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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 11 – 20 Summaries

Before I get into the summaries I would like to explain why I’m only posting one chapter of Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run this week and no new chapters of Love Can Do Miracles. After releasing chapter 22 of BBBDR and chapter 13 of LCDM, the following chapters are the final/last chapters (Chapter 23 and Chapter 14) of the both novels. So I would like to post those two chapters on the same week thus finishing both novels with a bang.

Plus its due to my job workload has increased so I’m stressed out and sleep deprived. =_=; Which is why I haven’t been able to churn out chapters at full speed as I used to. Thank you for everyone’s understanding.

I have decided to post up the summaries of Chapter 11 – 20 Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort as a treat. Typing up summaries is a lot quicker and easier than actually translating hahaha! So enjoy! ~

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Chapter 11 – No solution 

In chapter 10 a new character was introduced Lei Yu Feng, Mo Wen Chen gives him a task to investigate Su Qi Qi. And some reason I feel like the mystery man in the deep forest was Lei Yu Feng. But then I remember in the later chapters this mystery man saves her another, so I have doubts.

Lei Yu Feng: “Unexpectedly, your Imperial Consort is not simple, more than 10 Immortal doctors who have a great reputation in jiang hu [1] all shook their head, telling us to prepare your funeral, unexpectedly with her golden needles she brought you back to life.” 

[1] 江湖 Jiang Hu literally “rivers and lakes” refers to a community of martial artists.

Mo Wen Chen: “What did you find out?”

Lei Yu Feng: “Imperial Consort grew up mostly trite and insignificant, she’s not favoured in the Prime Minster’s residence, her mother is a timid and over-cautious woman.”

Mo Wen Chen: “What happened to her yesterday? Today, her acupuncture had insufficient strength.” 

Lei Yu Feng: “Insufficient?”

Mo Wen Chen: “That’s right… but forget it… Ben Wang really want to know why she took the initiative to help me detoxicate.”

Lei Yu Feng: “You still need to ask? Of course its to emancipated, you sent a legitimate daughter of the Prime Minster’s, a high rank Imperial Consort to the laundry department, this caused her feel much humiliation.”

Mo Wen Chen: “Good point… but we can’t exclude this possibility, but these two months she did not expose anything, why she did suddenly want leave……”

Lei Yu Feng: “This Su Qi Qi is really unfortunate meeting you.”

The remaining just consist of Su Qi Qi healing her injuries and Mo Wen Chen asking whether there’s an antidote available for the poison he has. Su Qi Qi informs him that there’s no such antidote available in this world ‘yet.’

Chapter 12 – Threat

Mo Wen Chen finds out the person who poisoned him was his own elder brother Mo Wen Xuan, the present Emperor of Yan. Mo Wen Chen is stunned and hurt. It seems like only one of them can be left standing.

Mo Wen Chen summons Su Qi Qi to his room, giving her a chance to find an antidote for his poison, anything that she needs she can ask the housekeeper to get it for her. She asks for a few days time and turns around to leave. Mo Wen Chen utters the following sentence: “She’s not moved by honor or disgrace, she can take temporary setbacks. It’s such a shame.”

Chapter 13 – To break the calm

Lei Yu Feng: “It’s a shame, right? Why does she have to be Su Qi Qi.”

Su Qi Qi asks the housekeeper to find some medical books for her. And because she’s trying to find an antidote for Mo Wen Chen she requested to move out of the Laundry Department. She has grown accustomed to Mo Wen Chen’s cold expressionless face.

When Hua Qian Zi found out that Su Qi Qi has moved out of the laundry department, she beat her maids in waiting.

Because Su Qi Qi has been working day and night trying to find an antidote she has become increasingly thin.

The Emperor and Empress has come out to observe the production and living conditions of the common people. Su Qi Qi knows that the Emperor has purposely came to humiliate Wang Ye and also to clarify themselves on the rumors they been hearing regarding his condition.


In this chapter the author describes Mo Wen Chen in black and Su Qi Qi in white walking in the hall to pay their respect to the Emperor. So I have edited these two images together haha. 

Chapter 14 – Confrontation

Although Mo Wen Chen and Su Qi Qi see each other everyday, there’s little progress in their relationship. His cold exterior still causes her to shiver.

