4 Months & 100,000 Page Views

Unknown to me, SUTEKI DA NE has been passed the 4 months mark and surprisingly reached 100,000 page views. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those to visit my blog, those who frequently comment and have discussions with me on the novels I’ve translated (you know who you are ^^) and my avid readers who silently lurk around.
I would also like to thank my two partners in crime karma and lemonsalt for helping out with “Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run” and “Eastern Palace” respectively. And special thanks to decembi who has been very generous in helping out with the phrases or word I don’t quite understand for my translations, I’m really grateful for your help.


Within these 4 short months I have made many online friends who share the same passion for c-novel as me. I find it fascinating to know despite our difference such as age, profession, culture or where we live… we all have one common passion, the love we have for reading c-novel, the fiction world we’re so immerse in. So I would like to introduce myself and let my readers know a little more about me. (Those who have read the “About” section should know a little about me already)

1. Where are you from? 


(All images have been photographed and edited by me, top left corner is my son and me at the local beach, we have really nice beaches in Melbourne.)

For those who don’t know I’m from Australia. It is a beautiful country, with many amazing scenery and attractions. Any readers visiting Australia, give me a heads up, we can meet and I’ll take you around ^^. Where am I from? Regarding my ethnicity I’m ABC (Australian Born Chinese) my parents are originally from Hong Kong, so I can speak Cantonese. 

2. Age?

I’m 24, sometimes I tend to forget my age because I’m already a mother (I think I suffer from the side effects of child-birth LOL)

3. Profession?

I’m an accountant by day, blogger by night hehe.

4.  What got you into reading c-novels?

I think it was Ms. Koala’s translation of Tong Hua’s novel that got me into c-novel, but I gotta admit Bu Bu Jing Xin fired up my passion.

Those who want to introduce themselves and let me know a little more about you, can do so by commenting below. Those who want to remain lurking is more than welcomed.

Ps. If you have any suggestions on improving the blog, please free feel to let me know. ❤


52 thoughts on “4 Months & 100,000 Page Views

  1. Hi all.

    I think I must thank Koala for starting my appreciation for Chinese novels even though I am Singaporean Chinese but monolingual since I am exempted from taking up Chinese.

    I am May , a full time working mother of 2 girls and oh yes I also work as an accountant like you (Sut3kii).

    I wish I can insert a family photo here 🙂

    Location : Sunny island – Singapore

    Thank you 😉


    1. Hi May,

      Another accountant like me ^^ , being a mother is a tough but rewarding.

      I just search up on google to see how sunny island looks like, do they have breath taking beaches?


      1. Hahaha

        Singapore doesn’t have pristine white beaches.

        But we can go to nearby islands like Bali or langkawi which are about two hours by plane for these beaches

        Singapore is a very small country 🙂


  2. Hi Sutekii,

    I hope you remember me from our short yet memorable conversation from a while back.

    I just wanna say that I really appreciate your translations and I absolutely love visiting your blog 🙂

    I don’t remember if I mentioned this to you but I’m also an ABC, living in Brisbane and my parents are from HK as well haha!! Also, what a coincidence, because currently in grade 11, i’m studying accounting as one my subjects!!!

    omg we have so much in common! 😛

    anyway once again thank you for your wonderful translations!!!


  3. congratulations suteki 🙂 and i like your chat box 🙂 well you already know me 🙂 but maybe for other friends i’m from jakarta and live in Finland. I first found ssb and hui3r blog when i tried to search Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang manga and ending in chinese novel 😀 and i’m happy that i got few blog friends after that 🙂 hope to read more translations in the future …. thankssss

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  4. Hmm, it’s been a while since i put on any comments. In fact, I had a lot to say but first, congratulations Suteki! You deserve the thousands of hits. ^^

    Big Boss has been so sweet this week. He’s been so lovable and caring I almost melted reading. I’m flabbergasted how OPEN MINDED her mother was, I mean one could openly accept one thing but to initiate, I don’t think my mother will ever be that way to me.

