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Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run 《腹黑BOSS, 你别逃!》 – Chapter 22


Ying Yu

Chapter 22 – Career Women 

Nuo Nuo finally have got her wish to return to Owl Wing.

Although she initially didn’t planned to make Xiao Big Boss beg and worship her like Bodhisattva and gloriously return, but all Xiao Big Boss have done, Nuo Nuo was quite moved. For the small white rabbit regression, the Planning Department professional brothers excitedly howled, it could be said as worship of Votive, it could be said finally getting out of Shaolin Monastery [1]……

In short, Nuo Nuo think this return was very successful. But it was perfect timing because Nuo Nuo also feel that the last misunderstanding, it  seems like the little knot in her heart has not been solved, such as the night Owl Wing’s website got attacked, it was rather baffling, this matter, from the beginning to the end Xiao Big Boss never mentioned it. The small white rabbit suspiciously questioned, Xiao Big Boss’s excuse regarding the “official website was attacked by accident, it had nothing to do with Yu Qu”.

Although Nuo Nuo was puzzled, but without any foundation, this matter was rightfully left behind. But a man proposes and god disposes [2], shortly, the truth of the matter was exposed……

The incident occurred on a sunny afternoon, because the newly weds room was installing an aquarium, Nuo Nuo took a half day off to watch over the workers installation, and in accordance with husband DaRen, she went to buy seaweed, streaky stone, tropical fish for the aquarium decorations.

Who would have anticipated once Nuo Nuo entered the business building’s big doors, Nuo Nuo was deeply ashamed: High noon, even the block nearby was in a complete mess, the rear of the car to the front of the car, even pedestrians have to “seize every opportunity” to pass. Nuo Nuo sighed a breath, she was hesitating whether she should walk two or three station, then just as she was going to hail for a cab, suddenly there was a shadow on her head.

“Excuse me, is the building in front the Ding Feng business?”

The small white rabbit piteously looked up, instantly she had starry eyes, wow! Such a beauty! Big, big, big, big beauty ah!! In Nuo Nuo’s eyes, a so-called beauty must have wavy beautiful jet black hair, tall slender figure, white skin, and most importantly she must have a pair of brilliant big eyes and small cherry lips.

This beauty before her was the complete package!

Who says women don’t look at other women? Who says women don’t love beauty? At this moment, Nuo Nuo saw her “dream beauty”, she immediately thrown her tail, shaking her head furiously as she nodded, “uh huh, the building in front is Ding Feng business, can you see? It’s the tallest building.”

Isn’t Ding Feng business the corporate office in the commercial building? Every day the small white rabbit went in and out, so she was quite familiar with the nature. Nuo Nuo pointed her fingers to the direction, the beautiful women glanced sideways, the small white rabbit was staring at the impeccable face, somewhat intoxicated.

This beautiful women look like a career women [3], if not she’ll be a president level kind of person, she also must the type that indoctrinate others, from head to toe she emanated a strength that others simply could not ignore, but the thing made Nuo Nuo the most envy was the seemingly ordinary dark red dress on the beautiful women’s body, unexpectedly it outline the curves of her perfect figure, sure enough…… the beautiful women, no, whatever this ladylike wore looked good /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

Just as she was badly lost in thought, Nuo Nuo heard the beautiful career woman prop up and asked, “Do you know if Owl Wing’s office is in that business building?”

“Yes it is,” After those words escaped Nuo Nuo’s mouth, she curiously stare with her eyes widened, “You…… want to go to Owl Wing?” Is this beauty one of the company’s customers?

Hearing this, the career woman’s eyes bend, “Well, I want to go to the Planning Department to catch up with a good friend.”

The small white rabbit: ( ⊙ o ⊙) Oh!

Frozen for three seconds, Nuo Nuo reflected the meaning in the words her gossip heart was suddenly aroused, the beautiful women just said, “Finding a good friend to catch up”, good friend, catch up…… This is such dog blood and love related word, generally at the beginning of a romance novels is not written like this?

