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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 19.2


Chapter 19.2 – Lovers Suite

 Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & lemonsalt

The distinction between fiction and reality, is that fiction is too good to be true, whereas reality is harsh and cruel. That’s why, what is written in romance novels, are all a pack of lies. And this truth, is only realized by Nuo Nuo now.

In the bathroom, Nuo Nuo grimaced in pain as she gargle her mouth, feeling a hollow emptiness inside.

She’s also a mature woman, occasionally, she will fantasize about lovemaking scenarios or images. So last night when Xiao Big Boss pounced over, Nuo Nuo admitted, she was actually quite excited.


However, when they progressed to the final step, any sense of mystery was lost. Instead, there was an emptiness. Upon awakening this morning, her thoughts where in a mess and she didn’t know she felt. But the thing that made her the most resentful was, it really… hurts /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ When she went to the bathroom just now, Xiao Big Boss would have seen, even her walking posture was strange, boohoo, mom, it’s too embarrassing.

As the small white rabbit inspected the strawberry mark on her neck, with her thoughts running wild, there was a knocking sound on the door.

“Nuo Nuo?”

Nuo Nuo exclaimed, she just realized how greatly absent-minded she was, she occupied the bathroom for a very very long time. After haphazardly washing her face, she went out with the strange walking posture and obediently sat next to Xiao Big Boss. However, just as she sat down, because she was concerned about the wound at a certain area, the expression on the face changed to that of extreme pain.

When Xiao Big Boss saw this, he immediately hugged the small white rabbit in his embrace, kissed her forehead and said in a light tone, “Still feeling uncomfortable?”

The small white rabbit’s eyes glimmered tearily, pouted and nodded her head. Then pausing in thought, she acknowledged that this was a necessary rite of passage for every woman, so she can’t blame Xiao Big Boss. She started to shake her head emphatically.

Xiao Big Boss saw the small white rabbit nodding then shaking her head, and couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry, “I’ve already helped you to take leave from work, have a good rest today, tomorrow it’ll be alright.”

Nuo Nuo shyly lay in Xiao Yi’s arms, not daring to lift her head. Last night, because of someone’s lack of self-control + inexperience, disregarding Nuo Nuo’s gloriously wounded bleeding circumstances, he actually went on to carry out a second round of “atrocities”. Naturally, the small white rabbit couldn’t get a good night’s rest, and finally after falling into a very light sleep, in a moment, it was already daylight.

Xiao Yi held his pitiful small white rabbit, and also felt vexed with himself, he always thought he was a restrained and steady person, always able to hide all emotions in front of others. However, he didn’t expect that last night, he would lost all control——

Xiao Big Boss gritted his teeth, sighed, “In the future…… it won’t happen again.”

“Huh?” Nuo Nuo blinked, gazed up at Xiao Yi, but saw that the other party had already embarrassingly turned his face to the side, his ears burned a fiery red, “Last night, it happened so suddenly, so…… Well, Nuo Nuo, in the future, I won’t hurt you again.”

The small white rabbit’s lips curled up as she recalled Xiao Big Boss’ clumsiness last night, was instantly enlightened, “Woohoo! So all along, Xiao Big Boss didn’t have any experience, okay disregard that, but he didn’t even take any classes and just did it? Didn’t he ask his friends for advice, and also didn’t watch any videos, could it be, mensao Xiao Big Boss is shy?

When she realized this, Nuo Nuo’s mood was lifted, just as she wanted to tease him, the cunning Xiao Yi changed the topic, “Nuo Nuo, what is this?”

Following Xiao Big Boss’ glance, Nuo Nuo saw the shirt she bought for Xiao Big Boss, and…… A small pillow.

So, actually besides yesterday being their first intimate experience together, it was also Xiao Big Boss’ birthday.

Because of this birthday, Nuo Nuo had gone through a lot of trouble to prepare a gift for her boyfriend, so last night she brought it along with her to the hotel. But who would expect, before she had a chance to present it, she was treated as the gift, unwrapped and devoured.


Nuo Nuo said, “Last time we went shopping, I saw that you really liked the shirt, so I bought it for you, as for the pillow……” As for the pillow, it was the real birthday gift, this sentence was stuck in the small white rabbit’s throat, she blushed red, feeling somewhat embarrassed to say it out.

This pillow was not an ordinary pillow, it was a cross-stitch pillow. The two cute little dolls on the pillowcase was hand drawn by Nuo Nuo, then stitch by stitch, it was embroidered on. During the period when Xiao Big Boss was jealous and angry, thinking that Nuo Nuo and Ran Qing He were out on dates, actually, everyday the small white rabbit was working hard throughout the night under the lamp, poking and jabbing away.

Nuo Nuo coquettishly opened her palms, “You look at this, here, here, and here, are needle holes, boohoo…… Fortunately, the cross-stitch needle wasn’t too sharp, otherwise my hands will turn into a honeycomb.”

