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Manga: 100% Perfect Girl (100% 의 그녀) – Wann


Other Name: 100% 完美情人

Author: Wann

Status: Complete, 82 Chapters

Summary: Jay Jin is the headstrong teenage rebel, determined to prove she’s serious about making art. J. Max is the tall debonair foreigner, in Korea on business, with more–much more–to his background than he lets on. On the surface, it would seem as though Jay and J. have nothing in common… until a chance encounter in a hotel lobby sparks a mysterious attraction. Will true love prove strong enough to overcome the language barrier, not to mention the thousands of miles separating two attractive people? Then there are the interventions of friends and family who think they know best… as well as a disastrous encounter with spicy chicken kebab!

Genre: Action, Manhwa, Mature, Psychological, Romance, Shoujo




We’re first introduced to our female heroine Jay Jin, an average Korean high school student from a working class family. She has a mother who favors her older brother (who’s a medical student) and focus all her attention and affections towards him. Leaving Jay on the shorter end, she can’t purist her dream of becoming a professional artist, and is told to just have sustainable job and marry someone. Could she really give up and go with the life that’s plan out before her?

As fate would have she meets our male lead Jarte Marx, in the hotel (describes as insanely handsome and also the King of Roinne, a prosperous small country), who instantly infatuated with her and follows her to the countryside. Upon getting off the bus she overhears a commotion, turns out the foreigner Jarte Marx has no money on him to pay for his cab fare and is unable to communicate, Jay whose family runs a home stay is able to speak on his behalf and kindly pays for him. She offers him chicken kebab and Jarte is nearly killed by an allergic reaction. What will happen from here on? Read here to find out

This manga was recommended by giginka. At first the manga appears to the typical Cinderella story where the female heroine falls in love with the handsome Prince and lives a happy blissful life together. However it’s not your typical Cinderella story, although the story theme is based on romance, the manga explores some dark themes such as semi-rape, betrayal, revenge, Mafia, kidnappings, assassinations, attempted suicide, murder, and violent relationships.

At first Jarte comes off as obsessive and possessive lover, but as the story develops the reader get an insight into why he is the way he is. By all means it doesn’t mean I agree with Jarte actions, like giginka said about the manga, “he wants posses her, both body and soul. He wants to have her burn in his skin. He can just swallow her entire person by his kiss, and it will not be enough….” this describes the extent of his possessive and obsessiveness. He might be a Prince but his only human, doesn’t automatically mean he has no flaws.

Jay Jin on the other hand I thought her reaction to Jarte marriage proposal was quite realistic. A handsome prince proposes to you, doesn’t mean you have to agree because it’s too surreal and a once in a lifetime opportunity, she rejects him not knowing whether she loves him. I condemn her for this because not everyone can shy away from temptation.

You know there’s a saying don’t judge a book by its cover? Well don’t judge a manga by its cover. I think it’s interesting that the author doesn’t focus on the brighter things in life and tries to emphasis on the realistic aspect that could happen in a relationship. And meeting a Prince doesn’t guarantee you happiness, the characters in the manga may not be realistic but the topics and issues they explore definitely is.

12 thoughts on “Manga: 100% Perfect Girl (100% 의 그녀) – Wann

    1. I liked that it wasn’t the typical fairytale and dark themes the manga explore, it’s nice to read something different once in a while and it had a charm that kept you going through the chapter. Not too much things happen at once which gave the reader a breather to digest the events.


  1. Now that you remind me, I have read this manhwa years ago, and heck, it was darn depressing. Not to trash or something, but it would have been better if it is just 2 volumes or 3, it feels like all these depressing things that are happening is just all because the author keeps on prolonging the story.

    I remember that my favorite part of this manga, as it suddenly pop out of my mind when I was remembering how depressing it was to read it, was when thy were on a long distance relationship if I am not mistaken, I loved that part when they were LITERALLY writing letters to each other, I can’t get over how sweet it was. Then everything turned from bad and worse, like nothing goes right between the two of them until the ending.

    Honestly, I can’t even remember the whole story anymore as most of the time, I want to forget the plot as soon as I’m done reading it, I skipped a lot of chapters I remember, like about 2 or 3 chapters in between, because sometimes it feels like a torture reading it until its no longer a love story to me but a unending problem story. I’m not even against depressing manga actually, like I love Nana, Ciel, Princess, etc. . These are darn depressing but its still worthwhile reading it while 100% perfect girl just rubbed me the wrong way, same with Bride of the water god where nothing ever goes right.

    Or maybe I was just so much younger when I read it and it was just not my cup of tea during that time, although I don’t think I’d like to reread it again. Did you read all of the chapters?


    1. Yes I have read all the chapters. By all means it not my favorite manga I just thought it was different. Compared to Bride of the Water God I felt this manga was more bearable.


      1. Wow, I look up to you. Now that I think of it, haft past the story, what made me frown the most in this story is how they were doing exactly the opposite of how they were feeling. The real problem is they don’t communicate with each other, what they improved in time is their ability to hurt each other more and it annoyed me to watch them. The sad thing about this, they are no longer the same person they were when they first met each other, which made this more realistic at least. Well I read it years ago, maybe it’s just a matter of perceptive.


      2. Yeah I think when you reach certain stage of your life, your perceptive on certain things change. The song “out of reach” by Gabrielle reminds me of the couple


      3. First time I’ve heard of her. I haven’t been in the English music scene in a while. Huhuhu *guilty as charged* she has a nice smoothing voice though


      4. It’s a beautiful song ain’t it? It’s my favorite song especially when I feel like being in love or being in a harmless giddy crush. I missed feeling that way, sooo much. By the way I pulled the courage to reread this manhwa again, jut the first 15 chapters when it’s still good and the last 30 chapters and heck, it’s now a lot better. I no longer find it as horrible as I used to find it before.

        It’s makes one wonder, I am still the same person as I was the first time I read it but it’s just a little baffling how my way of thinking changed, in a positive side, I can now face the things I hated more calmly or even change my opinion on it while on the negative side, those little things that made me so happy years before no longer gives me the same impact. I don’t know if I should be happy with this fact, it’s like the more you grow up, the harder it is to gain happiness and contentment, unlike the way we were when we were young.

        Anyway, going back to business, It’s now a lot better and tolerable, I no longer have to take a deep breath before continuing the story. Although I don’t think I want anyone to be that obsessive of me since it will only feel good at the start in true life, and despite the changes after all these years, I’m glad that their love still found their home in each other. Now that I reread it, I found out that their mail exchange were actually on email, what a bummer, it would have been sweeter in paper. By the way, have you watched Love Letter yet? It’s a Japanese film, this movie is just BEAUTIFUL, I’d just like to mention, I watched it multiple times. ^^


      5. That’s the sad thing about maturing and growing up, we’re not naive as we used to be and we have expectations from ourselves and others.

        Same as you I don’t think I’ll be able to cope with someone that obsessive either. Regarding ‘love letter’ I can’t remember if I’ve seen this I shall check it out to see whether I have or not


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