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Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort 《腹黑王爷的绝色弃妃》: Chapter 21 – 22 Translation

Surprise surprise I’m back so soon. My son was unable to go childcare because he had a throat and chest infection so I had to work from home yesterday. Which meant I had time during my little breaks throughout the day to fit in some translation. I have translated the entire Chapter of 21 and a little beginning of chapter 22 as it emphasis how talent our Qi Qi, her guqin is filled with emotions and depth.

I have also found the video to the song Qi Qi played for those who have never heard the song, I think you should listen to it in order to immerse yourself into the chapter haha ^^. Some part of chapter 21 where it describes Qi Qi’s piece I found it a little challenging to translate so forgive me as some sentence may have been lost in translation.

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Chapter 21 – The bet

“I want the no root fruit.” Lei Yu Feng was worried how he would find this Fen Wen who’s an immortal dragon who elusive moves in and out, unexpectedly they would meet here, even god is helping them.

“Okay.” Fen Wen agreed quite frisky: “But, what should the bet be decided by?”

This words also caused Lei Yu Feng to hesitate.

In fact, what should they bet on, momentary Lei Yu Feng also does not know.

Su Qi Qi’s eyes fret, brimming and lifted: “I’ve heard Mr. Fen’s jade flute skills is renown, I, this small woman will play a tune, if Mr. Fen’s flute can synchronize with mine then it’ll considered as you win, if you can’t then it will count as a lost. How does that sound?”

“You?” Lei Yu Feng wasn’t able to calm himself down, staring at Su Qi Qi.

More than once Mo Wen Chen had investigated Su Qi Qi’s background, but it seems that in addition to having some knowledge on medicine, she has no other skills.

“That’s right.”  At a time like Su Qi Qi’s face was resolute, filled with persistence.

“You know if you lose, what the consequences are?” Lei Yu Feng’s fundus indistinctly move with anger.

“I know.” Su Qi Qi’s face was calm.

The worst Su Qi Qi will just die, however, regarding her own guqin’s ability she is very confident, although this expose herself in front of others.

But, she have no choice.

If Mo Wen Chen can not recover, she also can not live.

She can only fight.

“Okay, the time and place Miss can decide.” Fen Wen raised the corners of his mouth, his eyes in the clear spring ripple, staring at delicate and pretty Su Qi Qi before him, her persistence gave others a ply of radiant illusion.

“Three days later, Ding Bei Hou’s residence.” Su Qi Qi did not want to delay time, the sooner that Mo Wen Chen can stand up, the sooner he will recuperate.

Fen Wen’s fundus had a flash of inconceivability, but then it was hidden as he nod: “That’s settled then.”

Then turning towards Lei Yu Feng with his fist together: “Until the next time our fist met.”

He turned and left, his green/blue robe sway in the wind, with a touch of transcendent demeanour breeze.

“When you return and confessed to Wen Chen yourself.” Lei Yu Feng shook his head, while he walked down the mountain.

Originally Su Qi Qi was stunned for a moment, then she faintly smile, also walked down the mountain.

At nightfall, the winter magnetic capital somewhat was like an ancient universe, the rosy clouds coming through, reflecting a slight tranquillity.

And because it is winter, there weren’t many pedestrians on the streets.

All along the way Su Qi Qi quietly closed her eyes, thinking of how she will confessed to Mo Wen Chen when she returned.

She did not quite understand Mo Wen Chen this person, she don’t know whether he will be furious again after listening to her reasons.

But even if he is furious, she also has already decided to gamble with Fen Wen.

The thought of this, she was also somewhat relieved.

Seeing the carriage slowly pulling into the Wang residence, Hua Qian Zi was standing in the distance looking, the driver did not have the slightest panic, however, she did not care, because regarding Su Qi Qi’s life, it isn’t worth a grain of penny to anyone in the Wang residence.

Her lips pursed together with a radian, faintly full of pride.

Just as Lei Yu Feng jumped out of the carriage, Su Qi Qi stretching out her hands to get out as well, Hua Qian Zi almost screamed out.

She thought she has seen a ghost, clearly it has been report to her the news of Su Qi Qi falling down the cliff……

(So it seems the assassins were sent by this vicious woman =_=;)

Su Qi Qi did not return to her room, instead she directly went to see Mo Wen Chen.

