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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 21


Chapter 21 – Bear The Responsibility

When he was finished with the company’s business it was already 2:30 AM, in order to avoid disturbing his parents’ rest, Xiao Yi drove to the new premises. After an afternoon of “aggressive war” and at night of maintenance work, when Xiao Yi reached home he was so tired that he couldn’t even open his eyes. He originally intended to collapse on to bed and fall asleep after entering the house, however when he opened the door, Xiao Big Boss was dumbfounded.

The lights were blazing, not only was the living room, bedroom, even the kitchen was lit by warm orange lights. The TV was on, the host and a group of people sat in a circle, don’t know what the topic they were discussing but they were happily giggling and laughing. Xiao Yi swept a glance around the neat and tidy house and after he ruled out the possibility of a thief entering the house, the corners of his mouth started rising up unconsciously.

Afraid of being home alone, so the entire house of lights was switched on; afraid of loneliness, so she turns on the TV even if she doesn’t intend to watch it, to let the house have some noise, who would do such a thing, there can only be one person——

Xiao Yi tiptoed cautiously into the bedroom, and indeed Nuo Nuo was curled up on the bed, sleeping soundly. See the little white rabbit fragrant shoulders, the quilt half covered half exposed appearance, uh, Xiao Big Boss who was tired felt his spirits lifted, if…… before resting he could stretch some muscles and bones that would be good.

Taking a quick shower, Xiao Big Wolf pounced on the small white rabbit, in a less deserving lingering harassment, Nuo Nuo finally woke up, “You came back?”

On one side Xiao Big Boss do not stop on his action, he mumbled, “Well, how do you know that I will come here?”

Nuo Nuo shook her head, “Just trying my luck.” Earlier on, Nuo Nuo called Owl Wing to asked about the maintenance of the website, Lin MM plaintively told her, seemingly very strong, Xiao Big Boss, Zi Yuan senior, Fei Long boss…… The company was able to go to all the battle. But hackers were prepared, a hole clearance, the firewall was barely repair when other viruses attacked.

Lin MM express injustice: Not to mention the professional brothers from the Technology Department and Planning Department unable to finish work tonight, even the Administrative Department also had to stick around until the website returned to normal before getting off work.

And when Lin MM finished the last call at twelve thirty in the morning, Nuo Nuo estimates that Xiao Big Boss won’t be home tonight, she simply packed a few things, not listening to her parents discouragement and went to the newlywed’s room and waited for Xiao Yi. Fortunately, she did not wait in vain.

Nuo Nuo laid her head on Xiao Yi’s shoulder, gentle and tactful, “Has the website been restored?”

Hearing these words, the person who was just buttoning her pyjama’s paused, his hand motion stop, his voice was cold three points, “How did you know? Who told you that?” Although today the website was a full range of attack, but because Owl Wing also has some protective measures, on the overall surface users just couldn’t open the Owl Wing website, that’s it. First of all its to prevent the game player from also getting the viruses and Trojans, secondly it can privately resolved this competition, at least prevent outsiders to expose oneself to ridicule.

But Nuo Nuo the technology idiot actually knew.

Xiao Big Boss complexion didn’t look tractive, he heavily asked, “Was it Lin MM that told you?”

Nuo Nuo shook her head, for the fear of implicating the innocent, but when she thought of telling the truth, she privately finding Fei Long boss to find out about the matter will be thoroughly exposed. With hesitation, Nuo Nuo was smart enough to change the topic, “I want to give you something.” Saying so, she hurriedly got off the bed to ramanging through her handbag, finally seriously to pass the object before Xiao Big Boss’ eyes.

Xiao Yi lifted his eyes, slightly startled.

The thing that the small white rabbit wanted him to see…… was this bank account saving booklet?

Xiao Yi couldn’t figure out the small white rabbit’s intentions, but he still obediently took the saving account booklet, upon opening to see, the account name indeed was Xu Nuo, and the total deposit was fifty thousand yuan. To Xiao Big Boss, fifty thousand dollars wasn’t anything, but for Nuo Nuo who has been in the work face for less than two years, it is not the same.

