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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 18.2


Chapter 18.2 – Family Guy

 Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & lemonsalt

When Nuo Nuo woke up the next day, the first thing that caught her eyes was Xiao Big Boss’ impeccably handsome profile and pink bubbles started to float above her head.

Last night …… actually …… both of them slept on the same bed o (≧ v ≦) o ……

As she gazed at Xiao Big Boss who was sleeping like a baby, Nuo Nuo could not help but squeal in her heart, glaring at him, she silently cursed: Xiao Big Boss is too shameless, he actually took advantage of my perilous state to climb into my bed!

However, after this thought flashed through her mind, Nuo Nuo suddenly remembered, actually…… last night the person in pajamas who tempted him was herself; then after that the person crying for Xiao Big Boss not to go, was also herself; lastly, both of them fell asleep together with their clothes intact, and the person who kept moving into the other person’s embrace, was also herself.

> _ <

The small white rabbit felt thoroughly embarrassed, as she was hesitating between getting up or lying in bed, between the time of hesitation to stay in bed or struggling to get up, her squirming movements caused the person sleeping next to her to awake. When she saw Xiao Big Boss’ opening his eyes, Nuo Nuo’s face started flushing, and immediately lowered her head. What to do? Usually when two people sleep together for the first time, what do they say to each other after awaking?

How was it written in the novels?

“Good morning, darling.” No, no, too common.

“Are you awake?” Nonsense! With eyes opened, how can they not be awake?

Nuo Nuo gazed in the distance, propped up her head and fell into a deep meditation. After a long time, she finally smiled calmly and asked, “How was your sleep last night?”

Well, in such a situation, Xiao Big Boss should say “Good”, or directly nod, and then the two would then naturally get up, wash up, eat breakfast…… Nuo Nuo already played this scene out in her mind, so she looked at Xiao Big Boss with anticipation, however, the answer was undoubtedly fatal.

Without even thinking, two words coldly jumped out of Xiao Yi’s mouth, “Not good.”

Nuo Nuo: “……”

“If you keep squirming about, it will be even worse.”

“……” Nuo Nuo was completely silent, tears threatened to spill.

Although she was still a virgin, Nuo Nuo understood that it was normal for the male species to think with their lower half of the body, Xiao Big Boss shared a bed with her last night, yet nothing happened, it should be…… that…… um, cough, endured not too comfortably. Furthermore, because of father’s incident yesterday, the small white rabbit was in emotional turmoil, and spent the entire night hugging a super big pillow, Xiao Yi. She kept moving deeper and deeper into his embrace, drawing warmth and strength. She felt more relaxed, but Xiao Big Boss probably felt very depressed, right?

Also, heard in the morning a man will be——

Being mindful of this, a thought flashed through her mind, she immediately stiffened and rushed out of bed, not even waiting for Xiao Big Boss to react. After she threw down the sentence, “I’m going to wash up”, she directly fled into the bathroom.

When he heard the bathroom door slam, Xiao Yi sat up from the bed and smiled wryly: Nuo Nuo, you are shy.

After the small white rabbit finished getting dressed and grooming herself, she walked out of the bathroom and saw that Xiao Big Boss was already busy in the kitchen. Nuo Nuo tilted her head, saw Xiao Big Boss standing against the light, his god-like figure was lost in pensive contemplation in front of the stove, and curiously asked, “Xiao Big Boss, what are you doing?”

“Well,” Xiao Yi rubbed his chin, with an astute look in his eyes, usually only seen when planing a major company strategy, he earnestly said two words, “Cooking congee.”

Hearing this, the small white rabbit was startled, Xiao Big Boss knew how to cook congee? Upon closer inspection, the congee was bubbling merrily away on the stove. Nuo Nuo’s eyes twinkled like stars, gazed unwaveringly at her talented Big Boss, she could not help but beam. Since her father’s incident last night until now, she did not even take a sip of water because she was too worried, now after awakening, she felt really hungry.

She didn’t even think about how to resolve her hunger, Xiao Big Boss already took the initiative to make congee for her. Xiao Big Boss is really getting more and more obedient! Without even her raising a finger, Xiao Big Boss himself was already taking his steps to becoming a tame wolf.

