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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 20.1


Chapter 20.1 – The Company Crisis 

 Disclaimer: This chapter has been translated by sutekii & lemonsalt

The hotel incident, even if Nuo Nuo used her toes, she could guess who was the initiator of evil. But what is done cannot be undone, so after returning home, she should just be a tortoise and not mention a word. The two parents also pretended to not see anything and not know anything, busying themselves with preparations for the wedding. On Xiao Big Wolf’s side, since he had already had his first taste of the sweetness of the future bright “sex” life [1], he also became more and more active in the marriage preparation matters.

However, Xiao Big Boss was the planner, but the actual implementation of errands was carried out by the unlucky small white rabbit, Nuo Nuo.


After the couple had a frank discussion with each other, Nuo Nuo  was no longer willing to stay on and cause trouble in Xiao Xiao’s company, so she took the initiative to hand in her resignation letter. Thus, the unemployed Nuo Nuo very naturally had to bear the responsibility of sending the wedding invitations, decorating the house, looking for the wedding hotel venue and other troublesome matters.

But Nuo Nuo also had her own ideas, she cannot indulge Xiao Big Boss, even if she cannot cultivate him into a tame wolf, she must also make him let go of his male chauvinism. After the wedding preparations are done, if Xiao Big Boss still refuses to let her return to Owl Wing, she’ll go out and look for a job.

Not because she’s being petulant, nor was because she wants to threaten him, she just wants Xiao Yi to clearly understand: Women hold up half the sky. However, when Nuo Nuo handed in her resignation letter to《Huang Yan》, an episode also occurred.

So it goes, at the same time Nuo Nuo handed in her resignation letter, she also heard that the personnel manager, Ran Qing He,  also left without a reason. Since he has worked in《Huang Yan》for many years, Xiao Xiao gave Ran Qing He some face, he implicitly replaced the word “dismissal” with the word “leave”. Previously, Nuo Nuo had politely asked Xiao Big Boss about the matter, Xiao Yi only said, Ran Qing He was a greedy and superficial person, some time ago he was became a gambling addict, so even with a seemingly good salary as a personnel manager, it was unable to support his expenses. At the beginning of this year, his extensive credit card debts forced him to avoid picking up the phone. At this time, a rival company seized the opportunity, tempted Ran Qing He to be a mole, whenever《Huang Yan》had a new development or project, he’ll need to inform the competitor.

Fortunately, the small white rabbit’s issue gave Xiao Big Boss a chance to see the clues, after checking it out thoroughly, he found out about Ran Qing He’s dealings. Fortunately, Ran Qing He was in the Personnel Department, he would not be able to get his hands on a lot of confidential documents in a short period of time, so he could only tell the competitors some minor information.

When Nuo No heard this, she exclaimed. On one hand, she lamented on Ran Qing He’s poor character, while on the other hand, she was very pleased with herself: Well, seems like it’s true that karma is just a matter on time.

She actually went to 《Huang Yan》to make Xiao Big Boss angry, but the result was that the mole in the company was caught, ha!

After Nuo Nuo and Xiao Big Boss discussed this matter, they had a good laugh and no longer thought about it. The small white rabbit was not all interested about Ran Qing He’s fate or outcome, but after a week had passed, Nuo Nuo and Ran Qing He accidentally meet by chance.

That day, after Nuo Nuo and her mother spent most of the day shopping, they finally picked a favorite chandelier for the newly-wed’s home, and bought some sofa cushions, tablecloths and other miscellaneous items. Xu Mama was still in high spirits, she wanted to take her daughter to the supermarket, to buy some fresh ingredients for a hot-pot at home.

Nuo Nuo’s hands finally could not endure the weight of carrying small and big bags, so she directly took the elevator to the sixth floor. While drinking coffee and resting, she patiently waited for Xu Mama to finish shopping. Just as she was leisurely flipping through  the magazine, she saw a modern and contemporary couple walking out arm in arm, because the couple were chatting cheerfully and humorously, their voices sounded loud in the quiet coffee shop. Nuo Nuo lazily lifted her gaze from the magazine, and was instantly stunned. In front of her,  the dashingly handsome guy in a suit and leather shoes, wasn’t it Ran Qing He?