The small white rabbit returned to the bed and used the quilt cover to carefully hide her feet, before burying her head and bashfully said, “This money was slowly accumulated after I started working, I know it’s not much, but……” Nuo Nuo slightly paused, then she had the courage to lift her head, her eye’s glittering,

“But, I just want to take this money out and tell you, no matter what happens, I will support you in spirit, infinitely. A home, is not to say buying a newly wed room, two people living together is a home, when I just graduated, I also thought that as long as that person have a  car and a house, a man who treats me well means I’ve married well, but this is not the case, isn’t it?”

Nuo Nuo leaned against Xiao Big Boss’ shoulders, smiling sweetly, “The most important, I believe the man I married has prospects and has the ability, he can bring me happiness. So very early on I already knew, a home is two people building it together, only a couple that fight side by side can go to the end.”

Xiao Big Boss suddenly heard Nuo Nuo’s confession, he had a bit of difficulty in finding north, frowning he carefully checked at the saving account booklet a few times, his heart was inevitably moved. The books clearly records the history of the small white rabbit’s saving, hundred, one thousand, within two years time, the small white rabbit the miser had saved so much money.

Breathing a deep sigh of relief, Xiao Yi said, “Nuo Nuo, what are you trying to say?”

The topic has finally come to the main point, Nuo Nuo no longer shy away, she steadily looked at Xiao Big Boss as she said, “I know everything! Yu Qu is overbearing, the company is in crisis, your difficulties and also today’s attacks, I also know.”

Xiao Yi slightly squinted, trying to speak when Nuo Nuo covered his mouth, “Xiao Big Boss you just hear me out, I know, a crisis suddenly appear in the company, you want to bear alone and not let me worry about it. But we will get married soon, as your wife, as a member of the family, I have a duty and I also have the entitlement know the truth, even if it is not going to help you, I would like to give you maximum support spiritually!”

Being mindful of this the atmosphere was slightly awkward. Xiao Big Boss didn’t budge an inch, he continue to look at the saving account booklet in his hands. Nuo Nuo was too nervous that her palms was sweating, her mind was in a whirl. What does it mean if he doesn’t speak? Is he angry? Depressed? Or irritated that she’s being noisy, she’s not even an employee at the company any more yet she ran around and ask? Well, if this change to the ancient times, wouldn’t she be the evil consort who meddle in court affairs?

Also, if she waited for Xiao Big Boss ask her, who exactly told her these things, how should she reply? She cannot betray Lin MM, she also couldn’t betray Fei Long boss, but if she push the blame to Ran Qing He, Xiao vinegar will misunderstand she’s still in contact with him?

What to do what to do……

Nuo Nuo was so tangled that she almost wanted to jump over the wall, Xiao Big Boss finally opened his golden mouth, shook the saving account booklet in his hand and said in a clear tone, “These money, what did you originally had intended to do with it?”

“Well,” The small white rabbit daydream, for a moment she was speechless. In fact, if wasn’t because situation of Owl Wing on the verge of going bankrupt, Nuo Nuo will absolutely not to take her money out to indicate her position, Xiao Big Boss didn’t lack these few pence.


What Xiao Yi said is right, Nuo Nuo is a hundred percent of a miser. These were her hard-earned saved money, naturally she already had her own plan—— take it to her parents for safe-keep, until the wedding day, let her parents pretend this is the dowry money for herself, it is shooting two hawks with one arrow:

First of all, because it is her “dowry”, Xiao Big Boss will naturally feel shy to want hers, that way she can rightfully not let go of her private money; secondly, her parents can also save on the dowry money.


These words, the small white rabbit can’t really say it, just as she was trying to think hard on how to reply, she heard Xiao Big Boss faintly said, “So, today taking out the money it’s because you want a true confession, so going in such a big circle you want me to tell you recently what happened in Owl Wing?”

Nuo Nuo nodded.

Xiao Yi: “You want to bear the heavy responsibility of the family together?”

She continue to nod.

Xiao Yi: “Then if nothing happened to the company, the money shall be turned over as well, right?”

Nod-ing…… Why? So, what is called “Then if nothing happened to the company”? The small white rabbit stare at Xiao Big Boss with her eyes widened, the other person smiled, patted the small white rabbit’s head and incomparable spoil:

“Nuo Nuo, you have misunderstood.”

