when she was at her most helpless, and wanting to cry, Xiao Big Boss actually wore an apron to help her with the dishes. Now if someone asked, at what moment is a man most charming, Nuo Nuo would answer without hesitation: When doing housework!

Xiao Yi squeezed Nuo Nuo’s small hand, and then turned back to see the freshly showered small white rabbit, wearing yellow pajamas, her hair still dripping with cute crystal beads, dark eyes sparkling at him. Immediately, his heart started to pound, and felt a bittersweet emotion. Previously…… did the small white rabbit use the same clear gaze on Ran Qing He? Did she also use the small soft sweet lips to kiss him?

In Xiao Big Boss mind, such images started to flash across, his heart-felt like it was being twisted, the previously heartwarming atmosphere was completely destroyed.

“Nuo Nuo, you and Ran Qing He……”

Xiao Big Boss paused, he eventually sighed and shook his head, “Forget it.” Now is not the time, he should wait for Uncle and Aunty Xu’s situation to settle down first then——


Xiao Yi was still lost in his own imagination, when he heard Nuo Nuo’s loud voice. Meeting his eyes, Nuo Nuo shook her head firmly, “Yi, he and I, there’s nothing between us, do you believe it?”

“……” Then saying a word, Xiao Big Boss’ hot lips eagerly pressed down. Not important, it is not important. Even if he and you had anything, it also doesn’t matter, because, I will chase you, until I recapture you to my side.

Disclaimer: This part contains explicit content. We advise any readers under 18 to read at their own risk.

Xiao Big Grey Wolf held his furry small white rabbit, and finally satisfied his wish to kiss her deeply. Forehead against forehead, tongues entangled, until both of them were gasping for breath, greedily inhaling each other’s scent, reluctant to separate. Xiao Yi leaned forward, nibbled on Nuo Nuo’s ear lobe, this was her punishment for causing him jealousy. The small white rabbit’s ears were extremely sensitive, her ears started burning a fiery red. But Xiao Big Boss did not stop his movements, his kisses flowed down to her neck, sucking back and forth, kissing. While she was unprepared, his hand stealthily undid the first button. Nuo Nuo was under the thrall of Big Grey Wolf’s kisses, her legs felt weakened as she leaned on his shoulders, closed her eyes as she let him take over.

If we can continue like this, how wonderful…… Nuo Nuo was taken aback by this sudden notion in her mind, how could she? Her parents are still in the hospital, and she still has the mood, with Xiao Big Boss……

When Xiao Yi realised Nuo Nuo was distracted, he also stopped, his large palm touched her bright red face, sighed: Now is not the time, right? “Go back to sleep, tomorrow we will go to the hospital.”

Nuo Nuo nodded, and obediently went to bed, listened to Xiao Big Boss noisily washing the dishes, cleaning up the kitchen, dining room…… Finally, all was silent. Nuo Nuo was drained by the day’s events, if it was a usual day, as soon as her head touched the pillow, she would be snoring. But tonight, the small white rabbit could not sleep comfortably, she was so tired, but the thoughts in her head kept swirling around, and couldn’t relax.

Father, mother…… And Xiao Yi……

Still lost in a daze, the small white rabbit suddenly heard the sound of a door closing,  and instantly sat up with a scream and shouted Xiao Big Boss’ name.

The next moment, Xiao Yi was at Nuo Nuo’s bedside, with a worried frown and said in a low voice, “Nuo Nuo? Nuo Nuo! Don’t be afraid, it’s just a dream, just a dream.”

When she heard Xiao Big Boss’ low murmur, the small rabbit used all her strength to pounce into Xiao Yi’s embrace, her tears streaming down.

“Don’t go, stay with me——” I am afraid, really afraid, afraid of my father falling ill, afraid of her mother being heart-broken, more afraid that you would misunderstand me, leave me.

Xiao Yi strengthened his embrace on his small white rabbit’s fragile body, “Hm, I will stay here with you, not go anywhere.”

For a long time, the two snuggled up to each other, drowsy but could not fall asleep——

“Nuo Nuo.”


“Remember, regardless of the circumstances, don’t cry in the arms of other people.” Because, your vulnerability, can only be revealed to me, also only I, can protect you, love you.

I will always accompany you.

[1] 吃的盐 Chī De Yán: Someone who’s seen more than her fair share of bad beef.

[2] 脚踏两条船 Jiǎo Tà Liǎng Tiáo Chuán: two-timer, to have two lovers at the same time.


suteki: Naw, Big Boss your speech is just too sweet…!

lemonsalt:  Yay to the smart Xiao Mama who can see through the ass****, Ran Qing He! The most charming side of a man is when he is doing housework. So sweet of Xiao Big Boss to clear up the mess even though he is unaccustomed to such things. Also, I wholeheartedly agree with suteki, love his ending words!  <3<3<3


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  1. Wow. No wonder you disliked that bast**d. It’s beyond words selfish & manipulative to pull that stunt while Nuo’s traumatized over her parent’s situation.

    But yeah for Big Boss’s mom. And for guys in aprons.

    Thanks for the chapter!!!


  2. I laughed at the extremely silly son who could only stare haha and I was worried for a second but thankfully he did make a great comeback. The disclaimer was misleading, nothing much happened haha.


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