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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 2 – 10 Summaries

I will be releasing summaries of Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort once a week or perhaps once a fortnight, depending on my job workload and actual life, and if there’s a chapter I really like I will be translating the entire chapter to share with you. Okay let’s kick off with the summaries of Chapter 2 – 10. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Ps. Happy Mid Autumn Festival (中秋節)

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Chapter 2 – Laundry Maid

Si Qi Qi marries into Bei Ding Hou’s residence and Mo Wen Chen degrades Su Qi Qi to a laundry maid. She arrives at the Laundry Department and straight away she heard certain comment such as:

“She’s the Imperial Consort….”

“She’s not as beautiful as cousin Miss.”

“Yes, it’s not her fault that she’s ugly….”

She starts to suffer the hardship of what the lowest maid would go through. Let’s not forget she is the eldest daughter of the Prime Minister, she has never done any hard labor in her life. Even though she’s not favored by her father, she’s still a daughter from a rich and distinguished family.

On the second day Su Qi Qi realises the jade pendant that her mother given her has gone missing, she knows it’s one of the four maid that she shares a room with. So she goes and confront them, which they deny. Su Qi Qi shows that she’s not someone who they can trample over.

Su Qi Qi: “Don’t forget, although I’m not favored, but after all, I’m the Imperial Consort who has been bestowed by the present Emperor.”

Su Qi Qi: “We’re all suffering, why make things difficult than it already is.”

Chapter 3 – Provoking

Su Qi Qi has arrived in the Wang residence for more than two months now, Hua Qian Zi has finally made her appearance. Because the Wang residence does not have a hostess Hua Qian Zi handles the household matters. Straight off you can tell this cousin of Mo Wen Chen is a spoiled brat princess.

The reason why she has come to the Laundry Department because someone has ruined her snow yarn that was given by Mo Wen Chen as a gift. Hua Qian Zi interrogate the maids to find the culprit, who turns out to be Su Qi Qi, thus earning a slap on the face from Hua Qian Zi.

Chapter 4 – Vicious Blow

Hua Qian Zi: “Someone come, send Su Qi Qi into the bavin room (woodshed room), without my command, she shall not be let out, no one is allowed to send food and water to her, if I find out, hem……”

It was late autumn and early winter. The Wang residence is situated in the northern region, so it’s was very cold. One of the laundry maid name Jing Man secretly brings two steamed buns to curb Su Qi Qi’s hungry. Su Qi Qi’s heart is filled with warmth, she quickly urges Jing Man to leave before she is discovered.

But it’s too late Jing Man is discovered by Hua Qian Zi and is tied up by the guards and receives a beating. Su Qi Qi orders the guards to stop with her Imperial Consort status. In this chapter we get to see how vicious and ruthless this Hua Qian Zi is.


Mo Wen Chen on the wedding night. 

Chapter 5 – Intoxication

The guards stop on Su Qi Qi’s command so Hua Qian Zi kicks Jing Man instead. This result in Jing Man dying a horrible bloody death before Su Qi Qi’s eyes, she feels guilty not being able to save Jing Man, who has shown her nothing but kindness. Since young Su Qi Qi has learned to swallow the insults and humiliations silently.

Su Qi Qi is locked in the bavin room for 3 days and 3 nights without any food or drop of water. And because of Jing Man’s death, this serve as a warning to everyone and no one dare to step foot near the bavin room. Su Qi Qi didn’t sleep because it was so cold, she’s afraid she might fall into a deep sleep and never wake up again.

Su Qi Qi is finally let out and returns to her life as a laundry maid. A bunch of women together only results in gossip, from there Su Qi Qi finds out Mo Wen Chen has not been in the residence, no wonder Hua Qian Zi has been so arrogant.

Many in the residence could not tolerate Hua Qian Zi, because she’s a two-face. In front of Mo Wen Chen she’s a gentle and virtuous daughter from a rich and distinguished family, but we all seen her true colors.

Su Qi Qi also hear rumors that Mo Wen Chen has been poison.

Chapter 6 – I’m his Imperial Consort

Even after many days, Su Qi Qi still hears Mo Wen Chen is poisoned and all the doctors haven’t been able to find a cure. Su Qi Qi goes and find the housekeeper and informs him that she knows medicine.

The housekeeper does not believe such an ordinary women has such skills. Su Qi Qi enters the room for the first time since their wedding night.

The room layout is very simple, Mo Wen Chen lying in bed, his face was pale without a hint of color at all, his lip was ghastly pale, upon seeing Su Qi Qi come in, the body-guard that was guarding next to the bed lifted his eye and look at the housekeeper: “What is this woman doing here?”

Su Qi Qi knows that this is her only chance to regain her rightful position as imperial concubine, she’s also well aware of the consequences if she fails.