XX is usually reticence and makes dull remarks. The result one day, a beautiful women suddenly came to the company, without demur slaps XX’s face twice and the beauty with eyes full of tears recited the classic lines, “Did you know over the past few years I had a lot of hardships looking for you——”

On one side Nuo Nuo had infinite YY [4] while on the other side she has raised an insatiable curiosity on this beautiful friend of hers, was it Fei Long boss or senior Zi Yuan? Anyway, this scene must be very exciting. Therefore, the small white rabbit’s eyes flash, offer herself, “I am also an employee at Owl Wing’s in the Planning Department, I’ll take you up.”


As soon as this beauty appeared, she’s really invincible.

Nuo Nuo and the beauty arrived at the Planning Department’s door was pestle, many of the professional brothers who just work hard all day were still on the ground—— glancing while drooling. The small white rabbit was embarrassed: Career woman is a career woman, she’s able to attract men’s sight OTZ……

Just as Nuo Nuo was considering to invite the beauty to sit, she heard a heavy sound behind her, turning around it was the folders in Fei Long boss’ hand all falling to the ground. Nuo Nuo was silent, surely it doesn’t mean, Fei Long boss is this career women’s first love?

Not waiting for the beauty’s to speak, Fei Long boss has been the first to react by rushing into the small office, while tearfully howling, “Zi Yuan, quickly come out to see the person from Mars ah ah ah ah ——”

One call, everyone in the office was brought back to their senses, quietly leaning in to look inside the small office. A certain person’s heart was clear: Career woman came with evil intent, Zi Yuan senior is faced with catastrophe.

A moment later, Zi Yuan senior walked out leisurely, he was welcomed by everybody’s gossip eyes and face of indifference, “You are all busy?” After he was finished speaking all the seniors went back to what they were doing.

Mo Zi Yuan looked up and directly looked at the beauty, his eyes flashed looking surprised, his lips pursed together unable to speak. Fei Long boss hid behind Mo Zi Yuan and softly said, “See, I told you it was the person from Mars who came, N years she did not return, as soon as she return she find us looking for trouble.”

Hearing this, the beautiful women fake a very strange smile, “Fei Long boss, its been so many years that mouth of yours still doesn’t vomits out ivory.” Fei Long boss temper was good, but no matter what he’s still a senior at the company, senior level person, to used words such as “dog” to refer Fei Long boss caused everyone on the side to pretend to continue working while trembling.

Mo Zi Yuan cough, divert the topic to help Fei Long boss get off the stage, “Ying Yu, you finding us is there something?”

The beautiful women Ying Yu laugh out loud, “Don’t be afraid, I just pass by, the result there was traffic, and I just remembered your office is in this area, so I come to have a look. But ——” Ying Yu paused, her eyes changed to a sly eyes smiled and said, “I am not here looking for you, I just came to see my junior brother.”

Nuo Nuo who has been silently listening to this words finally staggered, “Saying so, you are Fei Long boss and Zi Yuan senior’s classmate? Then your junior brother is——” Her words not completed, the president’s office door opened suddenly, Xiao Big Boss magically appear in front of everyone, although he still had his usual poker face, but it still can not cover his tone of excited and eager,

“Ying Yu.”

Here seeing the beautiful women and Xiao Yi, there was a tactic understanding that only between the two talents understood, a long time before she titled her head, “You’re not going to invite me in?”

Xiao Big Boss smile without replying, then gesture a please action, inviting Ying Yu into his office, close the door, a series of actions done smoothly, he totally didn’t glance at Nuo Nuo who was in the corner.

Hearing the door abruptly closed, Nuo Nuo subconsciously shook her head, her mind was blank, there was a  feeling like picking up a stone only to drop it on her own feet.

Turns out the friends the beautiful women was referring to was Xiao Big Boss……

Little junior brother ….. Xiao junior.

When did a senior sister and junior brother occur!!

The small white rabbit who praiseworthy for her own excellent conduct, has turn out to be a vinegar jar.

The tea fragrant lingering.

Nuo Nuo looked at the heat floating out of the teacup, and give a sigh. Because she was in a depressed mood, she did not go to the new premises to supervise the tank installation, instead she went directly to her friend Su Su’s work place station. As the program coordinator Su Su, recently married and was pregnant soon after, she had to work until the end of this month, then she can go home to recuperate. The leaders also didn’t arrange much work for her, they only hope she can work safely through without knocking and bumping on thing then everything will be fine.

