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Manga: 16-sai, Shinkon Hajimemashita (16歳、新婚はじめました) – Kayoru


Author/Artist: Kayoru

Status: Only 2 Chapters released. (On going)

Plot: Getting married at 16 years old? Swayed by the husband’s unreasoning love.(Credits Chibi Manga)

Genre: Shoujo



I quite like chapter 1 of this manga, we’re introduced to the young Kaburaki Wakaba (the female lead) and Sousuke promising to marry each other when they turn 16. Sou-chan parents goes Bankrupt and Wakaba propose that get married. And so their marriage life begins. Sousuke is not the type that openly displays his affection for Wakaba, however one day he comes on with a fever, and he does a 360 suddenly all affection and lovely. The next day when he recovers it appears he doesn’t remember his actions from the previous day. Sort of reminds me of Katy Perry’s song “Hot and Cold”. Haha

I will add a more in depth review has the manga progress. You can read the manga here if you’re interested.

8 thoughts on “Manga: 16-sai, Shinkon Hajimemashita (16歳、新婚はじめました) – Kayoru

      1. Hopefully, They could translate it faster XD.
        Sometimes I am lacking of patience to wait. another case, I hate when I am waiting but the manga stop released, such as Princess manhwa T.T


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