    Lastly, I guess we already know each other more or less so no more to add on that. You have such beautiful beaches in Melbourne. We have beautiful beaches here too, even right on my hometown. I’ll send you a picture sometime. ^ o ~

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    1. I’m guessing you’re enjoying your little break and catching up with loved ones.

      Yes this week was pretty full on, however chapter 19 is even better because our OTP relationship takes another step forward.

      Definitely send some images through email for me to see ^^


      1. You got that right, it has been a busy week, going here and there, it’s tiring but fun of course. I have not even started the novels and dramas I promised to finish once I’m on break.

        You’re good at teasing people, makes me look forward for more BBBDR, can’t wait to have more sweetness. ^^

        Definitely will, I’ll take the pictures my self and show it you. It’s so beautiful. ^^


      2. I just realised next week is the last chapter of Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run, it ends at chapter 19 instead of the chapter 23 as I initially thought. I only came to realised this when I finished translating chapter 19 and started on the epilogue.


      3. You’re making me cry Sutekii, we were not expecting that… Next chapter is the last chapter… cries. How many epilogues are there?


      4. I’m sorry I was surprised myself because in my memory and other online sources it says 23 chapters. But I have double checked with decembi and various sources again. Chapter 19 is the final chapter. There’s 1 Epilogue and 3 side stories, hopefully it’ll be satisfactory for readers.


      5. 4 more to go after the ending, I guess that would be satisfactory enough. Thanks for all your hard work. *bow* It is my utmost pleasure to realize that we have watched you create this blog with one project until it became three and to finish one of them in a span of of 4 months. Wow. You should be super proud of your achievement so far. You’ve work really hard for it. Let’s celebrate for that. Cheers!


      6. *blushes* and takes a bow, I’m amazed myself since I thought I’ll take 6 months to finish Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run without taking into account I’ll pick up another 2 projects. *pops a bottle*


      7. Oh well, let’s celebrate later next week as I’m still in the mood to mope before letting BBBDR go. Let me cry my heart out now so it won’t hurt as much next week. Xiao Yi… Huhu.


  5. Congratulations! I stumbled on your website when you started “love can do miracles ” translation project. I’m also a c-novel fan and it’s great to see all of yours (eg ms koala, peanuts, decembi, hamster, etc) contribution. Many thanks for your hard work : )


  6. Hello there! First and foremost, congratulations and nice to meet you! I’m Elaine from Malaysia and I’m a banana which locally means a Chinese who can’t read/speak mandarin haha! I can speak Cantonese though 😀 Currently living my life as a freelancer artist.

    I’ve never imagine myself to fall quite deeply for C-novel till I start searching for things that is related to Bu Bu Jing Xin which leads me to Koala’s translation for Da Mo Yao and BAM! I’ve got so addicted to it.. then I start to lurk around many english translation blogs for C-Novels like your blog, decembi, huier -etc-

    I’m amaze with your capacity to keep this blog active because I’ve noticed you update the blog very often! Thank you so much for your effort to help people like me who can’t read Chinese to appreciate C-Novels. Thank you! Please take care and have a great day! ^^ *continues lurking*


    1. Hi PocoClouds,

      I didn’t realise you were the same Elaine with the drawings from blogger because your wordpress blog doesn’t have any of your drawings! You’re so artist.

      It appears we have a few Cantonese here! Regarding updating often I try to within my busy life, obivously I don’t blog live though, I try to have the chapters ready one week in advance.. Thank you for your support.


  7. Congratulations on reaching the 100, 000 hits mark! I, too, was influenced by BBJX and Koala’s translations. I only read English novels and watched The Good Wife and crime shows before my obsession with c-novels and dramas. I’m a CBC (Canadian born Chinese) and really appreciate all of your translations. My parents are also from HK, so I understand Cantonese and some mandarin. My written skills are pathetic. Thanks again for all your efforts!


    1. Hi Lily,

      Again another Cantonese! My Mandarin isn’t much to boast about either, I was lucky my mother forced me to go Chinese school for 12 years, or else I would have only understand Cantonese. Thank you for the support.