Nuo Nuo was full of happiness, just as she was about to praise him, she heard Xiao Yi calmly asking, “But Nuo Nuo, do you know how to cook congee?”


A crow flew over the small white rabbit’s head, Big Boss you really are…… so formidable. Why do you have a face full of confidence if you don’t know how to cook congee?!!

Xiao Big Boss looked at the white foam bubbling out with a troubled expression, tried to adjust the fire, and started to knit his brows, “How strange, when Xiao Jun made congee, how come I didn’t see white foam come out before.”

Nuo Nuo was filled with righteous indignation, you only eaten the ready-made product, so of course, you cannot see the white foam bubbling out. She grabbed the ladle and shouted, “Let me!”

After she spoke with such confidence, she clutched the ladle and said in despair, “What should we do,  Xiao Big Boss, I don’t know how to cook either.”


They were already at the stage of discussing marriage, move in their own house and live in their own cosy little world, however, both of them where clueless cooks. Left with no choice, the small white rabbit and Xiao Big Boss had to stand guard at the stove. When they saw the white bubbles foaming out, they turned down the fire, and when the foam disappeared, they slightly turned up the fire again.

The two of them were playing this game unhappily when Xiao Big Boss’ mobile phone rang. Xiao Yi went to answer the call, while Nuo Nuo continued to stand guard at the stove. Xiao Big Boss’ indistinct voice echoed from the living room, a moment later, Xiao Yi returned, however he just stood at the door and didn’t budge.

Nuo Nuo turned her head slightly, paid no attention to Xiao Big Boss’ serious expression, she continued to stir the pot of congee, “It looks almost ready…… Quick pass me two bowls, there’s still some pickled cabbage at home……”

As the small white rabbit chattered on, from behind her, she heard him say, “Nuo Nuo, the hospital said the results are out.”


During the conversation, Xiao Mama did not specifically state the results and hung up the phone, naturally, Nuo Nuo and Xiao Big Boss were not in the mood to eat breakfast. Both of them hurried down to the hospital. When they reached Xiao Mama’s office, they heard her scolding someone.

When she saw this,, the small white rabbit took a big breath and felt her heart jump into her throat.

Could it be…… the result are bad, so……

Nuo Nuo imagination started to run wild, when she felt a warm sensation on her hands, looking down she saw that Xiao Big Boss was holding her hands, a warmth started to spread out from her palms and through her body. The two smiled into each other’s eyes, the small white rabbit smiled and nodded, without saying any words, they seemed to understand each other.

Gathering up her courage, the small white rabbit went into the office, knocked at the door, she greeted, “Xiao Aunty.”

When Xiao Mama saw her future daughter-in-law, she stared ferociously at the doctor next to her, pointed to Nuo Nuo and said, “The patient’s family is here, giving them such a fright yesterday night, you better give them a good explanation!”

“What do you mean?” The small white rabbit took a closer look and realized the doctor receiving the scolding was the one who diagnosed her father last night, she started frowning , “Could it be father…… never mind, just say it!”

The doctor raised his glasses, smiled and said, “Sorry, last night we made the wrong diagnosis……”

So actually, between the shadows on Xu Papa’s lungs and cancer, there was absolutely no relation. Some time ago, Xu Papa had gone on a business trip, fell sick due to the heat and did not recover fully, the shadows on his lung was due to excessive phlegm. Yesterday her father was so happy, so he drunk a few cups too many, thus this caused him to vomit up blood. After closely investigating the report, Professor Xiao and Xiao Mama came to the same conclusion:

Less cigarette smoking, infuse with fluids over the next two days, then he will be bouncing and vivacious!

The small white rabbit patiently listened to the doctor lengthy reasoning, then said with bright eyes, “So you are saying, my father is okay?”

Although Nuo Nuo was asking the attending doctor this, she directed her bright eyes at Xiao Mama. When she saw Xiao Mama nod her head, Nuo Nuo finally felt a great weight lifted and beamed from ear to ear, then gave Xiao Big Boss a great big hug. After that, she swiftly ran to her father’s room.

Outside the ward, from afar, Nuo Nuo could hear her mother’s scolding voice, “I told you already, old man, smoke less cigarettes, you don’t want to listen, and then look what happened! Admitted to the hospital, tut! Not only was I deeply frightened, but you affected the two children’s work, also got our in-laws all worried for you!”

