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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 19.1


Chapter 19.1 – Lovers Suite

 Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & lemonsalt

On the 20th, Nuo Nuo felt fidgety throughout the whole day.

In the morning, she took the wrong toothbrush to brush her teeth; during her meal time, she forgot to take food; during the meeting, she was distracted and used her colleague’s cup to drink water….. and so on. This resulted in people within a 9 km radius of Nuo Nuo to draw this conclusion: There’s something wrong with Nuo Nuo today.

This nervous state of mind, even until night-time when dining out with Xiao Big Boss, it still wasn’t any better. When he saw how nervous Nuo Nuo was until she couldn’t even slice the steak, Xiao Big Boss shook his head. He reached over the table and used his hand to wipe the steak sauce at the corner of the small white rabbit’s mouth and said, “Nuo Nuo, if you don’t want to, we don’t have to go tonight.”

“Hum?” Totally immersed in her own small world, when she heard his words, Nuo Nuo instantly awoke. Before she could think, her mouth opened loudly, “No way!”

Of course not, one thousand times no way, ten thousand times no way! She had to use a great effort and determination when she let down her pride to give the VIP tickets to Xiao Big Boss, if she backed out now, won’t she be suffering a double loss?

After Nuo Nuo finished roaring, she suddenly realized, it seems…… well, she was being too direct, so she tactfully tried to save her face, “I mean, it was not easy for my mother and father to win second prize, and I haven’t stayed in the diamond lovers suite before, so one can’t recklessly waste this divine gift >O<“

A glint of humour flashed across Xiao Big Boss’ eyes, but he still gave face and did not expose his small white rabbit. He nodded, “Well, then eat quickly, once you’re finished eating, I’ll take you to the diamond lovers suite and we can see what exactly it looks like.”

An hour later, when Nuo Nuo was really standing in the lovers suite, she was so stunned that her mouth gaped wide open, unable to speak.

In the middle of the room, was a dreamy princess round bed with a radius of one metre, surrounded by long chains of sparkling crystals beads, draped by magnificent floaty white gauze; this created a warm atmosphere and cosy atmosphere for the whole room. The floor was covered by a fuzzy pink carpet, there was a sofa, but there were a few low tables piled high with kawaii (cute) style pillows, even the television was decorated with a Hello Kitty covering.

In front of the windows, was a  small and cute pale blue computer, with a variety of dolls placed at the sides. Nuo Nuo was thoroughly stunned, this wasn’t a lovers suite, it was…… a bashful young girl’s boudoir!

When Xiao Big Boss saw this, he burst out laughing, picked up a teddy bear and patted its paw, “This hotel is quite smart, it is generally known that the selection of a hotel is usually a woman’s decision, so they decided to decorate the room to the taste of the ladies.”

When the small white rabbit heard this, she playfully winked, “Ah? How do you that choosing a hotel is usually a woman’s decision? Perhaps CEO Xiao, you also often take girls to these kind of places to spend the night?”

As the words fell, Xiao Big Boss gave a faint smile as he gazed at Nuo Nuo, his eyes had a profound look which was unfathomable. When the small white rabbit met his gaze, her little heart started to beat wildly. As her heart rhythm accelerated, Xiao Big Boss’ pacing of steps seemed to increase as he walked towards Nuo Nuo.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

It was obviously a wool carpet, their shoes had obviously been taken off when they came in, but Nuo Nuo seemed to be able to clearly hear the sound of Xiao Big Boss’ every footstep. In an instant, Nuo Nuo’s head was covered by a large shadow.

Xiao Yi’s voice was deep and hoarse, “Nuo Nuo, today it was obviously you who brought me here.”

Nuo Nuo’s cheeks flushed crimson, her fingers unconsciously started to clench together. On the surface, Xiao Big Boss was answering her playful taunt, but his true underlying meaning was crystal clear to the small white rabbit —— you brought me here, therefore, tonight you must take full responsibility.

Xiao Big Boss slowly leaned in, at the very moment he was going to seize her, the unscrupulous rabbit immediately moved aside, grabbed her bag and escaped into the bathroom. As she scampered off, she said self-deceivingly, “I, I’m going to take a bath——”


As the shy rabbit dawdled around, mustering as much courage before coming out from the bathroom, Xiao Big Boss was already in his pajamas, peacefully asleep in bed.


At first Nuo Nuo was in disbelief, well…… in the novel it usually goes likes this, the male pig cunningly pretends to be asleep, lying in wait as the pure and beautiful female lead to go over and check, then he will suddenly get up, and embrace and kiss…… The small white rabbit pouted, Xiao Big Boss was indeed black belly, actually resorting to tricks! Hum! She will not fall for this!

So, the clever small white rabbit bypassed the enemy’s trap, dried her hair then turned on the computer to play, she wanted to see how long Xiao Big Boss can pretend, the results——

Half an hour passed, Xiao Big Boss was breathing steadily, without any hint of anxiousness……

An hour later, Xiao Big Boss was sleeping peacefully, he didn’t even toss and turn about……

One and half hours later, Xiao Big Boss was in a dream-like state, even snorting twice, then! Then he turned around, held the pillow and continued to sleep soundly.


Two hours later, the small white rabbit was furious!

Disgrace such disgrace, this was a—— clearly a threat + crisis + humiliation!

With a beauty present, Xiao Big Boss was completely indifferent, so he washed up and went to sleep! Wasn’t this unfair? For tonight, she even specially bought new underwear……

Well, she admitted, she really was very nervous about tonight, but on second thought, Xiao Big Boss and her relationship was already set, Xiao Mama even decided on their wedding, thus, Nuo Nuo felt even if they did it, it was all right.