  8. Congratulations sutekii! Very happy for your blog ❤

    Most things in Singapore are man-made. Hahaha! Except now we are recently in the news again, because Xander in Galaxy of the Guardians was based on Gardens by the Bay in Singapore ❤


  9. Congratulations on reaching 100,000 views! It is amazing you manage to update your blog so often with book, drama and music reviews and I benefitted greatly from some of your recommendations. I particularly like the manga pics inserts to your posts.


    1. Thanks Moonblossom, I usually take an hr before I head off to bed to do some blogging and leave it aside for schedule posting, my usual life is too hectic to use all my spare time to blog.

      I’m glad you like some of the recommendations I’ve posted up. I’ll continue to share more ^^


  10. Hi !
    I like your blog very much. It’s simple and neat and pretty 🙂
    I am chinese Indonesian, a stay home mom with 2 daughters, live in Surabaya Indonesia. I love to watch C and K drama. And recently, because of Boss and Me (Shan shan comes to eat) from hui3r’s blog, I started to love reading Cnovel english translation. And thats how I found your blog 😄
    Thank you for your hardwork, I hope you keep translating many Cnovel 😊


    1. Hi yanchen,

      Thank you for your kind words, being a mother two must be hard yet rewarding. Hopefully the c-novel word has brought you some much needed time to yourself. ❤


  11. Oh!! You’re located in Australia! I just recently moved here from NYC (it’s been nearly 2.5 months since landing in this beautiful country). Have been to Sydney and Perth so far (flew from one coast to the other).

    I haven’t had the time lately to follow up on the cnovel blogs but since getting my broadband up (took 2 months *sigh*), I’m trying to catch up to all the missed posts on Peanuts/hui3r’s & decembi’s & hamster’s blogs. Can’t believe I haven’t read any posts from them in nearly 3 months 😦

    And I had remembered that you were also translating Fu Hei novels (love black belly heroes, lol). Thank you for all your hard work, stuekii!


      1. thank you joanna! You must be keeping yourself busy with all the backlog you have piled up from your absent, happy reading! How are you loving Australia so far?


  12. Dear ms sutekii.
    Hello from Jakarta Indonesia. If you are ABC then I am IBC. Hehehe.
    I am enjoying your c novel translation so much. I just found this blog 2 days ago and I am already addicted. I even stop watching my fav Korean drama I. YouTube temporary as I want to finish the novel.
    And if I can request can you do translation for c novel 419 march of love Lian Ai jing xing qu by Hu Xiao Mei ? Please? I hope to hear good news soon .

    Thanks a lot!


    1. Hello marcela!

      I’m afraid I won’t be able to fulfil your request as I’m not even half way through my current translation project, thank you for understanding. ^^


  13. Hi Sutekii, just found your Blog and I am exicite to explore all the translations in here. I have seemed some of yours comments on translations blog before, I didn’t realize u have your own blog. I have Ding Mo to thanks, I fell in love cnovel by reading two of her novels, english is not my first language, but I am so grateful that I can read English, thus I can enjoy all the amazing books that are translated into english. Thank you, for your time, all the translations and your kind willingness in sharing it with us. Greetings from UT, USA.


    1. Hi wildflower. I hope you enjoying reading the translations. Chinese is only my third language so it’s very limited compare to other translators, which is why you may see me on other blogs but I do like reading the translated version of c novels 😉


  14. Hi sutekii!

    Greetings from Philippines. I’ve stumbled into your blog when I started reading Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang. I’ve been visiting your blog everyday for new updates from BBPSAC haha. I’m obsessed 😀 But imo I think BBPSAC is better than GFBZS. Anyway, I plan to post a review of BBPSAC in my blog and I wanted to ask permission first from you. Will it be okay? Ok or not, it’s fine with me. Just wanted to tell you I’m enjoying your translations really much. They’re really easy to understand and has lots of trivias. Will be waiting for your reply. Thanks so much and have a nice day!