Some things you have to face sooner or later, so there’s no point in avoiding it.

Lei Yu Feng had an appearance that it had nothing to do with him, sitting back to the chair, while taking some of the tea snacks.

Leng Yan on the side was rather baffling, seeing the two entered, he lowered his head.

(The novel has mention this character Leng Yan briefly but he isn’t as significant as Lei Yu Feng, which is why I haven’t mentioned about him. But I think he’s one of Mo Wen Chen’s bodyguards.)

“How did it go??” Mo Wen Chen stared at Su Qi Qi.

“I found it.” Su Qi Qi gently lifts her eyes, staring straight at Mo Wen Chen.

“Great.” Mo Wen Chen with a compelled appearance, and drooping his eyebrows: “Yu Feng, the matter regarding the no root fruit I will leave it to you.”

“I don’t think I need to personally handle this matter, your Imperial Consort have already worked out everything.” Lei Yu Feng certainly did not favor Su Qi Qi and Fen Wen’s bet, everyone in the world knows Fen Wen’s jade flute reputation in the capital, this merely small Su Qi Qi wants to compete with him in music, isn’t it the same as blocking the road herself?

“Oh?” Mo Wen Chen was a bit unexpected, contemplating as he stared toward Su Qi Qi.

Her pair of eyes as black as a well, causing others unable to see or touch through.

Without any mood fluctuation, Su Qi Qi slowly started telling them exactly what had happened regarding the bet with Fen Wen, but she didn’t mention anything about her encounter with the assassins.

She knew that regarding this matter even if she express it, Mo Wen Chen also wouldn’t care, there’s no need for her to feel put out.

The room was quiet, the atmosphere is a bit dignified.

Su Qi Qi was already prepared, while maintaining her own composure.

“If you lose…… you should know.” Mo Wen Chen coldly threw out these words.

“I know.” Su Qi Qi’s face was also expressionless, with a touch of pride and persistence.

She can only use this form to maintain her pride.

Pride was the only thing she has left.

Within these three days, Su Qi Qi did not practise playing the gu qin, instead she sat in her room reading books with a leisurely appearance, in fact this appearance is also good, at least Hua Qian Zi will not make things difficult for her.

With regards to this woman, Su Qi Qi felt she had to fight back, but also strike a victory.

She must avenge Jing Man’s death.

She can endure, but she also have a bottom line.

Qing Hua courtyard. 

Fen Wen was still in a blue gown, his long hair was tied up with a piece of lake white belt, his handsome face was white as jade, with a hint of gentle elegant scholar aura, always giving others a kind of utmost tranquillity.

“Ding Bei Hou Wang Ye.” Fen Wen did not do any official ceremony, instead he slightly bao quan [1].

[1] 抱拳 Bào Quán is a form of greeting by men with one clenched fist in the other hand moving about at the chest.

Mo Wen Chen has been carried to the top.

“Mr. Fen, I’ve often heard about you.” Mo Wen Chen also slightly bow.

Su Qi Qi has been sitting in the front of the qin before the stage, presence was Mo Wen Chen’s long cherished tail-burnt [2], Lei Yu Feng on the side already had no other thoughts, only staring at the tail-burnt.

[2] 焦尾琴 Tail-burnt Guqin:


Cai Yi, an outstanding historian and musician in the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD), once found that a cook was using a piece of paulownia wood, the first-class material to make Guqin, to cook his meal. To everyone’s surprise, Cai dragged the wood out of the fire with his bare hands. After explaining the function of paulownia wood to the cook, Cai happily took the wood home and made a refined Guqin. Because the wood was burnt at its part of tail, it was later named Tail-burnt Guqin.

The tail-burnt he has been longing for ah!

“Please Mr.. ” Today Su Qi Qi was in a white gown, without any make up, also no jewellery, half of her long hair was loose on her shoulders, while the other half was bound together with a plain color jade hairpin, fresh and elegant, making a favorable impression.

Fen Wen couldn’t help but glance at Su Qi Qi, he gently nodded as he sat himself opposite before the qin stage.