The Emperor specially requested Su Qi Qi’s present at the banquet. As long as Su Meng Ru us presence no one will take notice of Su Qi Qi

Su Meng Ru had an amazing and charming beauty, whereas Su Qi Qi at the most was delicate and pretty, like a valley of orchids, so at a time like this the Emperor was glad that he destroyed their engagement.

Mo Wen Chen and Su Qi Qi paid their respect to the Emperor, Su Qi Qi followed Mo Wen Chen and did not kneel/bow because Ding Bei Hou is exempt from kneeling/bowing.

Mo Wen Xuan (Emperor): “Audacious Su Qi Qi, upon seeing Zhen [2] you’re not kneeling.”

Su Qi Qi: “Chen Qie [3] marriage was personally bestowed by Your Majesty to Ding Bei Hou as his Imperial Consort. Your Majesty issued the decree exempting Ding Bei Hou from bowing to Your Majesty, as Wang Ye’s Imperial Consort of course I should be in tune with my husband.”

[2] 朕 Zhen means “I” usually used by the Emperor when he refers himself.

[3] 臣妾 Chén Qiè “I” usually used the Emperor or Wang Ye’s consort/concubines which means “This subject and consort”

Mo Wen Xuan face was green as he asked Su Qi Qi: “You’re saying it’s Zhen who’s wrong?”

Su Qi Qi remain calm and replied the Emperor: “Chen Qie did not say that.” 

Mo Wen Xuan: “You!” 

Su Meng Ru: “Your Majesty, after all Imperial Consort is Chen Qie’s elder sister, Your Majesty please give Meng Run some face.”

Mo Wen Xuan: “Well.. I’ll give some face to Meng Ru then.”

Obviously Meng Ru is only saying polite words, I don’t believe she’s a little sorry for replacing her sister. I really admire Su Qi Qi’s bravery, I think she can be smart and calculating.

Chapter 15 – Test

Su Qi Qi sat next to Mo Wen Chen as the Emperor asks about who poison him: “Who was bold enough to harm Huang Di? [4]” 

Mo Wen Chen: “I have just discovered, this person is so bold, say Huang Xiong [5] how should I deal with this person?” 

[4] 皇弟 Huáng Dì the way the Emperor/Princes would address his younger imperial brothers.

[5] 皇兄 Huáng Xiōng the way other Princes would address their older imperial brothers.

Seeing that Mo Wen Xuan not replying Mo Wen Chen asks his beloved Consort on her thoughts. Which Su Qi Qi replies with the following: “To plot against Yan kingdom’s pride, the patron saint of Yan kingdom’s. This is publicly declaring enemy with all the citizens of the Yan. Everyone has the right to punish him.” 

By saying this Su Qi Qi is clearly looking down on this Emperor of Yan. Although they weren’t on the battlefield fighting the enemy but the feeling was more frightening than actually being in one.

Seeing the situation tense up Su Meng Ru intervenes: “Jie Jie [6], men talk about world affairs, these have nothing to do with us, we have not seen each other in so long, why don’t we go out for a walk?”

Su Meng Ru: “Jie Jie, do you blame Mei Mei [7] for taking your Empress position?”

[6] 姐姐 Jie Jie: Elder sister.

[7] 妹妹 Mei Mei: Younger sister.

Su Qi Qi: “Mei Mei you’re thinking too much, Wang Ye treats Jie Jie very well” 

While the sister are talking inside the Emperor execute his first test by “accidentally” tipping some wine on Mo Wen Chen’s coat, he doesn’t react thus passing the test. If it was the past Mo Wen Chen would have exploded.

Chapter 16 – Ben Wang believes her. 

Because of the Emperor and Empress arrive Su Qi Qi has halt Mo Wen Chen’s treatment. Mo Wen Xuan (Emperor) feels relived because he is informed there was no antidote prepare when they were making the poison.

So he toured the city before heading back to the capital with Su Meng Ru.

A month later, Mo Wen Chen will personally escorted Su Qi Qi back to the Prime Minster’s residence to visit her mother. Although the Emperor didn’t write a decree but his golden mouth was open, no one dare to disobey.

It is because of Su Qi Qi that Mo Wen Chen has to make this trip, and he knows this trip will not be an ordinary trip, there will likely be deadly traps all laid out along the way by the Emperor to take his life.

