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Drama Review: Emergency Couple (응급남녀) [2014]


Also known as: Emergency Man and Woman, Emergency Boy and Girl

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Medical Drama,

Starring:Song Ji-hyo, Choi Jin-hyuk

Country of origin: South Korea

No. of episodes: 21



So this drama was recommended to me by my younger brother (18), surprisingly all my siblings while going through high school were into Kdrama and Kpop (my other younger brother who’s 12 is into kpop, the first time I found out about this I found it quite funny). The plot is basically the couple both fall madly in love, recklessly get married than once the crack starts to show they end up divorcing. And as fate would have it they meet again after many years have passed. And either one of them realised their passion/love reignite. The plot of a divorce couple rekindling isn’t anything new, but it definitely was enticing enough even my picky husband who doesn’t usually watch Korean drama has a few good laugh at the start of the drama.


I scene which my husband thought was funny, was the following argument scene they have before divorcing.


Choi Jin Hyun (최진혁) I remember him from the Heirs my impression of him there was vague since I was focusing on Lee Min Ho, so it’s great for him to have time to shine and show his talent in this drama, plus he has an amazing singing voice. While Song Ji Hyo (송지효) I’ve only seen her in Goong, so it was refreshing seeing her in another character. This OTP was the light and joy of the drama, as the plot development the viewers get to see both of them maturing and coming to understand each other. I think the main message the drama is trying to convey is that marriage takes commitment and communication, in order for the relationship to work you have to be open and willing to expose all sides of yourself.

The first third of the drama was light-hearted, witty and full of humor, then remaining if Oh Chang Min coming to realise his mistakes during his marriage with Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyun) and him trying to rekindle their relationship with love rivalry from both sides advancing. I’m quite happy on how the drama ended because it was realistic without trying to just make the OTP be together for the sake of a happy ending. It goes to show the OTP has learned from their past mistakes, and not to rush into things with their eyes closed.

I found Oh Chang Min’s mother quite annoying, she got on my nerves most of the time on how she treated Oh Jin Hee.


PS. How cute is baby Gook?


Favorite Quotes from the Drama

Oh Chang Min: “Waiting is not an easy thing to do.”

Han Ah Reum: “How could everyone feel the same way? Just because I like him, it doesn’t mean he has to like me back, It’s not something I can have by stealing it.”

Gook Cheon Soo: “Just do what your heart tells you. That’s the right answer.”

Gook Cheon Soo & Oh Jin Hee: “Since there is no right answer in life. There is only the process to make it the right answer.”


Favorite OST from the Drama


Favorite OTP scenes from the Drama



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