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Yun Zhong Ge《云中歌》Drama Opening Song

I’ve been dying to watch this drama for ages, the broadcast date is still unknown I just read on SSB that the broadcast date is Nov 12th I have stumbled across the opening song to the drama sang by Li Yu Chuan (李宇春) that I would like to share with everyone.


11 thoughts on “Yun Zhong Ge《云中歌》Drama Opening Song

  1. i just wonder how far yu zheng mess up with novel. to my understanding, liu bing yi (liu xun) is set as the male lead in the tv adaptation. i just want to see my beloved ling gege.


    1. Yu Zheng is the worse when it comes to playarsim and changing the novel of adaptation. From the trials I’m afraid Liu Bing Yi is the male lead (I’m not complaining that Chen Xiao isn’t great), bit same as you i want my Ling Ge Ge too~


  2. Wah, never got around to finish reading the novel because to wasn’t fully translated sadly ~ (goal to learn chinese for this haha) and I hope the drama is good, ( don’t know about Angelababy doing it) On the other hand, I’m Excited for Da Mo Yao ! ♡


    1. I’m dying to see Da Mo Yao too, I just hope they would hurry up with the broadcast of both shows (well at least we know Yun Zhong Ge is broadcasting this Nov *fingers crossed*). It’s been forever…


      1. SARF is a pain in the ass, its like China is trying to be like North Korea and control what their citizens can and cannot see. But at least their not that controlling to North Korea standards.


      2. Haha thanks for the correction, it’s SARF (woops ^^;) lol at the north korea reference,
        Found your blog at peanuts’ blog 😀 ( I am a sucker for people who translate c novels because me learning is hard u.u) And your manga reviews are cute > 3 < (yay for managa fans haha) won't bother you now, hope to see more of your posts in the future! ♡


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