Moreover, all this time, Xiao Big Boss looked like he was enduring very painfully, there were a few times they almost did it but because of some reason or another, they were hampered. Tonight, the small white rabbit already gave both open invitation and hints, so even if she was nervous, she also quietly made preparations. In the end, she was in an apprehensive state, but the other party has already fallen sleep.

Nuo Nuo cried, when she thought of Su Su’s big mouth, spreading the tonight’s news to their circle of girl friends, she became even more depressed. If her close friends found out that she and her boyfriend spent the night in the lovers suite, but nothing happened, won’t she become a laughing-stock?!

Therefore, the small white rabbit valiantly charged to the bedside, just as she was going to push Xiao Yi awake, she saw there the item in his hands—— a document.

Nuo Nuo sigh then stared at Xiao Big Boss sleeping with a slightly wrinkled brow, her heart throbbed and couldn’t bring herself to wake him up. Recently, has the company been that busy? Xiao Big Boss works hard in the day and also at night. Two days ago, he also flew to two or three different places for business, after knowing him for so long, this should be the busiest period.

Nuo Nuo had also secretly asked Fei Long boss about it, and he just said: The company has a large project, Xiao Yi has been flying everywhere to find a good partner for this project, trying to get more investment funds. But with regards to the details of the project, Fei Long refused to reveal anything.

The small white rabbit also didn’t dare to ask any further questions even if she wanted to. She lightly stroked Xiao Yi’s forehead wrinkles, and wanted to take away the document. Just as she touched the document, her hand was stopped in mid-air. The Xiao Yi that was mumbling in his sleep not too longer suddenly grasped the small white rabbit’s wrist.

His eyes flickered open, the room was only lighted by the wall lamp, Xiao Big Boss roamed his eyes swiftly around the surroundings. Nuo Nuo was startled, then lowered her head and asked, “Did I wake you up?”

Xiao Yi did not answer, his gaze was intense, staring so hard at Nuo Nuo as if one look was never going to be enough. The two remained in this position, one lying down while the other was bending over stiffly. Because of the close distance, the warm breath surrounded Nuo Nuo, arousing a neck tingling sensation. Nuo Nuo was extremely bashful as she playfully pushed Xiao Big Boss away. She wanted to retract her hand, as she was muttering to herself, she was suddenly pulled into Xiao Yi’s embrace.

The familiar masculine scent enveloped her, Nuo Nuo shyly buried her head in Xiao Yi’s chest, and could not bring herself to raise her head. Xiao Big Boss nibbled Nuo Nuo’s burning red ear lobes, and whispered, “Nuo Nuo, do you know what is the price of awaking the big wolf?”

The small white rabbit blushed, but still she nodded.

“Then are you willing?”

Nuo Nuo looked up, under the dim lights she could see Xiao Big Boss glowing face, with her eyes smiling, “Do I still have the chance to back out?”

Disclaimer: This part contains explicit content. We advise any readers under 18 to read at their own risk.

After she finished speaking, her lips was heavily pressed down, tender yet overbearing. Their breathing started to increase and become uneven. Unlike in the past, this kiss seemed excessively wild, all-consuming, as if it was a fuse, igniting a fire within their bodies.

Nuo Nuo felt uncomfortable, like her entire body was on fire. As she hesitated, Xiao Big Boss’ large hand already started to stroke her back, like caressing a kitten’s fur, little by little, Xiao Yi used his hand to relax Nuo Nuo.

At the same time, Xiao Big Wolf’s tongue took advantage of her awareness, to cleverly enter into Nuo Nuo’s mouth, to entangle and frolic. Under the warm and enchanting lights, the draperies slowly fell. Nuo Nuo followed Xiao Yi’s lead, the atmosphere was getting more intense, the breathing more rapid, her heart-felt like it was consumed by flames as a large hand stealthily sneaked under her dress, and gripped her chest.

“Uh——” The small white rabbit mumbled a protest, but because someone’s kissed her til she felt dizzy and legs weakened, her entire body had no strength. With one flip, the two people changed position easily—— the small white rabbit was completely pressed down under Xiao Big Wolf’s body. While her body was stripped of her night-gown >O<

Nuo Nuo felt so shy that she was almost in tears, she could only helplessly shout, “The lights! Turn off the lights, turn off the lights!” Turns out what’s written in novels is true, at a time like…… Always so afraid of the lights.

Xiao Big Boss curved his lips and chuckled, got up and turned off the lights. In the darkness, Nuo Nuo felt more secure, just as she slightly let out one breath, Xiao Big Boss took advantage of the darkness to strip himself bare. When she felt his muscular chest against her back, Nuo Nuo felt increasingly hot all over.

But Xiao Big Boss was restless, at this time, he hugged Nuo Nuo from behind. As his wet kisses moved from the ears to the neck, Nuo Nuo could not help but to let out a soft moan, with their limbs entwined, she could already feel the change in Xiao Big Boss. Rubbing Nuo Nuo, Xiao Yi  playfully whined as he nibbled on the small white rabbit,

“Nuo Nuo, do you know that I had a hard time enduring?”

“Oh……” Nuo Nuo could not resist any longer, under Xiao Big Boss’ hands, she was also starting to be aroused. At this moment, wasn’t she also having a hard time waiting?

Their lips touched, their limbs entangled, finally, under Xiao Big Boss’ lead, the two-faced each other directly.

Before Xiao Yi entered, Nuo Nuo struggled, tightly holding Xiao Big Boss, she tearfully cried out, “I…… I’m afraid……”

“All right, I will always be with you.”

Always, accompany you, love you, dote you.

Until, the end of the world.

That night, Xiao Big Boss finally successfully ate a large and sumptuous feast.

Very good very successful.


lemonsalt: A very intense chapter 😉 Xiao Big Boss finally gets to eat his small white rabbit. What happens the next morning?


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