Within that month Su Qi Qi continued her treatment on Mo Wen Chen, but his complexion hasn’t improved so Lei Yu Feng starts to question her ability.

Lei Yu Feng: “Is that women feasible?”

Mo Wen Chen: “Ben Wang believes her.”

Lei Yu Feng: “You have fallen in love with her?”

Mo Wen Chen: “Scam!”

After three days of trying to find an antidote Su Qi Qi has decided to venture the danger herself. So she asked for some of Mo Wen Chen’s blood. She measured out the antidote countless of time without any luck and desperately want to go back to the capital to visit her mother. If Mo Wen Chen dies, she won’t be let off either.

Chapter 17 – Testing the medicine

Lei Yu Feng ask Su Qi Qi why does she need Wang Ye’s blood, which she replies to test the antidotes she has made.

Su Qi Qi took out the dagger and without hesitation Lei Yu Feng draws out his sword and placed it directly on Su Qi Qi’s neck: “What do you want to do?”

Su Qi Qi: “Rest assured, I don’t want to die yet.”

Su Qi Qi calmly slit his wrist to draw the blood she needs, before turning around to leave. Alone in her room with one hand she has Mo Wen Chen’s blood on the other hand she had the newly formulated antidote. Drinking the blood bowl dry and then sitting there quietly to wait for the results.

Lei Yu Feng goes to find Su Qi Qi to see what she’s up to, upon getting near her room, he hears a porcelain break and charges into the room to see a pale Su Qi Qi lying on the floor. She utters the word medicine a few times pointing to the medicine bowl before her lips starts to turn green.

Lei Yu Feng feeds her the medicine and only takes a deep breath of relief when her lips starts to regain some colour.

Su Qi Qi: “Thank you.”

Lei Yu Feng: “Don’t get me wrong, if you are dead, who will detoxificate Mo Wen Chen?”

“I know…”  Of course Su Qi Qi doesn’t expect any other. This answer she can accept, however her face flash a smile as she said: “I have found the antidote.” 

Lei Yu Feng: “What you are saying is true?… wonderful wonderful.”

Su Qi Qi: “However, there are two kinds of medicine that the resident doesn’t have.”

Lei Yu Feng: “Tell me so I can see whether we have them or not.”

Su Qi Qi: “A thousand-year ganoderma lucidum [8] and no root fruit [9]

[8] 千年影灵芝 A thousand-year Ling Zhi mushroom or reishi mushroom. Ling Zhi compounds ling 灵 “spirit, spiritual; soul; miraculous; sacred; divine; mysterious; efficacious; effective” and zhi 芝 “plant of longevity; fungus; seed; branch; mushroom; excrescence”.

[9] 无根果 I am completely clueless on what kind of fruit/herb this is, I tried researching online with no luck.

These two things are the hardest medicine to find in the world, even if there was any is also very valuable, very difficult to buy and obtain.

Lei Yu Feng was confused as to why Su Qi Qi ask for these two herbs, wouldn’t the new antidote she prepared and drank herself before would be just as effective on Mo Wen Chen? : “You…… didn’t you just detoxify the toxin in your body? Why do we need these two herbs?”


Chapter 18 – Searching for the medicine

Su Qi Qi: “No it’s not the same, I have no martial art skills, the antidote was enough to cure me, but Wang Ye has a unique martial art skills but because of this poison have already been abolished, without the one thousand-year ganoderma lucidum and no root fruit, Wang Ye even being able to stand up…… it also……”

This emphasis how ruthless the present Emperor is making Mo Wen Chen lose all his martial art skill wasn’t enough, he want to entirely eliminate this thorn.

Seeking these two drugs is a dangerous mission, Su Qi Qi has said she will personally go find these.

Lei Yu Feng: “Okay, I will accompany you to seek the one thousand-year ganoderma lucidum, regarding the no root fruit… I think of a way.”

“If we find those two kinds of drugs, Wang Ye can stand up?” Mo Wen Chen asked expressionless while staring at Su Qi Qi, for a moment he had a flash of admiration, he is starting to really admire this woman.

Su Qi Qi didn’t reply, only lightly nodded showing no excitement as always. Just this courage alone Mo Wen Chen believes she is worthy of being Ding Bei Hou’s Imperial Consort.