Originally, the Owl Wing production company under Xiao Big Boss wise leadership, not only will it suffer any losses such as collapsing, moreover it will only grow further, recently they were preparing to cooperate with a movie production company, the company directly make the game into a TV series. And this game selection is no than Nuo Nuo’s first original project at the company——《The Evil Kylin》.

Since Nuo Nuo started working at《Huang Yan》, Xiao Yi learnt a painful lesson, rather than let the small white rabbit work at other companies, other men flirting with her, he might as well let her stay under his own watchful eyes as it’ll be safer. Although because the wedding day is approaching, Nuo Nuo has numerous things to handle, so she temporarily didn’t go to work, but knowing her temper, she would likely go out and find a job.

So Xiao Big Boss always hesitated, what’s the most touching and most intimate way should he use to please the small white rabbit god back to the company. Obviously, 《The Evil Kylin》TV adaptation, inviting her back to write the script was a great opportunity. So Xiao Big Boss plan to put the project down, and have the formal contract signed with the filming companies, as a counterpoise please Nuo Nuo back to work.

The small white rabbit listened to Xiao Big Boss finish explaining, she blink of an eye, “I don’t believe it. If it is really so, you didn’t even let me see your file, don’t tell me give me the reasons why you’ve been busy, then what about the call I heard?” That night, Nuo Nuo clearly heard Xiao Big Boss said, even to the last step, never beg Yu Qu.

Xiao Big Boss smile, eloquence and way: “Cooperating with the filming company is true, but I’m not going to sell the game’s copyright them, but in turn, we’ll employ the filming company, and to do it ourselves.”

“Do it yourself?” Nuo Nuo exclaimed, but she saw Xiao Yi seriously nod.

Xiao Yi’s thought were refined, his perspective was unique, although he was optimistic about the film and television market, trying extend the game to more users, but they dare not flatter movie production company adaptation standard. In recent years, quite a few good game works produced by the production company was beyond recognition, they were mercilessly criticized by the game players.

So, Xiao Big Boss put forward a bold idea: Owl Wing will be solely responsible for the game drama production, from the script, clothing, actor all will be finalized by Owl Wing. While the film production companies are outsourcing enterprises, they only need to provide the most professional technology, the most professional advice and planning in accordance with Owl Wing, ease the filming and use of their channel promotion was adequate.

Although this idea is very ambitious expansion, but it also had Mo Zi Yuan, Uncle Hai and executives approval, however problems came one after another—— filming a movie was not trivial, hiring a movie production company, actor costs, production costs, promotion costs…… So much money, even though Owl Wing has tremendous strength they could not gather so much money in such a short period of time.

So, for some time looking for investment has become the most headache thing for Xiao Big Boss, this is the reason why these few months Xiao Big Boss has been running east and west. And once Yu Qu heard this news, they want to divide a cup of a thick soup before overtures, which is why there was that call.

Hearing this the small white rabbit was suddenly enlighten, if the other competitor’s invested, perhaps Xiao Big Boss will gladly accepted, but with the negative recognition evaluation in the circle, if they accepted their funds, it is equal to no end of trouble for the future, so Xiao Big Boss just refused.

Being mindful of this, Nuo Nuo was worried, “Then have you found investors yet?”

Xiao Yi kiss Nuo Nuo on the forehead, in high spirit, “Well, just a few hours ago we have found some.” Then, Xiao Big Wolf ambiguously blew hot breath into Nuo Nuo’s ear, with a tempting voice, “Then Miss Xu Nuo, my weight was big enough, and you are willing to back Owl Wing to work?”

Nuo Nuo was getting antsy because of Xiao Big Boss, on one side touched by what Xiao Big Boss has done for her, while on the other side she was timid and shy about Xiao Yi’s recent more colored nature, she blushed as she pushed Xiao Big Boss away, but her mouth was overcome by her own feelings, “I’m willing……”

Xiao Yi heard this and his heart was like a cat, threw himself on Nuo Nuo and began to continue fighting buttons, “Tonight’s performance is good, your private money we don’t have to use it.”

“Well——” Nuo Nuo didn’t have the time to say a word or two, when she has been deeply kissed by the big bad wolf, inside she still felt there was something. It seems like the company crisis was a beautiful misunderstanding…… What else is she missing out on, but she can not remember it. What is it?

The small white rabbit on one side was absence meditating, while on the other side her clothes has been untied by the wolf……


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