After the hospital incident, Nuo Nuo and Ran Qing He became half an enemy. Ordinarily, encountering each other in such a scenario, Nuo Nuo also would have pretended she didn’t see anything and continued to drink her own coffee. But today, the thing which caused the small white rabbit much surprise was the woman holding Ran Qing He’s arm.

After knowing each other for a few years, the small white rabbit failed to see through Ran Qing He, but she understood that this man was attracted to good looks, from Lolita’s to serious ladies, from cute to sexy types, most of the ladies he seduced are young and beautiful, but looking at the person next to him today, really…… it was unusual.

Shaggy eyebrows, drooping down small eyes, thick lips and even powder could not cover her rough skin. Although she dressed fashionably, but this woman, no matter how one looks at it, isn’t she considered an aunty type? A model example of a woman trying to rely on clothes and makeup to hide the signs of aging, when did Ran Qing He end up in such dire straits?

Because this discovery really caused Nuo Nuo much shock, she also could not help but steal some more glances at the couple. Aunty was sensitive, she also stopped and stared at Nuo Nuo. At the same time, Ran Qing He who was being affectionate with Aunty finally realised Nuo Nuo’s existence.

The small white rabbit was a bit embarrassed, so she pretended to causally lower her head and read the magazine, but still she heard Ran Qing He’s voice, “Baby, get the car first, I’ll come over in a bit.”

Aunty probably guessed that Nuo Nuo was Ran Qing He knew each other, with a despising glance at Nuo Nuo, she snorted and left. After seeing Aunty has gone far enough, Ran Qing He sat down, with a frivolous expression he sneered, “Little Nuo Nuo, why didn’t your Xiao Big Boss accompany you?”

Nuo Nuo kept calm in this crisis situation, pretended that she didn’t see Ran Qing He’s ugly face, and continued to read her magazine. It was not surprising that the Ji Pin Nan knew Xiao Big Boss, her husband had a great reputation in the circle. If Ran Qing He asked around, he would be able to find out. When Ran Qing He saw Nuo Nuo treating him indifferently, instantly he scowled and gnashed his teeth in anger,

“Nuo Nuo, very good, you are very good! You teamed up with Xiao Yi to get me, but never mind, so what if you found out I was tampering with《Huang Yan》? Where’s the evidence? Since there is no evidence, you can never sue me.”

Nuo Nuo paused, she finally thoroughly understood why Xiao Xiao said Ran Qing He “left”. It seems, Xiao Big Boss wasn’t going let Ran Qing He off so easily, he was ready to send him to prison, but unfortunately, the sly fox found out and gave them the slip without leaving any traces behind.

So, Ran Qing He was not venting his anger on her?

The small white rabbit slightly frowned, her heart suddenly skipped a beat. On one side, Ran Qing He squinted slightly and said, “Nuo Nuo, I’m not afraid to tell you the truth, just now that was the CEO of Yu Qu . You go and inquire, who doesn’t know that Yu Qu has the strongest financial might in the circle? Xiao Yi fail to appreciate one’s kindness, Yu Qu’s CEO want to buy Owl Wing but he refused, and also intervened for《Huang Yan》, hmph! Now they can only wait to cry!”

Nuo Nuo remained silent, the beating of her heart sounded louder and louder. She has also heard of Yu Qu, it is true what Ran Qing He has just said, they are rich and domineering, but they’re just a toothless giant. The CEO doesn’t know market prices and also doesn’t know about technology, originally was a land developer. In the recent years the company made a lot of money, because they heard that the technology business was profitable, so they invested some money and sent people to make trouble.