Chapter 7 – Su Qi Qi, what’s the matter? 

Su Qi Qi: “Wang Ye’s poison is already deep, it has been delayed for several days, in order for him to regain conscious we need some time, by using acupuncture I can only suspend the toxin from spreading, to eradicate it must be equipped with treatment.” 

Su Qi Qi estimate the treatment will take 10 days in order for it be effective. Every time Hua Qian Zi comes to visit Mo Wen Chen she is left standing at the door. (hahaha) Regarding the matter of Su Qi Qi’s treatment only the housekeeper and her know.

On the 8th day Mo Wen Chen regain his conscious, when Su Qi Qi comes to perform her acupuncture   Mo Chen Wen pretends to be asleep. (LOL)

We find out a little more about Hua Qian Zi’s background.

Although Hua Qian Zi is Mo Wen Chen’s cousin, but her identity is too complex, she is the daughter of Bai Hua Emperor, when she was young she was framed by a schemer, her father risked their lives to escape the palace, she grew up among the commoners. But her identity as Bai Hua’s Princess identity is an indisputable fact.

Chapter 8 – Hua Qian Zi in rage. 

Mo Wen Chen: “Su Qi Qi, Ben Wang has unexpectedly belittle this women.” 

Mo Wen Chen: “The news about me regaining consciousness do not to tell anyone, and find out what’s that women motive.”

That night Su Qi Qi rested in her room when she’s suddenly captured into the deep forest by two big generals. Without even thinking she knew who was the culprit to this incident. She didn’t think this women can be vicious to this extent.

Hua Qian Zi appears in a black robe, she slaps Su Qi Qi but not hard enough to leave any evidence because she knows Mo Wen Chen is conscious and she doesn’t want the finger to be pointing towards her. (what a scheming woman)

Among the tree branches stood a man in black robes silently observing the situation, he does not intervene. Who is this man?


Chapter 9 – Whiplash

Hua Qian Zi knows martial arts, just with one kick blood could already be seen. This results in Su Qi Qi coughing up blood. Although she’s not flavored by her father but she has never suffered this kind of treatment. Su Qi Qi receives 10 or more kicks from this vicious woman but she did not even uttered a sound, taking the pain silently.

Since young Hua Qian Zi has always appeared before Mo Wen Chen has a gentle and virtuous, dignified and generous.

Upon hearing cat sounds, Hua Qian Zi halt her attack for fearing it might be Mo Wen Chen or his subordinates.

The mysterious man is still on the tree observing Su Qi Qi without showing himself.

Because her status was the same as any low servant in the household, she did not have any medication to treat her injuries. Her purple robe was shredded and stained with her own blood. She still needed to heal or else she won’t be able to perform acupuncture on Mo Wen Chen the following day.

Chapter 10 – Meeting Again 

Su Qi Qi thinks whether Mo Wen Chen would punish Hua Qian Zi if he knew she was injured because of her. But she knows the outcome herself, so she can only endure it.

Not waiting for Su Qi Qi leave the forest, the mysterious person on the tree branch finally exposes himself.

Su Qi Qi: “Who are you?”

Man in black robes: “Who am I? This you do not need to know, just remember I saved you this time.” 

Listening him Su Qi Qi came to understand those cat noises was made by this man in black. The man hands Su Qi Qi jin chuang yao[1] before disappearing into the night.

[1] 金创药 Jin Chuang Yao: This is a generic ointment wound used for cuts and wounds. Jin refers to weaponry which is most often used by a soldier. Chuang refers to wound.

Su Qi Qi starts to reminisce her mother and wondering how she’s doing.

Su Qi Qi slowly gets herself back to the Wang residence and cleans herself as she prepares to treat Mo Wen Chen despite the injuries on her body. With much difficult she managed to perform the acupuncture treatment with a forehead full of sweat.

A new character is introduced Lord Lei Bao, who the new Lei Jia Bao’s owner. He goes by the name Lei Yu Feng.

At the end of chapter 10 we see that Mo Wen Chen is starting to take notice of his ordinary consort.

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    1. oh so the one who died is other laundry maid , when google translate i’m not too understand but read here that Qian Zi is really evil woman she even know about martial art. Ha ha so he pretend to be asleep :D, again thank u so much suteki 🙂


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  2. Thanks for the summary. I tried to read by using google translate and gave up (I read up to chapter 200 something). Your summary gives me a clearer understanding. But I still don’t know who was the man that gave Qi Qi medicine?


    1. His identity has not yet been disclosed but my guess is that it’s Lei Yu Feng because I think Mo Wen Chen has been monitoring her. I appaul you for reading the novel up to 200 chapters using Google translate


  3. thanks a lot! i just discovered this today, so this’ll be exciting!
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