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Singing TV Show: Duets China (最美和聲)


I stumbled across this video on youtube while browsing and I quite like the concept of the mentors sing along with the contestants once they have agreed with their talent. Refreshing and new compare to the current reality singing shows on the market. Throughout the show the mentors also performs with the singers they have chosen, quite amazing some of the songs they sing. American’s was the first to run the show in 2012. From what I know there’s 2 season’s of the China version of the show. I showed my husband this show since he likes watching reality singing show, he thought it was lame >.> (we surely have different taste huhu, his not really into Mainland China stuff, only sticking to his Hong Kong TVB stuff) Who has watched this show before?

This singer has quite a touching story, she uploads her covers online and this male from Taiwan became her fan, he flew all the way to her home town and also to the live auditions to support her. The mentors ask all sorts of question on the development of their relationship. “Are you guys together?”, “When are you getting married?” hahaha the song she choose to sing and dedicate to him was, “Across the seas to see you (漂洋过海来看你)” describes him perfectly doesn’t it?

Amazing amazing cover, brings back many memories of my teenage years. <3<3<3 Gotta love old school classic songs

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