Just as the small white rabbit finished speaking, Xiao Big Boss grabbed Nuo Nuo’s fingers, knitted his eyebrows together, his face was very solemn. That’s right, not a heartache expression, a…… fierce expression. Nuo Nuo raised an eyebrow, and felt a little afraid, it can’t be? She just wanted her first birthday present to Xiao Big Boss to be a personally handmade special gift for him, so she decided to learn cross-stitch. At the same time, when he is extremely touched, carry out brainwashing, so that Xiao Yi would willingly become a tame wolf.

But now, what’s up with Xiao Big Boss’ dark mood and ferocious expression?

On this side, Xiao Yi had a straight expression on his face as he took Nuo Nuo’s fingers and carefully examined them, then in a stern voice he said, “What should we do?!”

“What do you mean what should we do?” The small white rabbit shrank back, what is going on? Why is Xiao Big Boss reacting so strangely?

Xiao Yi pulled Nuo Nuo tightly in an embrace, still holding a straight expression on his face, he held her fingers, “This is our Xiao family item, since you damaged it, you must compensate!!”

Nuo Nuo was startled, then she burst into laughter, her heart was filled with warmth. Placing her hands on her hips, she said, “Hmph, so you trust me now? I wasn’t dating Ran Qing He, just trying to make you angry…… Also, that night when Papa’s incident occurred, it wasn’t what you thought. He was pestering me by waiting downstairs, just at that moment, Papa vomited blood, so under the urgent circumstances——”

Her words were incomplete, someone leaned over and sealed her lips.


After a long time, the panting Xiao Big Boss forced himself to release the delicious small white rabbit, raised an eyebrow and said, “I believe you regarding the hospital incident, but Nuo Nuo, there’s still some things you haven’t told me right?”

The small white rabbit laid on the bed and rolled around, until she felt that she was a safe distance from Xiao Big Grey Wolf, then said, “What things?”

Xiao Big Grey Wolf smiled slyly, “For example…… you already knew Xiao Xiao is my junior.”

Nuo Nuo was silent.

She should have known, at the hospital, the crafty old Xu Comrade was no match for Xiao Big Boss, who played him like a fool. How could the brilliant Xiao Big Grey Wolf not find any clues? Certainly, he already knew earlier on that she was trying to put him in order right?

Or perhaps, he didn’t take any action because he is tacitly approves of her tactics?

Nuo Nuo gave a big sigh, after the hospitalization incident of Xu Papa, she was feeling kind of tired of the Taming Wolf Plan, leaning on the bed, she protested coquettishly, “It’s because you were so obnoxious, you knew I liked my job at Owl Wing yet you still chased me away, hmph! But when did you realize that I was fooling you ah?”

Xiao Big Boss thought earnestly, “When I saw future mother-in-law scold her husband, I came to a realization.” Like mother, like daughter, such a formidable Xu mama, how could she have nurtured such a gentle cute small white rabbit? It seems he was wrong right from the beginning, the small white rabbit was never a small white rabbit, instead she was a tigress in a rabbit’s skin, and he, was the one actually being devoured.

With this in mind, Xiao Yi miserably gave a faint cough and said, “Anyway, I will accept my birthday gift.” At this stage, he just has to accept it.

When she heard this, Nuo Nuo eyes curved up, she hugged Xiao Big Boss who was hugging the pillow, “Isn’t my embroidery nice?”

“Well, I don’t mean this gift.”

Nuo Nuo found it strange, “Then what is it?”

Xiao Big Boss looked very earnest and intently stared at the small white rabbit, “Before coming to the hotel I already did a check, they never held any lovers suite promotional activities.”

“…………” The small white rabbit was speechless, before she could digest Xiao Yi’s words, she heard the other person say, “Originally… I wanted to wait until we were married, but I know you must feeling very insecure so you were eager, thus——”

Pausing for a moment, Xiao Yi said, “Nuo Nuo, I really like this birthday gift.”




Above, were the changing expressions on Nuo Nuo’s face.

Obviously, she was the one cleanly devoured by someone, however, in the end she was regarded as a perverted female——

Obviously, it was Xiao Big Boss who was the big bad wolf, but instead he puts on a pitiful expression as if he was the one being eaten——

Also, who can tell her, this hotel lottery matter, what the hell is going on!!

At the same time, Xu Mama and Xu Papa were comfortably drinking a cup of tea, playing games on the laptop at home.

Xu papa couldn’t bear it and hesitatingly said, “Wife, I don’t feel too good about it.”

Xu Mama rolled her eyes, “What do you know? Nuo Nuo’s aggressive side has been exposed, if Xiao Pineapple is frightened away, he can’t be tricked into marriage, so its best to take the initiative to gain the upper hand…”

Xu Papa: “But, after Nuo Nuo finds out wouldn’t she be angry with us?”

Xu Mama: “She won’t dare!! But if she is really angry, old man, vomit blood again for her to see!”

Xu Papa: “……”

Pitiful Nuo Nuo, pitiful Xiao Big Boss, under Xu Papa and Xu Mama’s schemes and intrigues, they were mutually eaten.



lemonsalt: 1-0 to the old Xu Couple. Haha when I first read it, I didn’t expect Xu Mama to be the one behind the lovers suite scheme. Anyway, how cute is playful Xiao Big Boss and earnest Xiao Big Boss! 🙂


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