But at the moment, the small white rabbit just hung her head, sitting opposite Su Su. The situation, where should she begin——

When Nuo Nuo saw Xiao Big Boss and Ying Yu, senior sister junior brother be deeply attached to each other as they entered into the office, a women and man in a room alone, naturally she would feel uncomfortable, she casually asked Fei Long boss and Mo Zi Yuan Ying Yu’s background, but she really asked out of something.

Turns out that Ying Yu was Fei Long boss’s classmate, because of her outstanding ability, in many areas she outshine males, during school she was dubbed by the students as “Queen of IT”. The IT Queen was capable and beautiful, she was many boys crush in the department, but no one had the courage confess their love to Ying Yu.

Until two years ago, it was Ying Yu neutral period, besides occasionally going out with the girls from her dormitory, no one had ever seen a young male have qualification to be together with her, this was the situation, until Xiao Yi entered college.

When Xiao Yi was a freshmen, no matter how restrained and calm he was, he was only a 19-year-old male, some impulse can hardly be avoided. Hearing there’s the master among master was a woman, Xiao Yi a man who felt humiliated went directly into the classroom with the guys and their notebooks to intercept the IT Queen, his first sentence was:

“We’ll have a competition, see who can break into the school website. If you win, I’ll call the senior sister, if I win, you have to give up your ‘Queen’ attitude.”

This incident, later the story was told by senior and juniors. And the reason it is called a story, it’s not because Xiao Yi and Ying Yu first encounter was such a beautiful drama, but because Xiao Yi was defeated—— at that time Ying Yu heard her junior brother’s words, she did not agree but did not reject, she just smiled and walked away, and then went to the Department director’s general office, accusing Xiao Yi with “freshmen junior brother intention to break into school website” on the grounds. The result was self-evident, Xiao Yi received a warning.

The two of them should be enemy who avoided each other but somehow they often appear together, in the study room, or in the library, then there were rumors in the department of the two have become lovers. But after graduating from four years of college, the IT Queen without hesitation applied to study abroad, once she left, she never returned.

Regarding this story, Xiao Big Boss has always been silent. Fei Long boss and Mo Zi Yuan naturally did not say much, but today suddenly being tortured by Nuo Nuo for a confession, the fence sitter Fei Long boss also pour out his tears.

After Su Su listened to Nuo Nuo’s words, she half drank her tea as she nodded, “Those two are both IT elite’s, while they’re both young and fit, even if there’s something it doesn’t matter. Ying Yu also said, because of the traffic jam so she just stop by to have a look, Nuo Nuo if you are jealous because of this then being too stingy.”

Nuo Nuo cried, holding Su Su’s hand, “The problem is not that, it’s what happened after.”

Originally, some time ago Owl Wing’s company website was attacked, it wasn’t as simple as Xiao Big Boss explained, the hacker attacking Owl Wing was Ying Yu.

After Ying Yu returned for a few years, she worked in an IT company in USA after graduation, gaining some experience and resources she founded her own software company. Seven or eight years later, the company has been listed in the USA market, needless to say since then the company had abundant funds.

Some time ago because of《The Evil Kylin》TV drama investment matter Xiao Yi was rebuffed everywhere, Fei Long boss would give advice and suggestions, let Xiao Yi should try to find Ying Yu. But because of Xiao Yi’s pride, he rejected the idea. Fei Long boss was helpless, he went to find Ying Yu himself, who know after Ying Yu listens, she smiled and said, “I’m not interested in the TV drama, but if Xiao junior is so busy and I don’t help out it seems unjustified. Well, I give him a test, if he could pass, I’ll invested.”

At that time, Fei Long boss didn’t brood over the matter, the results a week later, Owl Wing’s official website was maliciously attacked. After a night of battling, the official website returned to normal, the professional brothers let out a breath of relief at the same time, Xiao Big Boss also received information from the other side:

“Okay, you have pass the test. I will helped invest for your TV drama.”