Fen Wen

No superfluous words, Su Qi Qi gently picked the strings on the guqin: “Mr, let’s begin.”

“Please.” Fen Wen was a self-disciplined gentleman, very modest.

Mo Wen Chen sneered, and now looking at Su Qi Qi, he’d like to know, what this woman used to win the no root fruit.

Of course, regarding this matter Leng Yan and Lei Yu Feng also wants to know.

The chords were plucked, Su Qi Qi didn’t see anyone. The song she played was《Ambush on all sides》

(I actually like this Pipa (琵琶) version more than the guqin version below. Decide for yourself, I think both pieces for capture the essence the author was trying to convey.)

The strings twang anxiously, the tail-burnt was the most valuable treasure among qin’s, it is also extremely accurate, the guqin under such delicate fingers even produce a vigour symbol of the war in ancient China.

As if everyone can see the staging camps located thousands of miles away, the horses neighing, the final battle approaching, an unstable situation secretly erupting, as if this desolate tone was slowly rising in their hearts, winches extremely unbearable.

Within the shadows filled with fear, suddenly the string protuberant, a silver vase abruptly breaking the spurt slurry water, the cavalry leapt out with their armored horses and weapons that clashed and smote, a powerful army swept through the desert, the sand blown by the winds, wildly turning the world pale.

So much that it caused a person to feel like they inhaled a stagnant.

The qin tune swaying among the massacre gallop, it was soul-stirring; during the decrease of the string density surge, the overflowing aura of the sword was frightful to the ear.

Accompanied by Mo Wen Chen’s squinting eyes, this momentum was like being among a powerful army, particularly for Mo Wen Chen who grew up in the bloody battlefield, unexpectedly he had a particular fondness to this qin tune.

Under Su Qi Qi’s finger not only was there multifarious vigour, sometimes the low notes on the string were slightly entwining as they fleet and whimper, bearing the auxiliary flowing rhythm.

While Fen Wen was in a daze, the flute remained in his hand never once raised to his lips, he just quietly grasp as he listened to the music, as if he was already in the vast battlefield with the seven string qin, stirring the front soldiers who guarded the city.

Until the desolate bass return, the qin’s melody homoeopathy elevated, throwing the doors open, having a direct sky trend, making those in the courtyard cannot help but hear discoloration.

Su Qi Qi’s bright eyes falls, the qin sounds increased higher, her fingers suddenly used more strength, surging forbearance to the extreme point, and the rapid torrents gushed out, slowly it return calm, the qin stop and the sound dispel.

For a long time, the courtyard was solitary and still, not a sound can be heard.

Su Qi Qi quietly stared at the tail-burnt qin before her, very intent, so intent that it somewhat caused others to feel uneasy.

A pair of pale blue boots to walk to the front, Su Qi Qi lifted her eyes, seeing Fen Wen’s pair of eyes that was clear as spring: “Mr, cheng rang [3].”

[3] 承让 Chéng Ràng: You let me win (said politely after winning a game)

He took a mahogany box from his bosom, and gently placed it in Su Qi Qi’s hands: “You win.”

Then he turned to leave naturally and unrestrained, without saying another word.

Until Fen Wen stepped out of the residence’s gate, Lei Yu Feng who was in a daze finally regain his awareness, while astonishing stare at Su Qi Qi with his eyes wide open: “Are you really Su Qi Qi?”

How can a state of mind produce that kind of music.

Su Qi Qi just calmly smiled, with the no roots fruit at hands, she slightly turned to Mo Wen Chen and bow: “Chen Qie will proceed to make the antidote.”

Mo Wen Chen’s fundus flash a sense of appreciation, he waved his hands.

Su Qi Qi really gave him too many surprises, the corners of his mouth curved into a smile: “Yu Feng, if it was you sitting in front of the qin stage. Do you think you can win Mr. Fen’s jade flute?”

With a bit of a pondering.

Lei Yu Feng looked at Mo Wen Chen unusual apathy, he knows Su Qi Qi has successfully won Mo Wen Chen’s heart.

Chapter 22 – A fierce battle

Lei Yu Feng replies he is not sure if he could have won Fen Wen. Leng Yan also finally acknowledge Su Qi Qi as the Imperial Consort, and finds her very compatible with his Wang Ye.