They wanted to buy Owl Wing was indeed true, occasionally when everyone was having a meal together, she would hear the seniors joking around about it. As a result, without the seniors saying it, Nuo Nuo could guess that, with a black Bao Gong [2] face, Xiao Big Boss would refuse the offer outright. From what Ran Qing He has said, apparently he has been working as mole for this company during that period of time, incidentally, at the same time Ran Qing He was accepting bribes, he also accepted the CEO Aunty.


Now, that CEO Aunty and Ran Qing He  have been found out by Xiao Big Boss as the ones behind the mole affair at《Huang Yan》, new grudges are now added to old ones.

Nuo Nuo pursed her lips, “What do you mean? Yu Qu is not only interested in 《Huang Yan》, but also wants Owl Wing?”

When he heard this, Ran Qing He laughed even more and more ferociously, “You’re wise, Nuo Nuo just you wait. Even if I am not in 《Huang Yan》, it will break down. As for Owl Wing, the takeover plan is already in action, when the time comes, Xiao Yi will cry and beg us, perhaps we might allow him a technical director position in the company……”

As Ran Qing He said this, he evilly reached out his claw and pinched Nuo Nuo’s chin, “Tsk tsk, look at this face. Nuo Nuo, keeping in mind our past relationship, if you regret now it’s not too late. Don’t wait until Xiao Yi becomes a beggar, then you come and beg me, you’re just after his money, isn’t it?”

After hearing his words, Nuo Nuo was sick to her stomach, thoroughly disgusted.

On the surface, he playfully flirts with the CEO Aunty, but behind her back, he wants her to be his mistress and take care of household duties, this disgusting Ran Qing He had it all planned out? So that’s why he was chasing her previously?

The small white rabbit grew more and more disgusted, her heart-felt like it had plunged into the sea and dived, she was so angry that she could not speak for some time, her entire body trembled and she could only stare resolutely at the man in front of her. Ugly, too ugly, if she stared any longer at this kind of person she would be defiling her eyes.

Nuo Nuo closed her eyes, with determination she turned around and shouted, “Security, security! This rogue molested me!!”


In the end, Ran Qing He had a white face as he was “invited” out by the security guard.

Nuo Nuo sat down dejectedly until Xu Mama came back with her haul, she absent-mindedly followed her back home. On way back, Nuo Nuo who has been brooding finally found it unbearable, in a low voice she asked, “Mama, Do you think… A very very rich company, just wants to trample on others within the same circle?”

Xu Mama who had a crazy shopping day did not take her daughter’s words to heart, she thought it was some novel or drama, and waved her hands, “Oh, who knows, what does an old woman like me know? If you asked me how much is one pound of potatoes in the market, it is more like it.”

Nuo Nuo looked up into the sky, muttered herself, “That’s right, Xiao Big Boss is so capable how could——”

Her words were left incomplete, Xu Mama checked out the hauls of the day and smiled as she added on a sentence, “Anyway, in the TV dramas are always acted out like that, the rich and powerful what wicked things can’t they accomplish ah?”

When she heard this, Nuo Nuo’s anxious heart which just calmed down gave a thud, a picture inadvertently floated through her mind:

That night in the hotel, Xiao Big Boss was so tired and fell asleep holding a document, she wanted to gently take it out of his hand, but Xiao Big Boss suddenly opened his eyes and grabbed her hand so tightly it hurt.

Nuo Nuo unconsciously touched her wrist, it seemed that the pain was still there, very intense, so nervous, what kind of document was it? And recently, Xiao Big Boss has been very busy, flying everywhere, every time she asked why he’s so busy, he only smiled without replying, the seniors’ answers were also all ambiguous.

Surely it doesn’t mean that… …

What Ran Qing He said is true, Yu Qu has started to take action?heart1

[1] Author uses a pun on xing fu: “性”福 vs 幸福 .  幸福 means happiness whereas 性 means sexual relations.

[2] 包公 (Bao Gong) is Lord Bao who is often portrayed with a black face in dramas. He is famous for his uncompromising stance against corruption among the government officials, upheld justice and refused to yield to higher powers.



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