“Have a safe trip.” Mo Wen Chen said this looking at Lei Yu Feng.

“Don’t worry.” Lei Yu Feng knows Mo Wen Chen is also telling Su Qi Qi to be careful, it seems that Wang Ye is starting to care about this ordinary woman. Lei Yu Feng feels Qi Qi’s cold personality is a 100x more compatible with Mo Wen Chen than Hua Qian Zi.

Su Qi Qi has been sitting in the carriage is surprised to see Wang Ye, uneven surprisingly is what he says next: “Remember, back alive.” (awww)

Su Qi Qi and Yu Feng sets out on their journey. They travel to a mountain half an hour distance from the Wang residence. The carriage drive stops at the base of the mountain, while the two sets foot to the hill-top.

Chapter 19 – Be assassinated

Because Su Qi Qi doesn’t have martial art skills, it was a lot harder for her to hike up the mountain as opposed to Lei Yu Feng easily hiked up. They split up in different directions to find the one thousand-year ganoderma lucidum. They must find the herbs and return to the Wang residence before the sunsets. Before they part Lei Yu Feng hands Su Qi Qi a whistle to use in case of danger.

Although it was winter, thankfully there was no snow on the mountain or else it would have been a more difficult task in finding the thousand-year ganoderma lucidum.

After two hours pass, she still had no luck in finding the herb, but she didn’t give up and continued searching. When she finally does, a masked man in black place a sword against her neck. As when she wants to pull out the whistle that Lei Yu Feng to alert him, she feels blood on her neck. This masked man in black went to take her life, she is push down the mountain, but luckily she holds into a tree root.

Using one hand holding on to the root and while using the other hand to pull out the whistle to alert Lei Yu Feng, no matter what she can not die here. Instead this alerted the man in black who was about to turn away and leave. He steps on her fingers, almost crushing them in the process. Even though the pain was unbearable she didn’t let go, because she knows falling down here will only result in her death.

The next second the masked man in black flew over her and fell to his death.

Chapter 20 – Fen Wen

Su Qi Qi thought the person who saved her was Lei Yu Feng but it turns out to be someone else. After throw a vine to her, Su Qi Qi pulled herself up to be confronted with a slender man in blue/green robes with a splendid appearance, mild like a jade and his eyes brimmed with radiate vigour.

Just as she reached the top, they are suddenly are pushed down the cliff again, luckily this time, the man with extraordinary martial art manage to safely get them both back to the mountain top.

The gentlemen in blue/green robes ask if Su Qi Qi can give her the thousand-year ganoderma lucidum. At this time Lei Yu Feng finally appears, and we find out the gentlemen in blue/green robes goes by the surname Fen, his name is Wen.

Fen Wen propose that they make a bet, if they win, they keep the thousand-year ganoderma lucidum, if they lose….

So we are left with a cliff hanger, the story development are going at full speed. I cannot wait to the share the next 10 chapters summaries with you as there are certain chapters which made me fall in love with the novel as well as our female heroine.

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    1. oh so the one who save her before is wen, when i google i also feel amazing with her medicine skill and i like the way she speak to emperor and i can’t wait your summary when the emperor regret not choose her who has many talents .


  1. cant wait to see how the main guy take out the king! i wonder if the main guy will be king later on the story…..i hope not only bc then the main girl has to be in the king’s harem!


    1. Well I’m not sure if Mo Wen Chen does take over the throne, because I’ve been typing up summaries for my readers I had to re – read the chapters in order to have an accurate summary. But I think the kingdom of Yan is better off in the hands of this powerhouse couple.


  2. I saw your summary and decided to read ahead with your link of the novel in Chinese.
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    I don’t want to spoil anyone but the story and Qi Qi takes on an unexpected turn.


    1. Yes I know what you’re on about. I was equally shocked and sad, but I thought it was witty of the author since the novel is so long.

      Since you’re further along the novel than me, how do you like it so far? Still just as exciting and addicting?


  3. Hi, I saw your recommendation and dipped my toes into this super long story… It seems to go on forever! I’m at chapter 136 but not sure how long I will continue because it seems that both of them are embarking on a new chapter of their lives….
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  5. thank you very much!
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