Very quickly the bet between Su Qi Qi and Fen Wen is spread out through the city and all the way to the capital. With the spotlight on them, Lei Yu Feng and Leng Yan is afraid that they will be in more danger and is guarding Mo Wen Chen 24 hours a day with 300 superior soldiers on stand by.

Mo Wen Chen: “Mobilize the Blood Guards to protect Su Qi Qi” 

Lei Yu Feng: “Yes… what about the Shadow Guards?”

Mo Wen Chen: “No, after the critical moment, this force we cannot move unless necessary.” 

Lei Yu Feng: “Okay… I will go check on Su Qi Qi’s progress.” 

The Imperial Palace, the throne room. 

Mo Wen Xuan: “You really have a good daughter… Do you even know that your own daughter knows medicine? What’s the meaning of this?”

Su Shi Shang: “Your Majesty, please investigate, your old servant, I have no acknowledgement of this.”

They only had one chance in poisoning Mo Wen Chen. His own precious daughter produces an antidote, thus saving him. Su Shi Shang is also regretful that all those year he didn’t pay attention to his eldest daughter, or else he could have used this wonderful chess piece.

Mo Wen Xuan: “No matter what methods you use, we must not let him take the antidote.”

Su Shi Shang: “Yes.”

The night was dark as ink, with no stars or moon in the sky. A bloody massacre has started in the Ding Bei Hou’s residence.

That evening Mo Wen Chen has finally been able to stand up, which caused Su Qi Qi to smile in her dreams, completely unaware of the blood bath going on outside.

Lei Yu Feng see one by one the Blood guards going down. The assassins sent by the Emperor were all top assassins. Swords and arrow flying everywhere, a chaotic scene.

The next two chapter is the reason why I love Su Qi Qi so much, even with a poison arrow shot into her arm, she can endure the pain, pull out the arrow herself, heat up the dagger and burn her flesh to prevent the poison from spreading and cut out the poison flesh. What are ferocious woman she is! Not many men can do that if they were in her positions.

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    1. you’ll love chapter 23 – 24 for sure and future exciting chapters. The novel is filled with so many twisit and turns even I found it shocking, but I guess it’s needed since the novel is so long.


  1. suteki, thank you so much for the summaries and selected chapter translations. This new novel somehow made me forget my regret and sadness when translation of EP was dropped. Su Qi Qi appears to be an awesome heroine. She has a lot of patience and endurance. Although she’s highly talented in medicine and music, i wish she knows martial arts. Oh my gosh, for me, that would really make her some kind of an alpha female lead. By the way, what are her other talents? Would the Emperor express regret of his decision of letting her go somewhere along in the book? Her sister, who is now the Empress, is she just a beauty, but no brains or talents unlike her?


    1. I actually think that her sister might be as smart as the MC bc she manages to be the empress when the MC was almost…maybe she planned it and not her dad! alsooo it was b soo awesome if the MC know martial art but was hiding it! ahhh the possibilities….


    2. aww I hope you feel better about EP project being drop, hopefully some kind soul will decide to pick up the project from where karma and I left off.

      Qi Qi is one kick female heroine, maybe she will learn later on in the novel. However there are twisits and turns that will shock you.

      The Emperor does express he regretting his decision, he mentions that it would have been better if he chose Qi Qi, she may not be beautiful as Meng Ru but at least she’s smart and can think of schemes to help him, whether its the kingdom’s affair and others. Meng Ru maybe a beautiful flower base however her schemes can only be used against other concubines/consorts in the harem. Meng Ru is renown for her guqin skills, but that’s because Qi Qi never exposed herself.

      As for her other talents I have not read any yet, maybe other readers who have read further in the novel than me can answer your question ^^”


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      1. lol! i see, i see! it’s ok, qi qi is more than enough to make me want to continue reading! i suppose i’ll ship the second male lead with qi qi or something instead, ahaha!


  4. Thank you for bringing out the true soul of these characters as they move through their attempts to derail QiQi’s life . Their malice or suspicions don’t deter QiQi from her goal of revenge for a friend or protecting her husband. I do hope she can escape this marriage.


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