It was then that Fei Long boss just understood what Ying Yu meant when she said testing, after he thought it through indeed only Ying Yu would use such a random method. These two fellow classmates have challenged each other many years ago, it finally time to put an end to this. During freshman year, Xiao Yi said, “if you win, I’ll call you senior sister, if I lose, you have to give up your Queen attitude.”

After year’s meeting again in Owl Wing, Xiao Yi didn’t address her as senior sister, instead he said, “Ying Yu”.

After listening to Nuo Nuo’s words, Su Su was silent with her hands on her chin not speaking.

Seeing this, the small white rabbit was so angry that her internal was bleeding, spoke also mystifying, “you also think so, this is a very beautiful, very romantic love story, right?”

Su Su still held up her daydreaming action, and let out a loud “well”, “I think this story is very suitable for a switch program oh ~ ~ change that to a searching a person’s program, do you think that would be good? I will slightly modify it and then hire two actors, the female actress will pretend to return from aboard searching for her junior brother.”

Hearing this Nuo Nuo was outraged as her tolerance has reach her limits, “Su Su!!!”

Su Su sees that snigger a laugh, pulling Nuo Nuo to sit down ready to encourage when she heard a knock outside the door, she can not help but slighty frown her eyebrows, “Come in.”

The door was open, the assistant face was anxiously red as she hesitated to speak, “Su, Su Executive Producer, not good, one of our female guests suddenly fainted.”

Originally, there’s recently a TV love dating show called “Non love interference”, generally it’s similar with other TV dating programs with minor differences, bluntly it is inviting some female guest in a half circle, then find a few male guests, one by one appearance let the female guests mercilessly question, creating trouble topic to let the audience criticize from head to toe.

Because from beginning to end Su Su has been in charge of this program, so the leaders let Su Su work until the end of the month, doing the work well before handover. The results an accident had occurred and temporary exported.

Su Su was agitated, patting the table as she questioned, “How did she faint? Have you called 120? If an accident occurred while the person is in the TV station, who is responsible?”

The assistant was very grievance, “I have called, we have already sent the person away, we were told she suddenly had chest disease occurred. But the problem is……”

Seeing the assistant trembling with fear, Su Su became enraged, “But what? Just say it ah!”

“But I already attempted to call several female guests alternatives, they say that their busy, unable to come .”

“Wh——at——” Su Su gasped, her blood pressure rises, she also almost fainted. Seeing this Nuo Nuo busily patted Su Su’s chest, “Don’t get agitated don’t get agitated, even if you don’t think for yourself but also have to think about your baby. One less female guest and won’t do anything.”

“No that won’t do ah,” The assistant pushed her glasses, grind her teeth as she said, “our stage just have 12 position, one less female guest, the executives will question……”

As the assistant spoke her voice came more and more quiet, Su Su had headache that her temples were pounding, she don’t want such a thing to occur before she goes on holiday, first of all it will affect her position in the TV station, secondly it will also have a great influence on her reputation when she return to work.

The small white rabbit patted Su Su on the shoulder, “Don’t worry, slowly try think of other ideas. Su Su, didn’t you used to often say that a lot of female guests are actresses, they came to act, right? To find an actress should be easy!”

“Yes.” Just as she finished, the assistant stared at Su Su with shining eyes, the two had the same thought, with a tacit understanding looking at Nuo Nuo.

For a moment, the small white rabbit felt her entire body’s hair stand up, let go of Su Su and retreated, while being on alert, “You, what do you want? I’m a good gentle woman!”


[1] 少林寺 Shao Lin Si is a Buddhist temple on Mount Song (嵩山), near Dengfeng, Zhengzhou, Henan province, China. The word lin (林) means “forest”. Shaolin is one of the four holy Buddhist temples of China. In addition to being the birthplace of Chan (Zen) Buddhism, because of its long famous association with Chinese martial arts and particularly with Shaolin Kung Fu, it is considered the cuddle of kung fu.

[2] 人算不如天算 Rén Suàn Bù Rú Tiān Suàn is an idiom that means the final result will sometimes will be on the contrary to expectations. Unexpected.

[3] 女强人 Nǚ Qiáng Rén: Able women, dominate women, iron women, strong women.

[4] 意淫 YY is a abbreviation for Yì Yín which means fantasizing, thinking strangely, pervertedly.


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