The small white rabbit stood at the door, listened to her mother’s scoldings, corners of lips curved up slightly. Well, since my mother can scold him, it means everything is fine now.

“It’s all right, taking care of the patient is our duty, anyway, it was due to my student’s error that a misdiagnosis was made, thus causing you all to worry!” At these words, Nuo Nuo then realized Xiao Papa was inside as well and hurried in to greet her parents. Then she stood respectfully stood in front of Xiao Papa, wagged her tail, “Xiao Uncle, how are you?”

Xiao Professor just finished examining Xu Papa, held Nuo Nuo’s hands and smiled, “You are at ease now? Don’t need to cry anymore?.”

When she heard this, the small white rabbit knew Xiao Papa was deliberately teasing her, her small face flushed, luckily due to Xiao Big Boss’ timely arrival, he changed the topic, “Is Xu Uncle better now?”

Xu father, who had his head down the entire time while being scolded, looked up when he heard this. Then made a shocking statement, “I want to talk to Xiao Yi alone.”

“Why?” Nuo Nuo and her mother were at a loss, “About what?”

At this time, Xiao Mama also entered the ward. At this moment, the in-laws who originally agreed to meet, were all gathered in this hospital room today. Everyone wondered, perhaps…… last night Xu Papa’s vomiting of blood, made him aware of the vicissitudes of life, so he would like to use this opportunity to have a talk with Xiao Big Boss, and formally hand her over to him?

Xu Mama also felt it was strange, poked her other half and reprimanded, “Why are you acting so strangely? What do you mean talking alone!”

Even at these words, Xu Papa still lay in bed calmly with his eyes closed, and did not utter a single word.

The two Xiao Professors glanced at each other, decided it’s best to give the future father-in-law some privacy and walked out of the ward. Naturally, such a precious daughter, after caring and cherishing her, now to hand her over to someone else, wanting to have a heart-to-heart talk with his future son-in-law is entirely normal.

Xu Mama was not too happy, after yesterday’s scare, she was just thinking of how to put her other half in place, and now he dared to put on such a show of being mysterious, chasing everyone out to have a talk with son-in-law. Even if he wants to talk to son-in-law, she should be included as well! What on earth does he want to talk with Xiao Yi about, just the two of them? Is it because after vomiting out blood yesterday, so the old man is bemoaning that life is short, so he wants to give his entire life savings to his son-in-law?!

Xu Mama was about to say something, when the small white rabbit pulled her mother aside and shook her head, “Let’s go outside.” After saying this, Nuo Nuo gave a meaningful look at Xiao Big Boss and walked out with her mother.

Xiao Yi still stood at his original position, nervously swallowed his saliva.

What does Xu Papa want to talk to him about? Want him to take good care of Nuo Nuo for an entire lifetime? Or want him to give Nuo Nuo an extravagant wedding? Hesitate.

Xu Papa coughed and beckoned Xiao Yi, “Xiao Yi, come, over here.”

Xiao Yi steadied his nerves, sat at Xu Papa’s side, and wanted to make a start at the conversation when he saw Xu Papa looking around furtively. After he ensured that nobody was peeping or eavesdropping, he then spoke into his future son-in-law’s ear,”Now…… I’m going to give you a chance to show your mettle.”

Xiao Yi frowned, listened attentively to Xu Papa’s next sentence.

“As long as you satisfy my requirement, I will give my blessings to your marriage with Nuo Nuo.”

Xiao Big Boss’ mind started to flash images like “Climb the perilous mountains, go through hell” [1], “Kill the demon and save the Princess” and some such high level conditions to marry a lady, but reverently nodded his head, and expressed his determination, “Uncle, just say the word!”

When Xu Papa heard this, he nodded with satisfaction, lowered his voice and said, “Go out of the hospital gate, turn left, at the cigarette stand, buy me a pack of cigarettes, be quick!!”


At this moment, even the highly experienced Xiao Big Boss of many situations, who can always maintain a calm demeanor, could not help but turn green.

[1] 上刀山,下油锅 Shàng Dāo Shān, Xià Yóu Guō ; Doing something in very difficult conditions. Realizing an ultimate goal despite severe challenges.


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