  15. Greetings from Cinnaminson in New Jersey, USA! July 4, 2016
    After loving only the Korean dramas run on Public Broadcasting TV stations for many years (with English subtitles, since I have only English myself (so embarrassed to admit!).
    OOPS … I did enjoy one Nigerian drama — so much like the Korea dramas in many ways
    (similar values and codes of proper behavior & respect).
    Sine my retirement in 2011, I have been “branching out quite a bit: Taiwanese, Japanese. Then Singapore, Hong Kong, & China (” Love Me, If You Dare” and the fantastic “Go Princess GO” —Glorious costumes/stylyings etc. and funny , sad, and amazing commentary on gender!). Now I am reading Manga (My FIRST, with Eng. translation, of course), in anticipation of the drama & movie of “A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to Be Appreciated” (aka “Gu Feng Bu Zi Shang”). With some difficulty (not very “tech savvy”) reading the English version on http://issu.com/xah-kum/docs/gu_bu_zi_shang_vol01_ch6 — OK if you ARE “tech savvy”! Looks like a really good site!
    Absolutely thrilled with finding your site! I am falling in love with manga & with Chinese dramas & movies now. I was overwhelmed by SOME of the older “wuxia” style drama/movies. But today seems like so many new historical/fantasy dramas/movies/manga (always loved historical costume/period pieces).
    I have limited myself to East Asia — Life is short & I prefer to learn more about Asia — totally neglected in my school days & even in my adult life! The dramas lead me into the wide world of the Internet — too late for trips to libraries and university departments, etc. So I take all the online information “with a grain of salt”.

    I worked with a young Chinese (Chinese/American? Heavy accent!) who often traveled back to visit family in China (Hong Kong?) — Would you believe that I thought Hong Kong, Shanghai, & Singapore were all cities in China? LOL at myself now, after studying about them these few months! Singapore, in SE Asia—Malaysia, is the world’s only sovereign island city state in the world. (https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Singapore).
    Hong Kong is an autonomous city on the southern coast of China (https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Hong_Kong). The odd fact I remember is that (per dramas, etc.), rich business men from adjacent mainland are rumored to set of their girlfriends/mistresses in Hong Kong — safely going back & forth! Shanghai is one of only 4 province-level municipalities in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), along with Beijing on the South edge of the Yangtze River Delta in East China

    And Taiwan was a big surprise, as well. Officially the “Republic of China” (ROC), that government lost control of the Mainland in the War of 1949 and then the People’s Republic of China controlled the mainland! (https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Taiwan). I still get confused & need to check Google for specifics! Now was it ROC? or PRC? I just know they are seriously DIFFERENT!
    PS:…. So frustrating that often the Chinese & Japanese dramas are not subbed to the end — So I just rely on sites like yours, other recap sites, & my imagination to fill in the missing dialogue!

    Note:… I’m digressing, as well as rambling! If you “Cut” or Edit” it’s OK by me! Wish there was a “SPOILER” to use . I’m trying to do it now.

    PS:… Hoping that your hiatus will Not be permanent — Hope it’s nothing bad! Wishing you & your family Good Health & Good Fortune! ……. If you must leave, your site will continue to be amazing with all you have done so far — Much like the site, Dramabeans, a classic that is still available to users!
    I am exhausted! But so happy to have found your site. Thank you. So young & so talented! Good Luck in all your endeavors in Life!


  16. Thank you for acknowledging my subscription to your site!

    Currently, I am over enjoying myself at the moonbunnycafe.com. — “Blazing” my way through the fine English translation of novel, “Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang (aka to me as “”A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated”). I am already up to Volume 3, Chapter 45 and it is so addictive. “I will only read one more Chapter and then I will do…”— Never Happens!

    Now for the long waiting for the Drama & the Movie!

    PS:..Completed Novel at moonbunny: Vol. 1 (Chapters 1 -27)
    Vol. 2 ( ” 28 – 54)
    Vol. 3 ( ” 55 – 75)


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